Dimensionfold Publishing is excited to present

The Essential Guide to Time Travel

Temporal Anomalies & Replacement Theory

Dimensionfold Publishing has released printed and electronic editions of the new book The Essential Guide to Time Travel:  Temporal Anomalies & Replacement Theory by Mark Joseph Young, in paperback and an assortment of e-book formats.  Young, author and webmaster of the vast and burgeoning Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies web site, describes it as concise but comprehensive, covering everything a time traveler--or a time travel enthusiast--needs to know.

Eugene Whong, producer and co-host of The Time Travel Forensics Podcast, says:

Mark Joseph Young explains the leading time travel theories in a logical concise way, then picks apart some of our most loved and cherished time travel films to show how they either make sense or don�t....His analyses also plausibly solve paradoxes that the stories themselves create, thereby saving the universe!

The knowledge contained in this book will make you enjoy the time travel genre in new, mind-blowing ways.  You�ll never just �watch� another time travel movie ever again.

Readers of the web site hearing of its imminent appearance posted to social media with such reactions as "Awesome!!!" (Micheal Roop), "Looking forward to it!" (Jerod Bat), and "Please post the links when it becomes available...." (Dimitrios Denaxas).

More information is available here, and the book is available from major booksellers.

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