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Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings Character Sheet
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This is an attempt to capture for reference a character paper snapshot of the character Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings, a major character in the Multiverser novels who debuts in Verse Three, Chapter One and returns in Old Verses New, again in For Better or Verse, and then again...well, we'll see.  This character sheet includes everything that is confirmed about her, plus a few extrapolations, in those three books, and thus represents her as she is in the final chapter.

The picture was dug up on the Internet as an approximate image of her; it's not accurate, but it will suffice.  (I kind of got lucky that my description of her is similar enough to the images of Lara Croft that the pictures are close enough.)

The referee will undoubtedly notice that many "necessary" details are absent here, among them stats on some of the weapons and situation modifiers on most of the spells.  These are not particularly needed for the fundamental purpose of writing the book, and so have not been included; they might be added at some future date if they become more useful.  Meanwhile, you know how to work out such things if you've got the Referee's Rules, and if you don't you're probably adapting it to your own use anyway.

To assist the referee, most entries include at least one coded reference to a chapter or chapters in which the item is mentioned; thus by cross-referencing with the story you can determine the details.  The chapters are identified by which character's story is being told, and thus most of those here begin with "H"; this is followed by a three-digit number indicating the chapter number for that character, not the chapter number for the book.  Thus if you want to find the first reference to her mind-reading, you read here that it appears in H001, and on the index page for the first novel you search for the text "Hastings 1" and that will take you to the link for that chapter.  Obviously the chapters beginning "K" are Joe's story, and thus "Kondor", those beginning "S" are Bob's story, "Slade". and those beginning "B" are Derek's, "Brown".  The first novel ends with Kondor 41, Slade 42, and Hastings 43; the second contains Hastings 44 through 95, Kondor 42 through 96, and Brown 1 through 55; the third contains Hastings 96 through 136, Slade 43 through 92, and Brown 56 through 96.

Lauren Elizabeth Meyers Hastings

A.K.A.:  Lauren H063 Lauren Hastings H063 H116 by Dimitri B093

A.K.A.:  Laurelyn of Wandborough, Mystic of the Western Woods:  she first heard the name from Bethany, sorceress in Vampire Philadelphia, who claimed to be her student from England in 1461 H015 H054 H058 H071 B095.
+defender of the sons of Eve and friend of the daughters of Lilith H125.
Just “Laurelyn of Wandborough” self-identification H130 S089.

A.K.A.:  Laurelyn Elsbeth, name as she pronounced it to Merlin. H048

A.K.A.:  Laurelyn Spellsbreath, or Spellsbreath for short, given to her by Merlin. H048 H051 H052 and known in Camelot H053 by Morgana H083 H084 B095

A.K.A.:  Laurelyn Spellsbreath, apprentice to Merlin, defender of the children of Adam, enemy of the seed of Cain, self-introduction on the road outside Camelot H054
Friend of the sons of Adam and the daughters of Lilith H058

A.K.A.:  Laurelyn Spellsbreath, Mystic of the Western Woods, introduced by Bethany H087.
Just “Mystic” by a wolf H130 and a Wandborough hotel clerk S089
“Mystic of the Western Woods” by Tubrok B094

A.K.A.:  Lorne, by prophetess Anastasia “Ana” Padowski H116 H118 B093 S090

A.K.A.:  Missus Hastings, by Bob Slade B091.

1@5Persuasion2@6Ranged Strike Value (RSV)
1@7Charisma2@6Martial Strike Value (MSV)
1@7Animal Magnetism2@3Target Value (TV)
2@2Damage Value
2@6Strength H047 B024 B025 H110
2@5Stamina B024 B025BIAS LEVELS
2@9Flexibility B024 B0257@4Bod
2@9Agility B024 B025 H110
2@8Hand/Eye B024 B025
1@10Intellect2@3Tech (Intellect/Intuition/Ed Level)
2@3Intuition B024 B0252@7Psi (Persuasion/Intuition/Will Power)
2@1Education Level2@3Mag (An-mag/Intellect/Intuition)
2@7Will Power2@9Bod (Strength/Agility/Will Power)

Misses family.

Height:  5' 6" H002 H044
Weight:  130#
Current Hair Style:  Long H002 H059 sometimes braided H111
Hair Color:  Brown H002 H044 H059
Age:  35 K035 H044 H063
Eye Color:  Brown H002 K035 H044
Facial Hair:  None
Birthmarks, Tatoos, or other unusual markings:  None
Other Description:  Well-muscled, tanned H002



