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Newark Political Buzz Examiner

The title probably owes something to my son Evan, who immediately upon the announcement of the results of the 2008 election announced that we were now officially an Obamanation; but the material is serious.


I am not an exception to the rule that most of us perceive ourselves to be moderate.  I tend toward the conservative side of the aisle but cross it on a number of issues.  For various reasons, though, I receive a lot of mail from conservatives (some of which were not this conservative before President Obama took office).  They tell me that the President is not a natural born citizen, that in publishing a false birth certificate he committed perjury; that he is attacking religion directly, and indirectly by attacking marriage; that he is attempting unilaterally to rob us of our second amendment right to own guns.  Now with the latest scandals (the IRS pressuring conservative writers and organizations, the Benghazi attack details scrubbed) the conservative groundswell for a Presidential impeachment is growing.

It may be that the wolf has genuinely arrived this time.  To many of us, though, the conservative cause has been hurt, and continues to be hurt, by claims previously made and and rejected and the fact that many of these claims are being repeated.  Some of the charges against the President have been over misunderstandings in which what was said was not what happened, and some involved decisions that had nothing to do with him, and some were misreadings that attempted to make something wrong that was not wrong.  Despite the fact that United States v. Wong Kim Ark rather clearly says that one is a natural born citizen of the United States if one was a citizen at the moment of birth (without reference to where you were born) the claim keeps arising that Obama was not born here and so cannot be President.  The claims that lawyers for the President in New Jersey and Tennessee "admitted" these claims against him completely misunderstand the statements made in courts.  Perhaps the most annoying concerns a decision made by the Veterans Administration concerning visitors to patients in its hospitals, admittedly poorly worded and subject to misunderstanding but never intended to mean what was understood, created by the Veterans Administration without any pressure from above, and withdrawn and reworded as soon as the confusion was recognized.  Yet it still gets cited as one of the horrors imposed by the evil Obama administration.  What situation was that?

We are all familiar with the door-to-door evangelism conducted by many groups, for which Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are perhaps most famous but not alone in their efforts.  They distribute literature which might as easily be termed propaganda, and attempt to convert residents to their beliefs.  Our concepts of freedom of speech and the implied consent granted to everyone to approach the door of a private home for various purposes (reaffirmed recently in search and seizure cases) makes this legal.  The same thing sometimes happens in hospitals, which is a problem because patients are frequently weak, often drugged, in no condition to hold debates, but do not wish to be rude to visitors.  (Nurses often have to chase family away from bedsides because the patients do not rest adequately when they feel a necessity to entertain visitors.  All visitors will object that the patient wants to see them, but in many cases it is too much strain on the patient.)  The Veterans Administration policy was targeted at such proselytizing, not at pastors visiting members of their own congregations, and it was originated entirely from within the department, not from some White House conspiracy against Christians.

It may well be that the President has crossed the lines of constitutionally-protected rights; it may be that he has his own Teapot Dome, Watergate, Iran Contra, Monica Lewinski.  When a Bill of Impeachment was being prepared against Richard Nixon, some legislators wanted to include that he failed to withdraw from Viet Nam, and they were rebuffed, because some things we do not like are not crimes.  If there is a legitimate reason to impeach Obama, conservatives need to identify what it is and stop including all the irrelevant nonsense in their arguments.  It only obscures the problems, since we who are in the middle hear you repeat the nonsense and stop listening for whether you have anything that makes sense.

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