481: The Song “To the Philadelphians”

This is mark Joseph “young” blog entry #481, on the subject of The Song “To the Philadelphians”.

One of the challenges I faced when I was recording songs using the software program was remembering them all, and this is one I did not remember.  However, it is connected to memories.

I was at Gordon College, and I was attending services at The Pigeon Cove Chapel in Rockport, Massachusetts.  That meant I must have had a car, and must have been living in Rockport with my wife, which puts it sometime after November 1976 but before May 1978.  The pastor there, whose name I don’t recall five decades later, began a sermon series on the letters to the churches in Revelation.  I went home and read them all, and was inspired by the third, the one written to the church in Philadelphia (which is of course in modern-day Turkey, not in Pennsylvania).  I made a few changes to the words and then caught up with him to sing it for him.  He did not see the word changes as significant, and I believe I must have sung it for the congregation the week he got to that letter–although oddly I remember singing it for him, and his enthusiastic response, but not for anyone else.

I rarely sang it, partly because it was around this time that I noticed my propensity to write songs in C when I was working on a piano and partly because I tended thereafter to perform with an acoustic guitar so I didn’t do many of the piano songs.  However, I made this live recording a few years ago at the Silverlake church.  It is difficult to hear the lyrics over the piano, but the performance worked and it’s the only recording of this song I’m aware of having.

To the Philadelphians.

So here are the lyrics.

He Who is holy and He Who is true,
Who has the key of David,
He Who opens what no man can close
And shuts what no one opens did say this.

I know your deeds; behold, I set before you
An open door which no man shall ever close,
Because you’re weak, but you try to keep my message,
And when you speak, you have not denied my name.

Behold, I’ll cause the people of Satan,
Who say they are of Me, but they lie,
I’ll cause them all to bow down before you,
And know that I have loved you.

Because you keep the word of my endurance
I’ll keep you from the hour of testing.
The hour which is coming to the earth.

I’m coming soon–don’t you know I’m coming quickly
To take you home, so hold fast to what you have.
You have a place in the temple of My Father,
So don’t let anybody rob you of your crown.


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