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Derek Jacob Brown Character Sheet
Leaving Old Verses New

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This is an attempt to capture for reference a character paper snapshot of the character Derek Brown, a supporting character in the Multiverser novels who debuts in Old Verses New and returns...that would be telling.  This character sheet includes everything that is confirmed about him, plus a few extrapolations, in that first book, and thus represents him as he is in the chapter in which he last sees the space station.

The picture was dug up on the Internet as an approximate image of him; it's not perfect, but is reasonably close.

To assist the referee, some entries include at least one coded reference to a chapter or chapters in which the item is mentioned; thus by cross-referencing with the story you can determine the details.  The chapters are identified by which character's story is being told, and thus most of those here begin with "B" for Brown; this is followed by a three-digit number indicating the chapter number for that character, not the chapter number for the book.  Thus if you want to find the first reference to his name, you read here that it appears in B001, and on the index page for the novel you search for the text "Brown 1" and that will take you to the link for that chapter.  Obviously the chapters beginning "K" are Joe's story, and thus "Kondor", and those beginning "H" are Lauren's story, "Hastings".  The second novel begins with Hastings 44, Kondor 42, and Brown 1, ends with Hastings 95, Kondor 96, and Brown 55.

Derek Jacob Brown

A.K.A.: Derek

1@5Persuasion2@4Ranged Strike Value (RSV)
1@5Charisma1@10Martial Strike Value (MSV)
1@5Animal Magnetism1@5Target Value (TV)
1@6Damage Value
1@7Strength H067 B024 B040
1@7Stamina B014 B024 B040 H093 H095BIAS LEVELS
1@8Agility H067
2@6Hand/Eye B023
1@8Intellect2@2Tech (Intellect/Intuition/Ed Level)
2@1Intuition B0232@1Psi (Persuasion/Intuition/Will Power)
2@2Education Level B0292@1Mag (An-mag/Intellect/Intuition)
1@5Will Power1@8Bod (Strength/Agility/Will Power)

Out-of-shape adolescent B029

Height:  5' 0"
Weight:  170#?à140#? B024
Current Hair Style: 
Hair Color: 
Age:  Seventh grade B028 12 years old B029 H095 b.1988 d.2000 B040 K085
Eye Color: 
Facial Hair:  None
Birthmarks, Tatoos, or other unusual markings:  None
Other Description:  six inches and thirty pounds smaller than out-of-shape teens three years older, a child about the age of Lauren’s middle child Tiffany.



