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Lady Shella Character Sheet
Leaving For Better or Verse

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This is an attempt to capture for reference a character paper snapshot of the character Shella, a supporting character in the Multiverser novels who debuts in Verse Three, Chapter One and returns in For Better or Verse, and again...later.  This character sheet includes everything that is confirmed about her, plus a few extrapolations, in those books, and thus represents her as she is in the final chapter of that third novel.

The picture was dug up on the Internet as an approximate image of her; it's not accurate but suffices.

It is a bit surprising how little information actually exists about her, and most of it is personal.  The attributes here are from the author's view of her.  Although the author has a clear picture in his own mind concerning her appearance, she is not described in the book beyond being a heartbreaker, and it is likely that the reader has formed his or her own image of the character.  Bias levels similarly have been estimated based on the writer's suppositions about the world and her knowledge of it.

To assist the referee, some entries include at least one coded reference to a chapter or chapters in which the item is mentioned; thus by cross-referencing with the story you can determine the details.  The chapters are identified by which character's story is being told, and thus most of those here begin with "S" for Slade; this is followed by a three-digit number indicating the chapter number for that character, not the chapter number for the book.  Thus if you want to find the first reference to her name, you read here that it appears in S009, and on the index page for the novel you search for the text "Slade 9" and that will take you to the link for that chapter.  Obviously the chapters beginning "K" are Joe's story, and thus "Kondor", and those beginning "H" are Lauren's story, "Hastings".  The first novel ends with Kondor 41, Slade 42, and Hastings 43.  She is not mentioned at all in the second novel, and the third novel consists of Hastings 96 through 136, Slade 43 through 92, and Brown 56 through 96.

Lady Shella

A.K.A.:  Shella S009

A.K.A.: Lady Shella, daughter of Baron Torelle of Corlander, and sister to Slade’s designated heir. S052 Self-identifies as Slade’s ward. B091

A.K.A.: My wife, by Slade S074 B091

1@10Persuasion1@9Ranged Strike Value (RSV)
2@1Charisma1@7Martial Strike Value (MSV)
2@2Animal Magnetism1@7Target Value (TV)
1@6Damage Value
7@7Mag S020
2@1Intellect S049 S0822@2Tech (Intellect/Intuition/Ed Level)
2@2Intuition2@2Psi (Persuasion/Intuition/Will Power)
1@8Education Level2@2Mag (An-mag/Intellect/Intuition)
2@1Will Power2@1Bod (Strength/Agility/Will Power)

Born in a low-tech high-mag fantasy world S009.

Current Hair Style: 
Hair Color: 
Age:  23 (born S009, 20 at Mica’s vesting S2015, 21 at Omigger’s funeral S017, 22 at Torrence’ vesting S018, 23 the following year S020), described as a few years older than that but not yet as old as Slade’s 22 S045
Eye Color: 
Facial Hair:  None
Birthmarks, Tatoos, or other unusual markings:  None
Other Description:  Very pretty S016 an incredible smile of innocence and understanding, kindness and shrewdness, strength and vulnerability, in one expression S045 Gorgeous S087



?@???Tech X@XDjinni Quest
1@1Operate miscellaneous devices such as light switchesTech X@XVampire Future S088
2@1Drive WagonTech 2@1Djinni Quest S055 S056
2@1Use DaggerTech 3@3Djinni Quest S073
1@4General Science
LevelSkill Areas
1Control of Fire, Leather work, Pottery
2The Wheel, Woodwork, Cloth and Rope
3Inclines, Levers, Stonework
4Pulleys, Gears, Soft Metals
5Water Power, Hard Metals
Tech 5@0Home
1@2Math Theory
LevelSkill Areas
1 to 2Counting & Shape Identification
3 to 6Arithmetic and Euclidean Geometry
Tech 6@0Home
1@5Math ApplicationsTech 6@0Home


