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Lord Omigger Character Sheet
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This is an attempt to capture for reference a character paper snapshot of the character Omigger, a supporting character in the Multiverser novels who debuts in Verse Three, Chapter One.  He returns (spoiler alert?) as Merlin in Old Verses New, and again in Old Verses New.  This character sheet includes everything that is confirmed about him, plus a few extrapolations, in those three books, and thus represents him as he is as that third one ends.

The picture was dug up on the Internet as an approximate image of him; it's obviously not perfect, but suffices.

Some of this information is extrapolated based on the milieu and the author's perceptions of the character.

To assist the referee, some entries include at least one coded reference to a chapter or chapters in which the item is mentioned; thus by cross-referencing with the story you can determine the details.  The chapters are identified by which character's story is being told, and thus most of those here begin with "S" for Slade; this is followed by a three-digit number indicating the chapter number for that character, not the chapter number for the book.  Thus if you want to find the first reference to his name, you read here that it appears in S009, and on the index page for the novel you search for the text "Slade 9" and that will take you to the link for that chapter.  Obviously the chapters beginning "K" are Joe's story, and thus "Kondor", and those beginning "H" are Lauren's story, "Hastings", and those beginning "B" are Derek's story, "Brown".  The first novel ends with Kondor 41, Slade 42, and Hastings 43; the second contains Hastings 44 through 95, Kondor 42 through 96, and Brown 1 through 55, and the third consists of Hastings 96 through 136, Slade 43 through 92, and Brown 56 through 96.

Lord Omigger

A.K.A.:  Omigger S089

A.K.A.:  Merlin H048, also suggests Lauren might call him sir, Pendragon, lord, sire, teacher, or anything else if he knows she means him, but better if it’s respectful. S089 B093

A.K.A.:  The Meddler Himself H087 by Tubrok, or Meddling Merlin B094.

A.K.A.:  Uncle Omigger, by Shella B092

A.K.A.:  Friend and Ally of the Caliph of the West Wind, Lord of— H134

1@5Persuasion2@3Ranged Strike Value (RSV)
1@5Charisma1@10Martial Strike Value (MSV)
1@5Animal Magnetism1@7Target Value (TV)
1@5Damage Value
15@10Mag S020
2@8Intellect2@8Tech (Intellect/Intuition/Ed Level)
2@6Intuition2@6Psi (Persuasion/Intuition/Will Power)
2@1Education Level2@6Mag (An-mag/Intellect/Intuition)
1@8Will Power1@8Bod (Strength/Agility/Will Power)

Born in low-tech high-mag fantasy world.  Confused by concepts such as “auto-mechanic” S002.
Apparently vomits after being carried by djinn out of the dungeon in what Slade describes as a roller coaster ride S006.

Current Hair Style: 
Hair Color:  White H042
Age:  Eldest of the adventuring trio, studied magic many years elsewhere, approaching 50 S014 (before Mica’s vesting), died when Shella was nearly twenty-one, probably about 60 years old.
Eye Color: 
Facial Hair:  Beard H048 long flowing white B092
Birthmarks, Tatoos, or other unusual markings:  None
Other Description: 



?@???Tech X@XDjinni Quest
1@8General Science
LevelSkill Areas
1Control of Fire, Leather work, Pottery
2The Wheel, Woodwork, Cloth and Rope
3Inclines, Levers, Stonework
4Pulleys, Gears, Soft Metals
5Water Power, Hard Metals
Tech 5@0Home
1@10Math Theory
LevelSkill Areas
1 to 2Counting & Shape Identification
3 to 6Arithmetic and Euclidean Geometry
Tech 6@0Home
1@8Math ApplicationsTech 6@0Home

PSI which he calls the “inner powers”