Math Theory
1@51990’s Basic Technology Package (1@1 Basic Fire Skills Package (Maintain Solid Fuel Fire, Transfer Fire, Contain Fire, Extinguish Fire), 1@1 Soft Sculpture/Clay Molding, 1@2 Operate Lighter, 1@2 Operate Match, 1@3 Use Oven, 2@X Wheels Package, 2@1 Stitch & Sew, 3@X Use Standard Hand Tools, 3@1 Wedges, 3@1 Ramps, 3@2 Operate Locks & Keys, 3@5 Operate Scissors & Cutters, 4@1 Operate Bicycle, 4@1 Non-wheeled Pulley, 4@2 Wheeled Pulley, 4@3 Block & Tackle, 6@1 Operate Calipers & Micrometers, 6@1 Operate Explosive-driven Slug Thrower, 6@2 Use Lens, 6@2 Operate Scopes, 7@1 Operate Air Gun, 8@0 Operate Automatic Transmission Vehicle, 9@0 Operate Electrical Switches, 9@0 Operate Electrical Appliances, 9@0 Operate Telephone, 10@0 Operate Electronic Entertainment Equipment, 11@0 Computer Game Play)Tech X@XHome
1@1Cook (Peanut butter sandwiches)Tech 1@2Home B022
1@2Use BowTech 2@1Slasher Summer Camp B013
2@1Use standard Hand Tools
Knife K093
Tech 3@XHome K092
1@10Operate BicycleTech 4@1Home B016 B020 B031
1@5Electronics PackageTech 10@XMutant World B026
1@8Operate hand-held portable communications deviceTech 10@1Mutant World B024
2@2Hijack video/electronic securityTech 10@3Mutant World B034
1@10Play Video GamesTech 11@0Home
2@1Computer knowledgeTech 11@0Home H065 B026
3@1Computer Technology Package
11@0 Computer Theory, 11@0 Computer Gameplay, 11@1 Read & Write Program, 11@2 Create Computer Security, 11@3 Bypass Computer Security, 11@4 Repair Computer, 11@5 Build Computer, 11@6 Design Computer.
Writes in several programming languages B029
Includes familiarity with trinary B043 mastered the essentials B046
Introduced to biocomputers, and pursues study on the subject B046
Tech 11@XMutant World B026 H069 B036 B042 B044 K087
1@2Use portable computerized medical kitTech 11@3Mutant World B024
1@8Bypass electronic locksTech 11@3Mutant World B022 B023 H093 K094
3@1Bypass Computer SecurityTech 11@3Mutant World B019 H064 B021 B022 H066 B024 B027 B036 B041 K091 H095
2@10Use Laser BlasterTech 14@1Mutant World B023 B024 B025 B027 B031 B040 B051 H094 B053 K095
1@4Use kinetic torquerTech 14@4Mutant World B036
1@1Primitive antibioticsTech 8@1Terranova B049
1@9General Science
LevelSkill Areas
1Control of Fire, Leather work, Pottery
2The Wheel, Woodwork, Cloth and Rope
3Inclines, Levers, Stonework
4Pulleys, Gears, Soft Metals
5Water Power, Hard Metals
6Lathes, Precision Tools, Explosives
7Steam and Pressure Power Systems
8Motors and Motor Fuels
9Electricity, Synthetics
11Computers, Planetary Travel
12Robotics, Nuclear Power, Genetic Engineering
13Artificial Intelligence, Mind/Machine Interface
10Energy Fields, Star Drives, Matter Transmission
Tech 14@0Home
1@8Tech 11@0Home B026 B028
1@8Math Applications
LevelSkill Areas
1-2Counting & Shape Identification
3-6Arithmetic & Euclidean Geometry
7-9Algebra & Set Theory
10Trigonometry & Alternative Number Systems
Tech 11@1Home B026 B028 B042
1@1An unspecified assortment of weapons
Needle rifles mentioned
Tech X@XMutant World B024


2@1Language (English)Psi 0@0Home
2@2TeachingPsi 0@1Home B022 B025 B028 K090 B049
1@3Read MindsPsi 1@1Terranova B049 K091 B055


1@4Play TrumpetMag 0@0Home B012
1@5Theology, Evangelical ChristianMag 0@1Mutant World B024 B028 B064
1@5PhilosophyMag 0@1Mutant World B028
1@5Religion, Evangelical Christian
Acknowledges the existence of magical creatures such as ghosts and vampires
Mag 1@0Mutant World B028 B028