2@5Language (English)Psi 0@0Djinni Quest
1@1TeachPsi 0@1Djinni Quest S055 S056


1@5Basics of Magic
Understands the existence and presence of elemental spirits S049
Mag 1@0Djinni Quest S017 S019 S020 S056
1@5Clarify glassMag 3@1Djinni Quest B095
1@5Reshape ground surface
Uses hand movements
Works on floors H133
Mag 3@3Djinni Quest S070
2@2Pack Belongings
Words-only spell causes belongings to rush into carry bag and the bag to seal
Mag 3@6Djinni Quest S070
1@5Transmute temporarily earth to quicksand
Shout charms of earth and stone
Works on floors B092
Swallows object (smokepot) B094
Mag 3@10Djinni Quest S070
2@1Create wind
Used to drive back crossbow bolts
Mag 4@4Djinni Quest S077
2@1Striking forceMag 6@5Djinni Quest S091
1@10Time Sense
Knows how much time has elapsed if attempting to do so
Mag 7@0Djinni Quest S072
1@5Temporary Scrying Aid (mirror)Mag 7@2Djinni Quest S057 S062 S067 S082 S085 H133 B094
2@5Create Illusory Scene
Cast on a window, causes the image seen through the window to remain static even if the actual scene is altered. Uses a glass bead, which remains in place to maintain the illusion, the pronunciation of a string of magic-sounding words, moving a hand across the window and tapping the bead with one finger. Not impacted by gluing the bead in place before working the spell.
Mag 8@4Djinni Quest S056
1@5Create Illusory Target Object
Can be seen magically, as from teleport or scrying, but not visible in the location itself
Mag 8@4Djinni Quest H133 H135
1@1Gate to/from Hyperspace
(Learned from Bethany) Calls out a few words in a magical language (unknown to Lauren), walks into the mist that appears, image appears around them which hardens into reality.
Mag 12@9Vampire Future H132
X@XSeveral Unspecified Spells
Surpasses Slade before his departure S020
Learns quite a bit after his departure S047
Includes illusions S051 S055
Used as attacks H133
Studied with Omigger/Merlin and Bethany S090 and others B096
Mag X@XDjinni Quest S017 S019


X@XHuman Standard Sensory Package
(2@5 Touch and pressure sensitivity B0@0, 1@5 Chemical sensitivity B0@1, 1@7 Gas & particular sensitivity B0@1, 2@2 Pain B0@2, 1@6 Heat sensitivity B0@3, 1@5 Cold sensitivity B0@3, 2@1 Photosensitivity B0@4, 1@8 Auditory perception B0@4, 1@6 Balance B0@4, 2@5 Focus B0@5, 1@2 Tactile imaging B0@5, 1@8 Pitch discrimination B0@6, 1@8 Stereo directional sense B0@7, 2@5 Color perception B0@8, 2@8 Depth perception B0@8)
Bod 0@XHome
X@XHuman Standard Body Package
(2@3 Manipulate Object B0@1; 1@1 Generate Pheromone Signal B0@2; 2@7 Generate Sound Signal B0@2; 2@3 Sitting B1@0; 2@1 Rise to All Limbs B1@1; 1@5 Multi-legged Crawl 2mph B1@3; 2@5 Stand Erect B2@1; 2@1 Walk at Walking Speeds 3mph B2@4: 1@10 Jog 3mph B3@3; 1@5 Dash 300¢ B3@4; 1@5 Sprint 990¢ B3@5; 1@5 Run 71/2 mph (one mile/eight minutes) B3@6; 1@1 Ground-based Rolling B4@1; 1@5 Reaching Jumps 10² B5@1; 1@5 Low Obstacles 12² B5@1; 1@3 Running High Jump 4¢ 6² B5@3; 1@5 Standing Long Jump 6¢ B5@3; 1@2 Running Long Jump 9¢ B5@3)
Jump B094 S091
Bod X@XHome
1@10Climb (ladders)
Holds rope while being hoisted up and down wall S082
Bod 1@3Djinni Quest S070
2@1Ride HorseBod 3@0Djinni Quest S053 S054 S067 S069


Primer on the Magic ArtsCarry BagDjinni Quest S017
RobeWornDjinni Quest S056 S070
Riding outfit, expensive and attractiveCarry bagDjinni Quest S056
CloakCarry bagDjinni Quest S067
Boots, lacedFeetDjinni Quest S070
Carry bag, sealableShoulderDjinni Quest S070
DaggerInside robeDjinni Quest S073
Night clothes, a fancy robeCarry BagDjinni Quest S087 S091 H132
SlippersCarry BagDjinni Quest H132

Known Exclusions

No way to get over a city or castle wall. S051

World List
Stage 1

  1. Djinni Quest, her home world.
  2. Rescue of Phasius (by way of border supernatural S043) S047
  3. Vampire Future B091

Identified Characteristics

Reportedly sweet, but a bit conniving.
First choice for breakfast: strawberries, peaches, and bananas ladled with cream and sugar.
Efficient S067
Prefers to sleep in the common room with Slade rather than alone without him S075
Believes it is courteous to lose a duel to a nobleman S075

Personal History

Born the fourth year of Slade’s time in the Djinni Quest world S009 and was always a beautiful girl from the day of her birth.  Stayed at Slade’s castle the year after Mica’s vesting, at twenty years old S015 S016.  She attended Omigger’s funeral the year she turned twenty-one and stayed at Slade’s castle again that summer.  She then took an interest in Omigger’s magic books, and started reading the primer S017.  At twenty-two she is settled at Slade Manor and busily studying magic S019, and she surpassed him by the time she was twenty-three S020.  His verser existence was explained to her, and she threw him a kiss as he versed out.

She is cousin to Filp, not niece S070. Told her father Torelle before she left that she would be marrying Slade S070. Merlin is her “Uncle” Omigger B092, technically a cousin S089.

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