1@51990’s Basic Technology Package (1@1 Basic Fire Skills Package, 1@1 Soft Sculpture/Clay Molding, 1@2 Operate Lighter, 1@2 Operate Match, 1@3 Use Oven, 2@X Wheels Package, 2@1 Stitch & Sew, 3@X Use Standard Hand Tools, 3@1 Wedges, 3@1 Ramps, 3@2 Operate Locks & Keys, 3@5 Operate Scissors & Cutters, 4@1 Operate Bicycle, 4@1 Non-wheeled Pulley, 4@2 Wheeled Pulley, 4@3 Block & Tackle, 6@1 Operate Calipers & Micrometers, 6@1 Operate Explosive-driven Slug Thrower, 6@2 Use Lens, 6@2 Operate Scopes, 7@1 Operate Air Gun, 8@0 Operate Automatic Transmission Vehicle, 9@0 Operate Electrical Switches, 9@0 Operate Electrical Appliances, 9@0 Operate Telephone, 10@0 Operate Electronic Entertainment Equipment, 11@0 Computer Game Play)Tech X@XHome
1@8Survival Meadow
Stick shadow trick to identify directions H096 H097
Tests to identify edible plants H104
Tech 0@1Parakeet Valley H045 H071 H097 H099 H100 H101 H105 H107 H108
1@10Basic Fire Skills Package (Maintain Solid Fuel Fire, Transfer Fire, Contain Fire, Extinguish Fire)Tech 1@1Home H035 H038 K038 H060
1@8Soft Sculpture/Clay Molding Tech 1@1Home H001 H036 S038 K038
1@5Ignite Fire from SparkTech 1@2Parakeet Valley H036 H045
2@2CookTech 1@2Home H003 H005 H012 H016 H035 H036 H046 H060 H065 H066 H068 K090 B049 H108 H112
1@1Dry Fruits and BerriesTech 1@2Parakeet Valley K038
1@3Fired PotteryTech 1@2NagaWorld H036 S038 K038
1@7Stitch and Sew
Makes clothes for Ferris H130
Tech 2@1Home H007
1@5KnotsTech 2@1Home
1@5Create/Use BowTech 2@1NagaWorld H001 H039 H044 H110 H114
3@1Use BowTech 2@1NagaWorld H001 H039 H044 H110 H114 H131
1@10Build/Repair enclosed nest (man-sized)Tech 2@1Parakeet Valley H035 H036 H039 H044 H110 H114 H131
1@5WheelsTech 2@1Home S038
1@2Create Axled Wheel Tech 2@2NagaWorld H001
1@1Twist Cord, Make RopeTech 2@2NagaWorld
1@5Weave, Knit, CrochetTech 2@2Home
1@5Embroider/DecorateTech 2@2Home
1@4Use Standard Hand Tools (All 3@ Tool Use Skills)Tech 3@XHome H002
1@9Steelworker Tool PackageTech 3@XVampire Philadelphia H002
1@5Make ArrowsTech 3@1NagaWorld H001
1@5LeversTech 3@1Home S038
1@5Spear fishing (with arrows)Tech 3@1Parakeet Valley H044 H046
1@5Use Knife (weapon)Tech 3@3Mutant Earth B074
1@1Make psi glassTech 5@3NagaWorld
2@10Operate heavy hand-carried explosive driven slug throwerTech 6@1Vampire Philadelphia S040 H062 H082 H087 B053 K095 H131 H133 B092 H135 B094 S091 H136
1@3Operate Auto-riveterTech 9@0Vampire Philadelphia H002
1@1Use instant bonding glueTech 9@1Vampire Philadelphia H025
1@1Create synthetic fiber productsTech 9@1NagaWorld H039
1@1Make Plastic SteelTech 9@3NagaWorld H002
1@6Operate Power Pack ChargerTech 10@0Mutant Earth H067 H129 H130 S088
1@1Computer Game PlayTech 11@0Tech 12@0
1@5Computer UseTech 11@0Mutant Earth H068 H090
1@1Basic Computer TheoryTech 11@0Terranova Habitat B049
3@3Use Laser BlasterTech 14@1Mutant Earth H066 B023 H067 B024 B025 H068 H127 H128 H131
1@5General Science
LevelSkill Areas
1Control of Fire, Leather work, Pottery
2The Wheel, Woodwork, Cloth and Rope
3Inclines, Levers, Stonework
4Pulleys, Gears, Soft Metals
5Water Power, Hard Metals
6Lathes, Precision Tools, Explosives
7Steam and Pressure Power Systems
8Motors and Motor Fuels
9Electricity, Synthetics
11Computers, Planetary Travel
12Robotics, Nuclear Power, Genetic Engineering
Tech 12@0Home
1@5Math Theory
LevelSkill Areas
1 to 2Counting & Shape Identification
3 to 6Arithmetic and Euclidean Geometry
7 to 9Algebra & Set Theory
10Trigonometry & Alternative Number Systems
11 to 13Calculus
14 to 15Undiscovered Mathematics Systems
Tech 10@0Home
1@5Math ApplicationsTech 9@0Home
1@5Medical DiagnosisTech 7@0Home H015
1@3Medical/First Aid
1Sterilize by heat; salt wounds; mud pack bandages; external body temperature control.
2Bandages; splints; stitch wounds; tourniquets; simple prosthetics (wooden legs, hooks).
3Amputations; Excision of surface infection; reduction of fractures; dentistry.
4Mechanical prosthetics; traction.
5IV. fluids; nutrition.
6I.D. Microorganisms; Vaccines; Cellular structure; herbalism; general surgery.
7Control circulation/major bleeding; cardiology; breathing/artificial resuscitation.
8Basic chemistry; pharmacology; organ transplants. B049
Tech 8@1Home H015 H043 H078