X@XHuman Standard Sensory Package
(2@5 Touch and pressure sensitivity B0@0, 1@5 Chemical sensitivity B0@1, 1@7 Gas & particular sensitivity B0@1, 2@2 Pain B0@2, 1@6 Heat sensitivity B0@3, 1@5 Cold sensitivity B0@3, 2@1 Photosensitivity B0@4, 1@8 Auditory perception B0@4, 1@6 Balance B0@4, 2@5 Focus B0@5, 1@2 Tactile imaging B0@5, 1@8 Pitch discrimination B0@6, 1@8 Stereo directional sense B0@7, 2@5 Color perception B0@8, 2@8 Depth perception B0@8)
Bod 0@XHome
X@XHuman Standard Body Package
(2@3 Manipulate Object B0@1; 1@1 Generate Pheromone Signal B0@2; 2@7 Generate Sound Signal B0@2; 2@3 Sitting B1@0; 2@1 Rise to All Limbs B1@1; 1@5 Multi-legged Crawl 2mph B1@3; 2@5 Stand Erect B2@1; 2@1 Walk at Walking Speeds 3mph B2@4: 1@10 Jog 3mph B3@3; 1@5 Dash 300¢ B3@4; 1@5 Sprint 990¢ B3@5; 1@5 Run 71/2 mph (one mile/eight minutes) B3@6; 1@1 Ground-based Rolling B4@1; 1@5 Reaching Jumps 10² B5@1; 1@5 Low Obstacles 12² B5@1; 1@3 Running High Jump 4¢ 6² B5@3; 1@5 Standing Long Jump 6¢ B5@3; 1@2 Running Long Jump 9¢ B5@3)
Bod X@XHome
1@5Throw dartsBod 0@1Terranova B051 B052
1@10Hide in darknessBod 0@6Home B004
1@2Move SilentlyBod 0@6Mutant World B034 B051
“No one stops you in the halls if you look like you’re in the right place.”
Bod 0@6Home B036
1@4SwimBod 1@2Home B013
1@5Dash 250¢Bod 3@4Home B014
1@2Ground-based RollingBod 4@1Mutant World B024
1@2Ground-based TumblingBod 4@2Mutant World B024
1@2Tumble from Erect PositionBod 4@3Mutant World B024
1@2Tumble to Erect PositionBod 4@4Mutant World B024
1@2HandspringsBod 4@5Mutant World B024
1@2CartwheelsBod 4@5Mutant World B024
1@2Fall Shock-absorptionBod 4@6Mutant World B024
1@2Blow Shock-absorptionBod 4@7Mutant World B024
1@2Evasive TumblingBod 4@8Mutant World B024
1@2Aggressive TumblingBod 4@9Mutant World B024
1@5Fly FishingBod 7@1Home B009
1@5Knife martial arts weapon
Base damaging RF1 –5SM
Bod 7@1Amontilado B004 B018 H065 H093
1@3Frying pan martial arts weapon
Base damaging RF1 –10SM useful for parrying
Bod 7@1Slasher Summer Camp B018 H065 H093
1@1Chain martial arts weapon
Base damaging RF1 useful for tacticals
Bod 7@1Slasher Summer Camp B018
1@5Basic Style from LaurenBod 7@1Mutant World H067 B024 B025
1@1Knife plunge attack
“Devastating” +3DC, -10SM, only attack in the minute, +15SM to next opponent attack
Bod 7@3Amontilado B004
1@1Leg sweep with chain
On success target agility check or fall damaging, attacker falls undamaged, must return to feet
Bod 7@3Slasher Summer Camp B018
1@1Parry with Frypan
-5SM on opponent attacks
Bod 7@5Haunted House B008 B018
1@1Disarm by force
Grabbing opponent weapon and pulling it from his hands, standard attack on weapon, automatically hit for ?10 damage points if successful
Bod 7@5Slasher Summer Camp B018