2@5Language (English)Psi 0@0Djinni Quest
2@5Language (Old English) Psi 0@0Vampire Camelot
3@2TeachingPsi 0@1Home H050 H062 H075 S089 H134 S090 S092 B096
1@1Read MindsPsi 1@1Vampire Camelot
3@5SEP InvisibilityPsi 1@4Vampire Camelot H051 H075
1@1Tap Speech CenterPsi 1@1Vampire Camelot
1@1Telepathy to HumansPsi 1@3Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic VacationPsi 1@3Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic ComputerPsi 1@3Vampire Camelot
1@1Suggest monologue topicPsi 1@4Vampire Camelot
1@1Compel ConfessionPsi 1@4Vampire Camelot
1@1Telepathy to HumanoidsPsi 1@5Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic Telekinetic LifterPsi 1@7Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic Forcefield TrapperPsi 1@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic BlasterPsi 1@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic DrillPsi 1@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Operate Psionic DisintegratorPsi 1@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Blank MindPsi 2@4Vampire Camelot
1@1Detect EnergiesPsi 3@4Vampire Camelot
1@1ClairaudiencePsi 3@5Vampire Camelot
2@10ClairvoyancePsi 3@6Vampire Camelot B094
1@1ClairgustationPsi 3@7Vampire Camelot
1@1ClairolfactionPsi 3@7Vampire Camelot
1@1ClairtacticityPsi 3@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Detect MagicPsi 3@10Vampire Camelot
1@1Single Telekinetic PulsePsi 4@1Vampire Camelot
1@1Simple Telekinetic ApplicationsPsi 4@2Vampire Camelot
1@1Heavy Object TelekinesisPsi 4@3Vampire Camelot
1@1Telekinesis of Multiple ObjectsPsi 4@7Vampire Camelot
1@1Telekinesis of Dusts and PowdersPsi 4@7Vampire Camelot
1@1LevitationPsi 4@8Vampire Camelot
1@1Telekinetic FlightPsi 4@10Vampire Camelot
1@1PyrogenesisPsi 7@4Vampire Camelot
1@1Interrupt Thought "Mental Hiccough"Psi 8@1Vampire Camelot
3@10Chopping force
Cut bread, slice vegetables, clean fish
Psi 10@7Vampire Camelot H074

MAG which he calls the “outer powers”

1@2Theology, Christian EvangelicalMag 0@1Vampire Camelot H049
2@5Basics of MagicMag 1@0Djinni Quest S002
2@2Religion: DruidismMag 1@0Vampire Camelot H049
2@5Hold Object
Conditional release
Mag 3@4Vampire Camelot H051
2@5Make solid object transparentMag 3@5Vampire Camelot S089 B093 H135
2@1Cause local earthquake
A few firm words in some mystic tongue, walls started cracking.
Mag 4@9Vampire Camelot B092
2@5Moveable Inertial/Energy ShieldMag 5@6Djinni Quest S004
3@5Invisibly cloak objectMag 5@8Vampire Camelot H052
2@5Hold Person
Pointed and spoke a single word, and target froze in place
Mag 6@1Vampire Camelot B094
3@5Pushing force
Knocked two vampires to the floor with a nod of his head and a command
Mag 6@4Vampire Camelot B092
1@3Detect location of elemental spirit
Raised arm dance with chant used to locate/identify bottle containing djinni
Mag 7@3Djinni Quest S003
2@5Know objective and elapsed timeMag 7@6Djinni Quest S003
1@5Perceive Aura
Extended study
Mag 7@9Djinni Quest H134
2@1Know future
Knows where to meet his new student H047 H048
Knows that Nimue is going to take him at some point H049 H053
Mag 7@10Vampire Camelot
Base dangerous requires touch
Mag 9@2Djinni Quest S003
Pointing at stationary (magically held) target while pronouncing a long string of strange words, target burst into flames.
Mag 9@2Vampire Camelot B094
2@5Create Pyrotechnics
Conditional delayed release
Mag 9@2Vampire Camelot H051
2@5Throw flame sheet
Hit multiple targets, unclear which mage cast it.
Mag 9@2Vampire Camelot B094
3@3Lift Creature
Wave of one hand.
Mag 12@4Vampire Camelot B092
2@5Teleport with others
Spoke a chain of words causing the scene to dissolve and be replaced by another.
Mag 12@6Vampire Camelot S089
1@1Slow AgingMag 13@5Vampire Camelot H050 H075
3@5Control plant growth
Used to direct plants to fill clearings to prevent the creation of a visible path.
Mag 13@5Vampire Camelot H082
1@2Feign DeathMag 13@6Vampire Camelot H134
2@5Create Water
Used as a damaging weapon against effrit
Mag 14@2Djinni Quest S004
2@8Create Feast
a long unintelligible sentence, a single complete turn of his body, and a wave of both hands; ham, lamb, and salad are mentioned.
Mag 14@5Djinni Quest S008
X@XUnspecified incantations
Includes auguries, summonings, illusions, transmutations, metaphysics, and whatever
Uses magic to make a hollowed stack of sticks and dirt and a forest classroom comfortable and wondrous.
Includes short-range spells that replace sword fighting B095
Mag X@XDjinni Quest S006 B094
X@XReviewed all of Lauren’s magic in detail
Does not say he learned any of it.
Mag X@XVampire Camelot H049