2@6Language (English)Psi 0@0Home
1@6Language (Parakeet People)
Begins work toward a written language H036 K035
Psi 0@0Parakeet Valley H035 H036 S038
1@3Middle EnglishPsi 0@0Vampire Wandborough H073
Teaching others to teach B084
Psi 0@1Home +1 H018 H036 S038 H043 H046 H049 H059 H060 B023 H067 B024 B025 H068 H069 H071 H072 H073 H074 H075 H076 H077 H079 B043 H085 B047 B048 H089 K090 H090 H090 B056 B057 B074 H131 S092
1@8Read MindsPsi 1@1NagaWorld H001 H005 H009 H035 H044 H059 H072 H078 B056 B060 H107 H131
1@5Tap Speech CenterPsi 1@1Parakeet Valley H034 H035 H047 H071 B057 H107
1@1Observe Psionic Skill PatternPsi 1@1Vampire Camelot H051
2@5Project Psionic Skill PatternPsi 1@2Vampire Camelot B049 B077
1@8Telepathy to Humans
Father James at +10 H002
Sagrimore at +10 Vampire Camelot H060 H061
Bethany at +25 Vampire Wandborough H077 H086 H087 H117 H120 H121 H125 H130 H132 H136
Joe K091 H093
Derek H131
Psi 1@3NagaWorld H002 H011 H013 H015 H018 H022 H029 H031 H044 H059 H088 B057 B060
1@2Operate Psionic VacationPsi 1@3NagaWorld H003
1@1Operate Psionic ComputerPsi 1@3NagaWorld H003
1@2Suggest monologue topicPsi 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H021
1@1Compel ConfessionPsi 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H021
2@5SEP Invisibility
Thinks it does not work if people are watching H078
Psi 1@4Vampire Camelot H051 H053 H074 H075 B047 B057 B088 H131
1@5Telepathy to Humanoids
Vampire, Werewolf, Raal at +15
Grarg H063 H069
Psi 1@5Vampire Philadelphia H010 H013 H016 H024 H029 H031
1@10Operate Psionic Telekinetic LifterPsi 1@7NagaWorld H003 H005 H047
2@3Operate Psionic Forcefield Trapper
Stunning mental shock if wall broken by sufficient force
Used to crush captured creature B050
Psi 1@8NagaWorld H003 H024 H045 H082
3@1Operate Psionic BlasterPsi 1@8NagaWorld H003 H014 H030 H055 H062 H077 H078 H082 H087 H093 B052 H110 H135
2@1Operate Psionic DrillPsi 1@8NagaWorld H003 H005 H007 H042 H093 B052 H110 H135
1@7Operate Psionic Disintegrator
Leaves her momentarily “spent” mentally, unable to use psionics for a full minute H127
Psi 1@8NagaWorld H003 H013 H014 H113 H132 S089
1@3Summon known creature type
Werewolf H071 H077 H125
Psi 1@8Vampire Camelot H058
1@8Blank MindPsi 2@4Vampire Philadelphia H010 H077
3@5Mark target pointPsi 3@1Tropical Island H114
1@1Detect EnergiesPsi 3@4Vampire Philadelphia H015
1@4ClairaudiencePsi 3@5NagaWorld H003 H007 H067 H124 H131
1@6Clairvoyance Psi 3@6NagaWorld H003 H005 H007 H010 H013 H022 H024 H029 H061 H067 H088 B050 B064 K096 H100 B074 H119 H124 H127 H131 H133 B094
1@2ClairgustationPsi 3@7NagaWorld H003 H067
1@2ClairolfactionPsi 3@7NagaWorld H003 H007 H067
1@2ClairtacticityPsi 3@8NagaWorld H003 H067
1@1Detect MagicPsi 3@10Vampire Philadelphia H015 H111
1@1Detect Psionics
Specifically detects whether objects are psionically attuned, and thus devices or potential devices.
Psi 3@10Tropical Island H111
1@2Single Telekinetic PulsePsi 4@1NagaWorld H013
2@7Simple Telekinetic Applications
Improved weapon targeting H113
Psi 4@2NagaWorld H003 H018 H021 H022 H023 H025 H044 H061 H067 B027 H087 B064 K096 H098 B060 H107 H110 H113
1@2Heavy Object TelekinesisPsi 4@3Vampire Philadelphia H003 H022 H030 H041 H047 H048 H055 H064 H071 H078 H113 H115 H119 H127 H135
1@3Telekinesis of Multiple ObjectsPsi 4@7NagaWorld H021
1@1Telekinesis of Dusts and PowdersPsi 4@7NagaWorld H005
To prevent impact on fall H135 or prevent fall H136
Psi 4@8NagaWorld H003 H005 H007 H014 H032 H040 H044 H067 H099 H107 H113
2@1Telekinetic Flight
Aerobatic evasive maneuvers H136
Psi 4@10NagaWorld H003 H007 H014 H024 H044 H059 H076 H092 H110 B094 S091
1@8Heightened Sensation
Shifts mental sensory resources to specific sense H077
Used for olfaction to identify undead H055 H056 H062 H086
Vision, vivid and sharp shades of gray H056 becomes intensely vivid in light H057
Hearing, recognizes that enemy is dividing into three directions H087
Psi 5@1Vampire Camelot
1@2Adapt to Cold
Must activate before exposure +20SM, specific to limited areas +10SM shifts blood toward the interior of the limbs while thickening fat padding for insulation. Can be boosted by repeat use.
Psi 5@4Parakeet Valley H046
1@2Unblock blocked memoriesPsi 6@8Terranova Habitat H088
2@1PyrogenesisPsi 7@4Vampire Philadelphia H005 H007 H018 H029 H035 H045 H046 H065 H067 H077 H097 H107 H110
1@1Interrupt Thought "Mental Hiccough"Psi 8@1Vampire Philadelphia H021 H042
1@5Block MemoriesPsi 8@2Vampire Wandborough H075 B047 H127
1@1Analyze Chemistry (molecular sight)Psi 9@1Tropical Island H111
1@5Kinetic Force Wall
Fixed to the user
Knocked out by solid hit from Horta H087 or monster H094
Shaped to a dome, with a gap behind her H094
Feels a mental jar whenever it is hit hard H094 H131
Laser fire passes through it B092
Psi 10@1Vampire Wandborough H082 H087 H092 H113 H115 H127 H133 B094
1@5Chopping force
Multiple cutters H110
Timed to work with Bethany H124
Psi 10@7Vampire Camelot H074 H076 H082 H087 H092 H108 H113 H115 H127 H133
1@5Precognitive Attack BonusPsi 12@2Tropical Island H113


