Dimensionfold Publishing is excited to present

What Does God Expect?

A Gospel-based Approach to Christian Conduct

Second Edition

In 2006 author M. Joseph Young released his first Christian book, a compact explanation of how grace and not law guides Christian conduct.

Now Dimensionfold Publishing has released a new edition by Mark Joseph Young.  Young, Chaplain of the international and interdenominational Christian Gamers Guild whose previous books include the comprehensive guide to apologetics for intelligent readers Why I Believe, the simple explanation of what faith is and why it has always been the only way of salvation Do You Trust Me?, and the popular book on Christianity and leisure activities Faith and Gaming, is pleased to see this important guide to how we as Christians can know what to do when we are told there are no rules, no law, no legalism.

Chor Kun Xin of the Christian Gamers Guild wrote:

For those who are interested in why faith demands action, what actually is the "Weaker Brother" talking about, why a Christian fellowship could be ineffective, why to be humble first you believe yourself to be filled with good thing and many more, I highly recommend MJ's book.

Reverend Frank Emmanuel in his Freedom Blog similarly praised the book:

If you are looking for a great book on Christian Living, and especially if you are sick and tired of all the rehashed legalism out there, then look no further.

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The guidance given to most Christians concerning how we are to live, when any is given at all, is usually expressed in a new legalism, a new set of rules to follow.  Yet the New Testament teaches that God does not expect us to follow rules, but to live a righteous life without rules.  In this book, Young explains how to do that.

It is available from Amazon and other book publishers; more information can be found here and on the Amazon website.

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