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Stories from the Verse
Multiverser Novel Support Pages

When you write a series of stories, it's important to keep track of who your characters are, what they can do, what they have done, even what has been established as something they have never done.  Re-reading the books periodically I often find bits I have forgotten; but I have also tried to keep records--outlines of the stories, notes on expectations for the future, and character information.  It struck me that one way to organize character information for the Multiverser novels would be to create character papers for them, as if they were player characters in a game.  That in turn gave rise to the idea that Multiverser referees who have read the novels might well like to have those character papers, to use those characters in games.  After all, it does happen in our games that we bring in versers with experience to share a bit with the new versers.  We provided quite a few "elder" versers in the original rules and encouraged their use, but they tend to be rather powerful.  These characters offer something of a median level, I think, although over time they become more potent.

The main characters of the books get top billing here, but there are a number of supporting characters who appear in more than one book, so they are also going to be featured here--eventually.  Part of the problem of course is that the reader doesn't know which characters will reappear, so that would be a spoiler; part of the problem is that particularly with Lauren's story some of them appear out of temporal sequence--for example, in Verse Three, Chapter One Lauren meets Bethany, but Bethany insists that she met Lauren centuries before, and then that happens in Old Verses New.  It is not possible to create a character sheet for Bethany covering all the abilities she has in Verse Three, Chapter One without also covering those from Old Verses New.

In addition to some of these supporting characters, there are also a few recurring villains--again, particularly in Lauren's story, where she bounces around between several centuries in the same world trying to fight vampires who are still alive.  Those will also be included, although there is less information about them.

Sheets will be added as they are created.  You can find the indices to the novels, along with the stories themselves (being published in serial form):

  1. Verse Three, Chapter One
  2. Old Verses New
  3. For Better or Verse
  4. Spy Verses
  5. Garden of Versers

Main Characters

Joseph Wade Kondor,

Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings,

Robert Elvis Slade,

Derek Jacob Brown,

Support Characters

Robert Elvis Slade,

Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings,

*This character appeared younger in later books and older in earlier ones; the character papers are listed with the paper for the character at the youngest age/earliest point in life first.

Joseph Wade Kondor,

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