1@5SingingMag 0@0Home H033 K035 H106
Includes knowledge of stories of Camelot
Mag 0@0Home H049
1@1Administration (School)Mag 0@0Mutant Earth H069
1@5Knowledge of legendary creaturesM 0@0Home H130
2@6Religion: Christianity, Evangelical BaptistMag+ 1@0Home H002 H003 H005 H011 H012 H013 H016 H027 H033 H036 H037 H038 H044 H045 H053 H057 H061 H065 H066 H067 B024 H068 H069 H071 H073 B040 H086 B047 K089 H090 H095 H098 S048 H101 H106 H108 H111 H112 H116 H117 H126 H128 H133 H135
1@1Occult KnowledgeMag 1@0Vampire Philadelphia
1@5Nature of MagicMag 1@0Vampire Camelot H049
1@1Operate Tezcatta Attractor Medal
Always active
Mag 1@2
[Mag 11@3]
Vampire Philadelphia H025
2@1Bonus Weapon StrikeMag 1@2Tropical Island H113
1@5Operate Worn/Held Device
Cat's Eye Marble:  Held in hand, confers improved night vision, including color at low light levels [Mag 15@1]
Cross:  Worn on chain around neck, confers protection against magical and psionic detects [Mag+ 4@8]
Mag(+) 1@3Vampire Philadelphia H025 H031 H062 H086 H100
2@1Bonus Weapon DamageMag 1@3Tropical Island H113
1@1Increase Faith, self
Say, "Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief." Allows second check on doubts or mag+ skill checks
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H003
1@5Penalize Check, Evil Spirit Powers
Say, "He raised Him from the dead, and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age, but also in the one to come. And He put all things under His feet." Penalizes supernatural evil creatures RS/5.
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H030 H062
1@5Bonus Check, self
Say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  RS/20
Counters painwrack spell H062
Enables her to overcome hesitation in attacking Sparks Fixit a.k.a. Phil Hastings H128
Builds confidence against doubt H135
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H014 H030 H046
1@5Bonus Checks, allies
Say, “In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.”
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H029 H061
1@5Increase Faith, self
Say, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Religion skill increased RS/10 (visibly weakened attacking vampire)
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H014
1@5Increase Faith, allies
Raise hands and loudly say, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being." Increase all skill checks by allies RS/20 for RS/2 minutes
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Philadelphia H029 H061 H062
1@5Increase Faith
Say “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”
Mag+ 1@4Vampire Future H135
1@3Operate Active on Condition Device
Paperclip:  Holds anything to anything when placed by the user, releases when touched by a person. [M3@4]
Magic Dampening Bag: Placing a magic item inside causes the bag to block any sense of supernatural energy emanating from it. The bag itself radiates colder than zero for magic. Shield Against Magic. [Mag 5@9]
Mag 1@5Vampire Philadelphia H016 H025
1@5Protections against Supernatural Evil
Say, "If God is for us, who is against us?" SM=-RS/20 on all offensive actions taken by anarch opponents with a supernatural connection, RS/5 minutes
Mag+ 1@6Vampire Philadelphia H029 H062 H133 H136
2@5Operate Activated/Deactivated Oil-free Lamp
Create Light [Mag 10@1]
Mag 1@7Vampire Camelot H060
1@5Block memories of magic
Say “For the living know they will die; but the dead do not know anything, nor have they any longer a reward, for their memory is forgotten.  Indeed their love, their hate and their zeal have already perished, and they will no longer have a share in all that is done under the sun.”
Mag+ 1@7Vampire Future H136
1@7Curse anarch
Say, "And we know that the judgment of God rightly falls upon those who practice such things." Causes pain, requiring Will Power check to act
Mag+ 1@8Vampire Philadelphia H013 H077 H078 H133 H135
1@5Curse anarch
Say “I will camp against you encircling you, and I will set siegeworks against you, and I will raise up battle towers against you.  Then you will be brought low; from the earth you will speak, and from the dust where you are prostrate your words will come.  Your voice will also be like that of a spirit from the ground, and your speech will whisper from the dust.”
Mag+ 1@8Vampire Future H136
1@5Operate Instant Activation Device
Die:  Placing finger against select side causes user to appear dead for predetermined time period. The duration is based on the number of pips, a minute, and hour, a day, a week, a month, a year. [M 13@6]
Gold Card:  Place card where payment is to be made, recite “And my God will provide all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Creates wealth to cover expense H122 H127 H132 S088 S089 B093 S090[M+ 14@6]
Nutcracker:  Place portal object in bowl, turn crank, say “The truth will make you free”. Completes portal from border supernatural to release persons trapped on the other side. H133 [M+ 12@10]
Mag(+) 1@8Vampire Philadelphia H025
1@6Torture Anarch Spirit Power
Loudly say, "And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church." Causes pain, Lethal damage, and -RS/5 on target skill checks.
Mag+ 1@10Vampire Philadelphia H014 H057 H128 H133
2@1Limited Injury RepairMag+ 2@1Vampire Camelot H053 H062
1@5Strengthen allies (remove fatigue)
Say “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake as in the days of old, the generations of long ago.”
Mag+ 2@1Vampire Future H136
2@1Cure DiseaseMag+ 2@4Vampire Camelot H053 H061 H062
1@5Unlimited Damage Repair
Say “Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired.  His understanding is inscrutable.  He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.  Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.”
Mag+ 2@7Vampire Future H136
1@3Freshen substance
Mag 3@1Vampire Camelot H089
1@1Release Lock or Hold
Rap on door or portal covering with right fist while loudly saying, "Knock, and the door shall be opened to you." Opens magically held doors.
Mag+ 3@4Vampire Philadelphia H025
1@1Repair psionic device
Kneel beside object, pray, thank God for letting her stand against the darkness, for providing the weapons she needs for that, recalling His faithfulness, raise the broken object, pray that it might be mended to be used in the continued fight against evil, bring broken pieces together.
Mag+ 3@6Tropical Island H112
1@6Increase Light
Say, "There is the true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man." Increases light from magical light sources.
Mag+ 4@1Vampire Philadelphia H029 H136
1@5Increase Light
