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Bethany of Wandborough Character Sheet
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This is an attempt to capture for reference a character paper snapshot of the character Bethany, a supporting character in the Multiverser novels first encountered in Verse Three, Chapter One but who because of Lauren's strange relationship with her world is actually younger in Old Verses New.  This character sheet includes everything that is confirmed about her, plus a few extrapolations, in that second book, and thus represents her as she is in the chapter in which she runs into the grove as Lauren vanishes.

The picture was dug up on the Internet as an approximate image of her; it's not accurate, but honestly comes pretty close--and I was lucky enough to find five pictures of the same girl in the same outfit, so although she is actually a bit younger than this in this book, and it's not really her outfit, it's the best I could do.

Although the author has a clear picture in his own mind concerning her appearance, she is not described in the book beyond her personality, and it is likely that the reader has formed his or her own image of the character.  Bias levels have been estimated based on the writer's suppositions about the world and her knowledge of it.

To assist the referee, some entries include at least one coded reference to a chapter or chapters in which the item is mentioned; thus by cross-referencing with the story you can determine the details.  The chapters are identified by which character's story is being told, and thus most of those here begin with "H" for Hastings; this is followed by a three-digit number indicating the chapter number for that character, not the chapter number for the book.  Thus if you want to find the first reference to her name, you read here that it appears in H049, and on the index page for the novel you search for the text "Hastings 49" and that will take you to the link for that chapter.  Obviously the chapters beginning "K" are Joe's story, and thus "Kondor", those beginning "S" are Bob's story, "Slade", and those beginning with "B" Derek's story, "Brown", none appearing in connection with her in this book.  The first novel ends with Kondor 41, Slade 42, and Hastings 43; the second covers Hastings 44 through 95, Kondor 42 through 96, and Brown 1 through 55.

Bethany of Wandborough


1@5Persuasion1@8Ranged Strike Value (RSV)
1@7Charisma1@8Martial Strike Value (MSV)
1@7Animal Magnetism1@5Target Value (TV)
1@6Damage Value
2@3Intellect2@3Tech (Intellect/Intuition/Ed Level)
1@8Intuition1@9Psi (Persuasion/Intuition/Will Power)
1@10Education Level2@3Mag (An-mag/Intellect/Intuition)
1@9Will Power1@9Bod (Strength/Agility/Will Power)

Born in a low-tech world.

Current Hair Style: 
Hair Color: 
Age:  12 years old at start, learns to slow her aging to 1 year per century at 16
Eye Color: 
Facial Hair:  None
Birthmarks, Tatoos, or other unusual markings:  None
Other Description:  Marked English accent



1@1Basic Wilderness KnowledgeTech 0@1Home H079
1@2Operate Heavy Hand-carried explosive driven slug throwerTech 6@1Home H083
1@2Math Theory
LevelSkill Areas
1 to 2Counting & Shape Identification
3 to 6Arithmetic and Euclidean Geometry
Tech 6@0Home H073
1@5Math ApplicationsTech 6@0Home H073


2@6Language (English)
Read & Write H073
Psi 0@0Home
1@3Telepathy to HumansPsi 1@3Home H078
1@2Operate Psionic Telekinetic LifterPsi 1@7Home H077
1@1Summon known creature type
Werewolf H077
Psi 1@8Home H077
1@2Operate Psionic Forcefield Trapper
Stunning mental shock if wall broken by sufficient force
Psi 1@8Home H077
1@2Operate Psionic BlasterPsi 1@8Home H077
1@2Operate Psionic DrillPsi 1@8Home H077
1@1Blank MindPsi 2@4Home H077
1@1Heightened Sensation
Shifts mental sensory resources to specific sense H077
Psi 5@1Home
2@1PyrogenesisPsi 7@4Home H077
X@CPlus intensified training in unspecified skillsPsi X@XHome H073 H077


2@4Religion: Christianity, Medieval English Catholic, modifiedMag+ 1@0Home H073 H076 H087
1@8Comfort Bubble, maintains environment insideMag 5@2Home H077 H080
1@2Shield Causing Damage
Say "Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the Lord God is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation."
Mag+ 5@10Home H078
2@5Invisible blade "slicer"
Used cooperatively with Lauren to decapitate H087
Mag 6@6Home H076 H077 H078 H083
1@8Clear Debris/Obstacles from Path
Includes fallen trees
Mag 12@3Home H077
1@5Gate to/from Hyperspace
(Presumed) Stretch left hand in front, pointing fingers forward, and say, "Knock, and the door shall be opened to you." Opens passage between "between", "twilight" world and solid world.
Mag+ 12@9Home H086
1@10Slow AgingMag 13@5Home H073
X@XPlus intensified training in unspecified skillsMag X@XHome H073


X@XHuman Standard Sensory Package
(2@5 Touch and pressure sensitivity B0@0, 1@5 Chemical sensitivity B0@1, 1@7 Gas & particular sensitivity B0@1, 2@2 Pain B0@2, 1@6 Heat sensitivity B0@3, 1@5 Cold sensitivity B0@3, 2@1 Photosensitivity B0@4, 1@8 Auditory perception B0@4, 1@6 Balance B0@4, 2@5 Focus B0@5, 1@2 Tactile imaging B0@5, 1@8 Pitch discrimination B0@6, 1@8 Stereo directional sense B0@7, 2@5 Color perception B0@8, 2@8 Depth perception B0@8)
Bod 0@XHome
X@XHuman Standard Body Package
(2@3 Manipulate Object B0@1; 1@1 Generate Pheromone Signal B0@2; 2@7 Generate Sound Signal B0@2; 2@3 Sitting B1@0; 2@1 Rise to All Limbs B1@1; 1@5 Multi-legged Crawl 2mph B1@3; 2@5 Stand Erect B2@1; 2@1 Walk at Walking Speeds 3mph B2@4: 1@10 Jog 3mph B3@3; 1@5 Dash 300 B3@4; 1@5 Sprint 990 B3@5; 1@5 Run 71/2 mph (one mile/eight minutes) B3@6; 1@1 Ground-based Rolling B4@1; 1@5 Reaching Jumps 10 B5@1; 1@5 Low Obstacles 12 B5@1; 1@3 Running High Jump 4 6 B5@3; 1@5 Standing Long Jump 6 B5@3; 1@2 Running Long Jump 9 B5@3)
Bod X@XHome


Unspecified camping gearBackpackHome H079
BackpackBackHome H079
Blankets/BedrollBackpackHome H080 H086
BibleBackpackHome H086
BootsFeetHome H086

Known Exclusions

Unable to fly, even with a stick.
Not trained for physical combat

World List
Stage 0

Vampire Wandborough (Home).

Identified Characteristics

Considers herself a stay-up-all-night person who hates mornings H077
Has a flair for improvisation, inventing new ways to fight and kill adversaries H081
Always a bit flighty after having faced and killed the vampire who had been her mother H085

Personal History

Born and raised in Wandborough, probably 14th century, where Lauren originally met and trained her; Lauren first met her long after that, in the twenty-first century, in Philadelphia. She gave Lauren several magical objects as gifts.

At one point she had to face a vampire who had been her mother, and had to kill that vampire herself H082 H083.

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