Dimensionfold Publishing is excited to present

Faith in Play Volume I

A Christian look at leisure

At the beginning of the century, Christian Gamers Guild Chaplain Mark Joseph "M.J." Young wrote a four-year series of articles under the title Faith and Gaming.  It was then published in book form twice, and re-released on the guild web site in the mid teens.  It was popular enough that webmaster Bryan Ray persuaded the author to do a new series, continuing and expanding the ideas from the old.  Chaplain Young agreed, with the new title Faith in Play and the expanded vision to cover leisure activities generally.

Now, as the series has reached five years and sixty articles, Dimensionfold Publishing has released a compilation supplemented with a few related articles, by Mark Joseph Young.

Young's previous books include the comprehensive guide to apologetics for intelligent readers Why I Believe, the simple explanation of what faith is and why it has always been the only way of salvation Do You Trust Me?, the popular book on Christianity and leisure activities Faith and Gaming, the recently re-published explanation of how to live the Christian life without rules What Does God Expect?  A Gospel-based Approach to Christian Conduct, and the simple look at walking in the Spirit as presented in Galatians About the Fruit, is excited by the hope that many will benefit from having, reading, and re-reading these pages.

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