Say, “The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them.”
Mag+ 4@1Vampire Future H136
1@5Dispel Magic
Say, "For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God." Used to prevent the effect of spells and magical attacks.
Mag 4@8Vampire Philadelphia H029 H062
Recite “You have not heard, you have not known, even from long ago your ear has not been open, because I knew that you would deal treacherously.” Prevents observers from seeing, hearing, or remembering the presence of the caster and associates.
Mag+ 5@1Tropical Island H127
2@2Comfort Bubble, maintains environment insideMag 5@2Vampire Camelot H055 H076 H077 H080 B064
2@1Shields which Cause Damage
Say, "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Creates -DC shield which causes dangerous damage and pain when contacted by anarch enemies.
Mag+ 5@10Vampire Philadelphia H014 H029 H057
1@5Create Force ArrowMag 6@5Tropical Island H114
1@5Direction Sense
Say, "Seek and you shall find," and continue by expressing the destination of your journey (a place, but may be general, such as a type of place), while extending both arms in front and turning slowly 30 seconds.
Mag+ 7@5Parakeet Valley H032 H078 H079 H080 H081
1@1Detect Invisibles
Say, "Lord, we want our eyes to be opened." If there are invisible persons or objects present, they will appear with a flash of light.
Mag+ 7@10Vampire Philadelphia H015
1@7Create Light
Say, "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men, and the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." Illuminates large areas with daylight-like light, painful to vampires.
Mag+ 9@1Vampire Philadelphia H029 H040 H061 K068 H070 H100 H133 H136
1@6Illuminate allies
Say, "Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun." Alliance creatures will glow brightly; anarch and other enemies will be unable to look directly at them, taking RS/10 penalty on any checks which require targeting by eye.
Mag+ 9@1Vampire Philadelphia H029 H087 H133
1@4Spotlight enemies
Point at target and shout, “The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great light, and those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a light dawned.” Create follow-spot shining on targets H057 H077 wood described as ablaze with light interrupting Horta’s spell H087
Mag+ 9@1Vampire Camelot H056 H087
1@5Counter Darkness
Say, “There is the true light which coming into the world enlightens every man.” Reduces magical darkness.
Mag+ 9@1Vampire Camelot H062
2@1Create Light for reading
Tiring over time.
Mag 9@1Vampire Camelot H086
1@5Create Fire
While holding opponent, say, "And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever." Causes obliterative burst of fire, annihilating to skill user.
Mag+ 9@2Vampire Philadelphia H030 H136 B095
2@2Bless/Create Fire
Say, "He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in fire. And His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." Causes anarchs within range to burst into flame (damaging) and gives +RS/20 SM to alliance checks
Mag+ 9@2Vampire Philadelphia H029 H055 H077 H078 H087 H131 H133 S091 H136
1@5Create Fire
Pray “From the Lord of Hosts you will be punished with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, With whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a consuming fire,” multiple vampires burst into flame, low level damage.
Mag+ 9@2Vampire Wandborough H087
1@5Cause Fear in Enemy
Say “At evening time, behold there is terror! Before morning they are no more. Such will be the portion of those who plunder us.” (Affect not specified.)
Mag+ 10@3Vampire Wandborough H082
2@10Sleep, self
Say, "I will both lie down and sleep" while lying down. Effective in 60-(RS/2) minutes.
Mag+ 10@5Vampire Philadelphia H013 H026
1@1Compel Truthfulness
Say, "But who do you say that I am?"; on failed will power check, target must state accurate belief of identity of skilled user.
Mag+ 10@7Vampire Philadelphia H015
1@7Dispel Undead (Vampire)
Shout, "It is appointed for men to die once, and after this comes judgment." Target must make will power check and take dangerous damage and be stunned to stay.
Target killed H055 H077
Target wounded H128
Mag+ 11@3Vampire Philadelphia H013 H014 H029 H030 H078 H133
1@1Attract Off-world Sentient Informer
Long complex prayer session, brought Derek from another universe
Mag+ 11@8Vampire Future H129 H130
1@10Clear Debris/Obstacles from Path
Includes fallen trees
Mag 12@3Vampire Camelot H055 H077
1@5Sweep away incoming missiles
Make sweeping motion with left hand while saying “Dialtha Thur”.
Mag 12@3Vampire Camelot H136
2@2Gate to/from Hyperspace
Stretch left hand in front, pointing fingers forward, and say, "Knock, and the door shall be opened to you." Opens passage between "between", "twilight" world and solid world.
Disrupted by pain from attack H095 cannot perform magic without walking B064
Mag+ 12@9Vampire Philadelphia H022 H058 H059 H060 H061 H062 H070 H076 B050 H117 H124 H126 H127 H132 H133 S089 B093 H135
1@5Cause Pain
Say “Gird yourselves, yet be shattered; gird yourselves, yet be shattered.  Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted; state a proposal, but it will not stand, for God is with us.”
Mag+ 13@1Vampire Future H136
1@5Cause Weakness in anarchs
Say “Wail, for the day of the Lord is near! It will come as destruction from the Almighty. Therefore all hands will fall limp.”
Mag+ 13@2Vampire Wandborough H078
1@5Cause Weakness in anarchs
Focus on individual target, say “Your covenant with death will be cancelled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand; when the overwhelming scourge passes through, then you become its trampling place.  As often as it passes through, it will seize you; for morning after morning it will pass through, anytime during the day or night, and it will be sheer terror to understand what it means.”
Mag+ 13@2Vampire Future H136
1@2Cause injury to anarchs
Say, “For the ruthless will come to an end and the scorner will be finished, Indeed, all who are intent on doing evil will be cut off.” Damaging level damage
Mag+ 13@3Vampire Wandborough H087
1@5Cause injury
Say “Behold, the day of the Lord is coming, cruel, with fury and burning anger, to make the land a desolation; and He will exterminate its sinners from it.”
Mag+ 13@3Vampire Future H136
1@1Slow AgingMag 13@5Vampire Camelot H050 H075
2@1Create MealMag 14@5Vampire Camelot H071
2@1Create Mattress/BedMag 14@6Vampire Camelot H131
1@5Create Activated/Deactivated LampMag 15@5Vampire Camelot H060
X@X“Learning many magics, many kinds of magic, becoming a powerful sorceress”Mag X@XVampire Camelot H053 H062