Very cool mountain bike with dorky baskets mounted by Uncle Ralph. B001
Flat tire B001 repaired B012 B016
PushedHome B001 B005 B006 B007 B009 B010 B019 B037 B042
Leather canvas backpack bookbagBasketsHome B001 B005 B009 B019 B037
JacketWornHome B002
Butcher knife
Base damaging RF1 –5SM
BackpackAmontilado B003 B004 B005 B009 B016 B018 B019 H065 B022 B023 H067 B027 H092 H093
ShirtBackpackHome B003
BlanketBackpackHaunted House B005 B009 H065
Pocket knifePocketHome B005
Working internal battery B011
Standard binary programmed for 32-bit coding B043
BookbagHome B006 B022 B037 H094
Video games, unspecified
Some hand-held with batteries B011
Some are 64-bit coding but all are binary B043
BookbagHome B006 B009
Heavy frying pan
Base damaging RF1 –10SM
BackpackHaunted House B007 B008 B009 B016 B019 H065 B022 B023 H092 H093
Silk robeBackpackVampire Swamp B011 H065
Fluffy cotton towelBackpackVampire Swamp B011
Clothes, unspecified
Jeans, T-shirt B047
WornHome B011
Clothes, unspecifiedBackpackHome B012
Nylon Backpack with Aluminum FrameBackSlasher Summer Camp B013 B016 B019 H065 B037 B042 B052
Pup tentPackframeSlasher Summer Camp B013 B016 H065 B033 B037
Sleeping bagPackframeSlasher Summer Camp B016 H065 B033 B037 K085
Base damaging RF1
Waist?Slasher Summer Camp B018 H065 B022 B037 H092
A couple small tools, unspecified
Screwdriver B022
Wire cutters/strippers, meter B034
ToolkitMutant World B022 H095
Cables and connectors, a batch, unspecified
Alligator clips B034 H095
BackpackMutant World B022
Laser Blaster/Rifle
Electronic, highly sophisticated, few visible metal parts.
RF6, five shots to a power pack, reload 0:10 dangerous
L ShoulderMutant World B022 B023 B024 B027 B035 B037 B040 K086 H092 B051 B052 H094 B053 K095 H095
Extra power packs, 5
Look like video game cartridges without labels.
Recharge in standard charger takes one hour.
Jacket pocketMutant World B022 H092 B053 K095
Mutant World Identity CardJacket PocketMutant World B023
Universal power converted power pack charger
Charges one battery at a time, takes an hour, adapts to any electrical input
BackpackMutant World B024
Porcuperson Darts, 12, in apron
Renders target unconscious in a few seconds for RS minutes, woozy for at least as long thereafter.
RF1 3’:10’:20’:30’:+10/3’
-1 B051 –1 case dropped B052
WaistMutant World B032 B033 H095
Portable tool kit
Magnetic nail gun, kinetic torque driver, sonic cutter, laser welder, a few other tools, rechargeable power supply.
Described as a “bag” B037
Meter K092
BackpackMutant World B033 B039 K092 H094 H095
Components and chips, unspecifiedBackpackMutant World B034 B037 B038 B039 H095
Rations, a few days BackpackMutant World B037 B038
Water, container undefinedBackpackMutant World B037
Terranova computer technician credentialsPocketTerranova B044
Terranova complex technician access keysPocketTerranova B044

Known Exclusions

Owns waders, did not bring them. B009
Not carrying food or water initially. B009
Knows very little about religion B014
Does not know the word “defibrillator” B015
Not athletic B018
Knows almost nothing about girls K087 but recognizes Raeph’s interest in her B048

World List
Stage 1

NagaWorld: killed by coral bush B001
Cask of Amontilado B001 B003 shot three times B004
Haunted House B005 killed by poltergeist throwing him through window and stabbing with shards B008
Vampire swamp B009 apparently bitten in the neck B011
Slasher Summer Camp B011 stabbed with his own knife B018
Mutant World B019 killed by laser blaster B036
Terranova Habitat B037

Identified Characteristics

Dislikes gym, sports, and outdoors stuff. His only real exercise is riding his bike to school. B029
Has seen many horror movies B001, knows that in horror films you can’t escape B002, thinks he should hope for the best but prepare for the worst B003.
Left-handed B004
Almost impossible to get him into the bath, nearly as difficult to get him out B011
His DNA has features which are unique in the Terranova universe B042
Is aware that he won’t age B042
Chooses to avoid intoxicants B043
Likes the idea of saving a world, even if no one knows B064

Personal History

His first theory of the verse was that this was all nightmares of a comatose patient. B001 B009 B011 B039
Killed by a “Rapid Responder” video game controller which had been broken by Bobby Peterson. B001.
Considers possibility that he is a restless spirit from beyond the grave. B005
Explored suburban housing construction sites at home B005
Would not permit himself to recognize that he was in a “haunted house” B006
Misses father, mother, and one brother B009 B025
Is from Mahwah, somewhere upstate from Newark, state not specified B012
Reluctantly swam in a lake near his home B013
Watched David perform CPR B015
Meets Lauren in Mutant World H064
Watched horror movies to pretend he was brave, but after his experiences he is no longer afraid H065
Recognizes that Lauren’s idea that God sent him somewhere turns an accident into an adventure B022
Eventually forgets the nightmare B024
Considers that Lauren might be right about God B024
Meets Joe in Terranova B044
Has observed Lauren projecting a psi skill pattern B049 doing clairvoyance B050
Experience moving in zero gravity K092

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