X@XHuman Standard Sensory Package
(2@5 Touch and pressure sensitivity B0@0, 1@5 Chemical sensitivity B0@1, 1@7 Gas & particular sensitivity B0@1, 2@2 Pain B0@2, 1@6 Heat sensitivity B0@3, 1@5 Cold sensitivity B0@3, 2@1 Photosensitivity B0@4, 1@8 Auditory perception B0@4, 1@6 Balance B0@4, 2@5 Focus B0@5, 1@2 Tactile imaging B0@5, 1@8 Pitch discrimination B0@6, 1@8 Stereo directional sense B0@7, 2@5 Color perception B0@8, 2@8 Depth perception B0@8)
Bod 0@XDjinni Quest
X@XHuman Standard Body Package
(2@3 Manipulate Object B0@1; 1@1 Generate Pheromone Signal B0@2; 2@7 Generate Sound Signal B0@2; 2@3 Sitting B1@0; 2@1 Rise to All Limbs B1@1; 1@5 Multi-legged Crawl 2mph B1@3; 2@5 Stand Erect B2@1; 2@1 Walk at Walking Speeds 3mph B2@4: 1@10 Jog 3mph B3@3; 1@5 Dash 300˘ B3@4; 1@5 Sprint 990˘ B3@5; 1@5 Run 71/2 mph (one mile/eight minutes) B3@6; 1@1 Ground-based Rolling B4@1; 1@5 Reaching Jumps 10˛ B5@1; 1@5 Low Obstacles 12˛ B5@1; 1@3 Running High Jump 4˘ 6˛ B5@3; 1@5 Standing Long Jump 6˘ B5@3; 1@2 Running Long Jump 9˘ B5@3)
Bod X@XDjinni Quest B094 S091


Flowing RobeWornDjinni Quest S001
Pointed wizard hatWornVampire Camelot B092
Pipe for smokingPocketVampire Camelot H134

Known Exclusions

All his possessions save that in which he was buried were given to his designated heirs.
No material weapon skills or body-based combat abilities. H062

World List
Stage 1

  1. Djinni Quest, his home world.
  2. Vampire Camelot via border supernatural to Vampire Future

Identified Characteristics

Won’t kill a stranger based on presumption S002.
Disdains scrying as impractical and time-consuming S008.
Becomes completely immersed in and distracted by his magic books S008.
Refers to magic as the “outer powers” and psionics as the “inner powers” H048
Thinks that three to four hours of walking is not far to walk in a day H048
Said to be the most powerful wizard of this or any time H054
Kept his students separate and taught them individually H083
Asks for “pipeweed”, apparently smoked H134
Always took magic seriously S090
Prefers that people not know that he does not know everything, as his reputation is built on what others believe he knows S092

Personal History

Descended from Baron Rolgar of Corlander, his great great great great grandfather S002.  Thanks to Slade’s wishes, he knows everything about every wish ever granted by any djinni, was granted all that was given to Petrof of Salminia (fortune, castle, army), and is forever known as friend and ally of the djinn and of the Caliph of the West Wind S005.  At the time of his death, Filp was his closest living relative.  Shella is a distant cousin; she is not his niece, although she calls him uncle.

Spent significant time on border supernatural, only partially aware of events in the material world. B092 H134

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