X@XHuman Standard Sensory Package
(2@5 Touch and pressure sensitivity B0@0, 1@5 Chemical sensitivity B0@1, 1@7 Gas & particular sensitivity B0@1, 2@2 Pain B0@2, 1@6 Heat sensitivity B0@3, 1@5 Cold sensitivity B0@3, 2@1 Photosensitivity B0@4, 1@8 Auditory perception B0@4, 1@6 Balance B0@4, 2@5 Focus B0@5, 1@2 Tactile imaging B0@5, 1@8 Pitch discrimination B0@6, 1@8 Stereo directional sense B0@7, 2@5 Color perception B0@8, 2@8 Depth perception B0@8)
Bod 0@XHome
X@XHuman Standard Body Package
(2@3 Manipulate Object B0@1; 1@1 Generate Pheromone Signal B0@2; 2@7 Generate Sound Signal B0@2; 2@3 Sitting B1@0; 2@1 Rise to All Limbs B1@1; 1@5 Multi-legged Crawl 2mph B1@3; 2@5 Stand Erect B2@1; 2@1 Walk at Walking Speeds 3mph B2@4: 1@10 Jog 3mph B3@3; 1@5 Dash 300¢ B3@4; 1@5 Sprint 990¢ B3@5; 1@5 Run 71/2 mph (one mile/eight minutes) B3@6; 1@1 Ground-based Rolling B4@1; 1@5 Reaching Jumps 10² B5@1; 1@5 Low Obstacles 12² B5@1; 1@3 Running High Jump 4¢ 6² B5@3; 1@5 Standing Long Jump 6¢ B5@3; 1@2 Running Long Jump 9¢ B5@3)
Bod X@XHome
3@5Trained BalanceBod 0@4Home H011
1@2Spear FishingBod 0@6Parakeet Valley H035
Rope H040
Ladder in zero gravity B050
Bod 1@3Home
1@6Walk up steep inclineBod 2@4Home H041
1@5Travel through wildernessBod @Vampire Camelot H077 H078
1@5Travel through wildernessBod 2@4Vampire Camelot H077 H078
2@2Ride HorseBod 3@0Home H054 H055
1@3Ride flying reptileBod 3@0Parakeet Valley H042
3@5Ground-based RollingBod 4@1Home H002 H039 H067 B024 B025 H110
3@5Ground-based TumblingBod 4@2Home H002 H039 H047 H066 B023 B024 H110
3@10Tumble from Erect PositionBod 4@3Home H002 H030 B024 H110
3@10Tumble to Erect PositionBod 4@4Home H002 H030 B024 H110 H115 H127
3@8HandspringsBod 4@5Home H002 H047 B024
3@8CartwheelsBod 4@5Home H002 H014 B024 H082 H110 H115
2@10Fall Shock-absorptionBod 4@6NagaWorld H002 H042 H055 B024 H110 H133
2@5Blow Shock-absorptionBod 4@7NagaWorld H002 H014 H030 B024 H110 H127
2@5Evasive TumblingBod 4@8Vampire Philadelphia H013 H014 B024 H087 B052 H110
2@5Aggressive TumblingBod 4@9Vampire Philadelphia H002 H030 B024 H077 H082 H110 H113 H115 H124 H127 H133
2@2Standing High Jump 4'
Into psionic levitation/flight H005 B094
Bod 5@3NagaWorld H005 H007 H014 H039 S040 H042 S043 H110 H113 H135
3@5Balance Beam WalkingBod 6@1Home H002 H007 H041 B024 H110
3@1Balance Beam Contact StuntsBod 6@2Home H002 H007 B024 H110
3@1Balance Beam Non-contact Stunts (Flips)Bod 6@4Home H002 H006 H007 H110
3@1Tightrope WalkingBod 6@4NagaWorld H002 H007 H110
2@10Tightrope Contact Stunts (Cartwheels)Bod 6@5NagaWorld H002 H006 H007 H110
7' clearance, 10' distance
Bod 6@7NagaWorld H002 H007 H055 B024 H077 H082 H087 H093 H110 H113 H115 H133
2@5Non-contact Tight-rope StuntsBod 6@7NagaWorld H002 H007 H110
2@5Tightrope SpeedBod 6@8NagaWorld H002 H007 H110
3@5Basic Style
Weapon-utilizing with hand and foot attacks, emphasis on balance
Bod 7@1Vampire Philadelphia H006 H007 H008 H011 H012 H013 H014 H016 H017 H025 H027 H030 H039 H066 B023 B024 B025 B027 H082 H087 H113 H117 H127
3@5Martial Arts Weapon:  Kau Sin KeBod 7@1NagaWorld H002 H007 H012 H013 H014 H016 H017 H030 H039 H055 H057 H066 B024 B025 H068 H127 H131 S090 B094
3@3Fast Draw Kau Sin KeBod 7@1NagaWorld H002 H057 B024 H131
2@8Fight with two weaponsBod 7@1NagaWorld H005 H055 B024 H127 H131 B094
1@8Focused Reaction
Spot and react to opponent movements
Bod 7@2Vampire Philadelphia
1@5Kau Sin Ke Choke Attack
Wraps chain around neck
Bod @Vampire Camelot H057 H127
1@5Leg Sweep Neck Breaker
+3DC move toward target, spin left, adjust height of both kau sin kes, wrap one around neck the other around leg, pull the legs and snap the neck, only attack in the minute.
Bod 7@3Vampire Camelot H055
1@3Improved Defenses--Pain AvoidanceBod 7@4Vampire Philadelphia H016
3@5Stable Stance
Resist throws and knock-downs RS=SM
Bod 7@4Vampire Philadelphia H006 H007 B024
3@5Figure Eight Kau Sin Ke DefenseBod 7@4Vampire Camelot H055 H057 B024


Plastic Steel WagonPulledNagaWorld H001 H032 H045 H047 H059 H063 H064 H070 H077 K089 H096 H100 H115 H116 H118 H119 H120 B093 H135
Plastic Steel/Grass String Recurve BowWagonNagaWorld H001 H028 H110
Plastic Steel hand-made arrowsWagonNagaWorld H001 H028
Steel Kau Sin Ke
Dangerous RF1 martial arts weapon
WaistHome H001 H002 H007 H012 H013 H014 H016 H017 H029 H030 H039 H057 H062 H066 H115 H127 H131 S090
Psionic Blaster
Lethal RF1 psionic force generative device 10':30':60':120':+5/6'
Limits other psionic abilities H092
WagonNagaWorld H001 H003 H004 H005 H029 H040 H042 H055 H062 H063H077 H078 H082 H087 H092 H093 B052 H095 H098 H110 H111 H115 H129 H135
Psionic Drill
Dangerous RF1 psionic force generative device 3':10':20':30':+10/3'
Limits other psionic abilities H092
NagaWorld H001 H014 H029 H040 H042 H062 H092 H093 B052 H098 H100 H110 H111 H115 H129 H135
Clothes, unspecified
Includes one simple outfit she wore to church, more conservative than anything she would buy now H089
Old T-shirt H090
WagonHome H001 H038 H088 H097 H100 H101
Experiment Kit
Includes plastic steel ingredients, exotic chemicals
WagonNagaWorld H001 H029
Light JacketWagonHome H002
Plastic Steel armor--plate & chain, several pieces, with coif
Long sleeved chain shirt, pair pants, chain hood drapes over shoulders, chest, and back, chain and sheets.
Impedes running H005
NagaWorld H002 H007 H014 H040 H062 B021 K067 B027 H071 H082 H087 H091 B052 H096 H097 H098 H101 H115 H120 H139 H130 H133
Bible, New American StandardWagonHome H002 H029 H073 H086 H090 H100 H101 H112
Telekinetic Lifter
RF1/2 psionic telekinetic device 10':30':60':90':+10/9'
WagonNagaWorld H003 H004 H005 H029 H062 B021 H111
Telekinetic Forcefield Trapper
RF1/2 psionic telekinetic/force generative device 10':30':60':90':+10/9'
Used to crush captured creature, fatal damage RF 1/3 B050
Dropped in spaceship H093 H095
WagonNagaWorld H003 H004 H024 H029 H045 H062 H063 H071 H082 B047 B050 H092 H096 H098 H099 H100 H111 H130
Psionic VacationWagonNagaWorld H003 H111
Psionic ComputerWagonNagaWorld H003 H111
Psionic Disintegrator
Annihilating RF1/2 psionic telekinetic device 10':30':60':90':+10/9'
Broken H043 H046 H111
Repaired H112 H113
WagonNagaWorld H003 H004 H013 H014 H029 H040 S040 H042 H049 H062 K089 H127 H132 S089 H135
Unspecified quantity Vampire Philadelphia moneyPocket
Vampire Philadelphia H004 H008
Scarlet Hooded Robe, with Gold Braid trim
Completely tattered H014
TrashedVampire Philadelphia H004
Scarlet Hooded Robe, with Gold Braid trim
Impedes running H005
Like a fancy bathrobe with a hood B021 B048
Torn by flying lizard B052 Cowl does not fit properly thereafter H094
Vampire Philadelphia H016 H040 H053 H071 B047 H091
Scarlet Hooded Robe, with Gold Braid trim
Impedes running, Like a fancy bathrobe with a hood
Bullets tore through it H133
WornVampire Philadelphia B088 H130
2 Scarlet Hooded Robes, with Gold Braid trimWagonVampire Philadelphia H016 H026 B048
Loose long-sleeved shirt fits over armorWagonHome H005
Loose-fitting pants fit over armorWagonHome H005
Plastic Steel Kau Sin Ke
Dangerous RF1 martial arts weapon
ShouldersNagaWorld H005 H039 H042 H055 H062 H066 H115 H127 H131 S090
Inert Psiglass Kau Sin Ke
Dangerous RF1 martial arts weapon
ShouldersNagaWorld H005 H039 H042 H055 H062 H066 H115 H127 H131 S090
Plain white gi with beltWagonVampire Philadelphia H005
Winter Parka, hooded
Conceals most of the armor
Bullet holes stitched H007
Nylon shell H049
WagonVampire Philadelphia H007 H044
Traveler's Sewing KitWagonHome H007
Anti-magic Pouch:  Blocks magical emanations to prevent detectionPocketVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H026 H031 H049 H072 H077 H086 H117 H133 H134
Die:  Illusion of Death (Minute, hour, day, week, month, year)PouchVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H026 H049 H072 H117 H134
Acorn:  unknown magic devicePouchVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H026 H049 H072 H117 H134
Paper Clip:  Holds anything to anything until touched by userPouchVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H049 H072 H117
Cat's Eye Marble:  Enables vision in extremely low lightPouchVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H031 H49 H056 H062 H072 H086 H100 H117
Tezcatta Attractor Medal, gold coin:  attracts insane vampires
Glued to bottom of balcony inside The Pit
PouchVampire Philadelphia H015 H016 H025 H072
Pair 50 Caliber 5-shot revolvers, long barrel
Empties 10 bullets S040
Reloaded H095 H135 H136
HolstersVampire Philadelphia H024 H025 H026 H039 H040 H044 H049 H062 H063 H082 H087 B048 H092 B053 K095 H098 H115 H117 H129 H131 H133 B092 B094 S091
2 boxes 50 caliber bullets, 30 each, from Arnie
-10 H063 -6 H082 -2 B053 –8 more emptied, reload one, fire additional shots K095
Pocket?Vampire Philadelphia H024
Pair low-slung revolver holstersWagonVampire Philadelphia H025 H026 H082 H098 H115
6 boxes 50 Caliber bullets, 30 each, from JakeWagonVampire Philadelphia H025 H026 H044 H062 H092 H117
Tube instant bonding glue, used onceWagonVampire Philadelphia H025
Jeans, 3 pairs
One cut-off for shorts in Parakeet Valley H036 K035 H097
Vampire Philadelphia H027 H046 H98
T-Shirts, 6WagonVampire Philadelphia H027 H046 H097 H098
Long-sleeved blouse, 3WagonVampire Philadelphia H027
Undergarments, 6 sets, cottonWagonVampire Philadelphia H027 K035
Packaged Camp Foods (e.g., mealpacks)
Some consumed H032 H098 H099
WagonVampire Philadelphia H027 H028 H033
BackpackBackVampire Philadelphia H027 H096
Sleeping Bag
Nylon shell H049
“Blankets” H080
BackpackVampire Philadelphia H027 H031 H032 H045
Rope, 30'BackpackVampire Philadelphia H027
Bungie CordsBackpackVampire Philadelphia H027
Compound Bow
customized for maximum power at her draw, stabilizers, sites, heavy, awkward to carry, accurate and powerful
WagonVampire Philadelphia H028 H039 H044 H049 H062 H063 H092 H110 H114 B074 H115 H131
48 Target Arrows
-10 shafted practicing H110
WagonVampire Philadelphia H028 H044 H049
96 Drillhead hunting arrowsWagonVampire Philadelphia H028 H035 H044 H049 H062 H063 H092 H101 H131
Camp Foods (e.g., mealpacks)WagonVampire Philadelphia H028 H033 H097 H098
2 Water Jugs, 2.5 gallons each, fullWagonVampire Philadelphia H028 H033 H045 H098 H099
Chlorine Tablets, 50, in watertight caseWagonVampire Philadelphia H028
Iodine tablets, 50, in watertight caseWagonVampire Philadelphia H028
M-16-A1 Rifle, full 50-bullet clip
Damaged by Horta
Given to Joseph Wade Kondor
Parakeet Valley H040
WagonVampire Philadelphia H030
Sweatsuit (for sleeping)WagonHome H031 H043 H045 H111
Non-descript cooking gear
Includes light fry pan, utensils
WagonHome H036 H043
Four quart pot with lidWagonHome H036
SoapWagonHome H036
Shampoo, running lowWagonHome H036
Undefined make-upWagonHome H037 H090
Grass-plastic sheetWagonNagaWorld H039 H045 H119
12" Fry PanWagonHome H045 H047
Packaged drinksWagonVampire Philadelphia
SneakersFeetHome H045 H089 H100 H106 H115
Coins, Camelot eraPocketVampire Camelot H059
Oil-free lamps, activated/deactivated magic device, severalBase campVampire Camelot H060
Laser Blaster
electronic, highly sophisticated, few visible metal parts, lightweight
RS6 0:12 reload B023
Lethal (does a lot of damage quickly)
Power pack removed H094
Can be aimed and fired with one hand
R ShoulderMutant Earth B022 H066 B048 H092 H096 H115 H118 H127 H128 H131
Power packs, for laser blaster, several
look like unlabeled video game cartridges
5 shots each B023
Thinks she has 3 H092
Swapped with Derek H094
Collected spent ones H095
All spent H097
PocketsMutant Earth B022 H066 H067 B048 H127 H130 H131 B093
Mutant World Identity card
Opens doors to the school compound
PocketMutant Earth B023
Portable charger for Laser Blaster Power Packs
Recharging takes an hour H067
Designed to identify electrical characteristics of power supply to recharge the power packs, one battery at a time B024 H097
WagonMutant Earth B023 H129 H130
Paper, padsWagonMutant Earth H065 B025 H068 H073
BootsWagonHome H089 H101 H115
Gold Card
Gold rectangle size and shape of credit card inscribed with Greek words ho de theos mou pleyrosei pasan chreian humon kata to ploutos autou en doxei en Christou Ieysou.
Positive magic H117
Pays for expenses H118
Put card where it needs to be to make payment, recite “And my God will provide all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” H119 Instant use activation device M+1@8 M+14@6 Create Wealth.
PouchBorder Heaven H114 H122 S089 B093 S090
Small silver on thin silver chain.
Negative magic like the bag, probably shielding H117
Active when worn/held device M+1@3 Affect (Block) Detects M+4@8
NeckBorder Heaven H114 H122
Something like a pot or spoon with deep bowl, with a handle that appeared to screw into it farther as it was turned, inscribed Hey aleytheia eleutherosei humas.
Instant use activation device M+1@8 opens existing portal from border supernatural M+12@10 place gate object in bowl, turn crank, say “The truth will make you free.”
PocketBorder Heaven H114 H122
QuiverShoulderVampire Philadelphia H115

Known Exclusions

Patience was never her strongest virtue, according to her mother H005 H100.
Not familiar with Oriental religions H011
Misses her family H038
Parakeet language has no word for “war” S038
Does not have waders H046
Cannot create the path Merlin created, but partly because she needs to know the location of the destination. H055
Has never become invisible or thrown lightning from her fingers H059
Was never at the Dryad grove where Merlin was held until she arrived with Bethany H087
Does not have matches or lighter H097
Does not have a book on Greek H117
Does not walk as fast as long-legged Slade H132 S089

World List
Stage 1

  1. >NagaWorld killed by exploding experiment H001 H005
  2. Vampire Philadelphia killed in her own magic fire spell H030
  3. Parakeet Valley killed by psionic shock wave from attempt to repair psionic disintegrator H046
  4. Vampire Camelot beaten to death by vampire Horta H062
  5. Mutant Earth killed by mutant lion H069 B027
  6. Vampire Wandborough H070
  7. Tropical Island H096
  8. Vampire Future (via border heaven H114)

Identified Characteristics

Always teaching
Works with others
Feels that using magic to do what she could do another way is cheating H060
Regards a mission a success if the objectives were not achieved but the participants learned something valuable H060
Uses path of least resistance for guidance H066
Quotes “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it” H069
Prefers the “inner powers” of psionics as the first choice over the “outer powers” of magic H076
Patience and willingness to work with students B043
Gives people the benefit of the doubt B043
When a man found her attractive, she gave attention to her appearance H089
Considers danger part of the job B052
Wants to continue fighting, finishing the battles she started B064
Wants to make worlds better B064 but recognizes advantages of cleaner, more comfortable worlds in which to do it.
Recognizes her identity as an avenging angel, a messenger of God sent to put things right, a destroyer of spiritual wickedness in high places H120. Self-identifies as “one of the saints of light, an avenging angel, a messenger sent from God to deliver this message” H128
To wish for someone else’s gift is to wish for their trouble B080.
Everything she does is practical and efficient, not interesting H122.
Knows what role playing games are H130.

Personal History

Born Lauren Elizabeth Meyers at Kennedy Stratford, lived in Somerdale, New Jersey, in 1965 H018.  Attended Sterling High School in Stratford, and a year at Phila. College of the Bible.  Married HS sweetheart Phil Hastings H002 in June 1984, had three children, son Trevor 1986, daughter Tiffany 1987, son Tyler 1989.  Moved to Franklin Township, , always wanted a horse but never had one.  Husband taught HS, she did some tutoring for extra money. H018 Middle child Tiffany was about 12, Derek’s age, when Lauren last saw her.  She thinks of home and family quite a bit.  Died in 2000 by an exploding microwave oven H011.  (She later thinks of that as "slightly less than a decade" before 2005.)  She mentions a nephew approaching 20 years old, probably about 17.

In NagaWorld, there's a suggestion that she stayed long and did much. She was trying to build a psionically-boosted kau sin ke when it exploded, versing her out H001; she has one of plastic steel (called plastic) and one of inert psi glass (just called glass).  In the text those materials are generally referred to as plastic and glass.  She built a wagon from the plastic steel, in which she keeps her gear H001.  She has some experiments in it, as yet undescribed H001.  She learned a number of psi tricks some from other versers, and information about the verse.  She also practiced acrobatic and tightrope skills.  She adapted to the forty hour days, sleeping twelve and staying up for twenty-eight.

She believes God is sending her into these worlds for a purpose.

She arrived in Philadelphia in the vampire scenario on September 4, 2005, and identified herself as a “psionicist” H001.  She shifted her schedule to sleep thirteen hours and stay awake thirty-five.  She took to drinking a sweet sparkling white wine such as a Spumanti, one glass, to be cordial H004.  She began learning martial arts from someone using the name Raiden.  She killed three vampires, Jackson, from old England, Gavin, fairly young, and Horta, ancient beyond knowledge.  She also met a young sorceress named Bethany, who claims to have been her student in England in 1461, from a place called Wandborough.  The quote from Bethany is "Just like the old days."  She must have told Bethany not to mention to anyone that she would be in Philadelphia, because she doesn't want anyone to know who she is before she does.  She also met her divergent self, a successful radio talk show personality.  She enjoys eggs for breakfast, a corn muffin with her coffee H018.  She died fighting Horta.

In the parakeet world, she is concerned about having enough soap and shampoo.

Was present when Bethany was forced to kill her own mother, who had become a vampire. Also lets her know that she should travel by night and sleep by day in the future H085

Remembers that her marriage vow was “as long as we both shall live”, which appears still to be true K090

Met St. Peter H114.

Tells Dimitri Padowski she is not an angel, but she is a warrior who was just sent from heaven H116. Also said “The unbounded God is unbounded in His creativity.  His servants are more varied than you can imagine, for His imagination is so much greater than yours, and whatever good He imagines He can bring to pass.”

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