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Newark Political Buzz Examiner
New Jersey Political Buzz Index Early 2013

This is a continuation of the index begun as New Jersey Political Buzz Index 2012, continuing to cover those articles or sections of articles originally published at The Examiner in the first half of 2013, now relocated here.

Mr. Young has a Juris Doctore from Widener University School of Law, and as a voter is an independent from a family of independents, tending moderately conservative but with some stronger sympathies in both directions on particular issues.

Earlier articles on legal topics from are indexed here, including analysis of the ten Internet regulations proposed by C-Net some years back.

Future articles will cover half a year at a time; articles will be placed in categories rather than listed chronologically, but since some subjects were covered over several years the reader will want to locate the other index pages.

Subjects addressed in the first half of 2013 included:

Gun Control Articles

The suggestion was made that we ought to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of those who are possibly unstable, and so reduce the chance of someone going on a shooting spree.  The series explores the ramifications and possibilities involved.  This series began in 2012, and so earlier articles are indexed there; there are additional articles on the subject in 2014.

  1. Gun control:  Screening, appeared 1/1/13:  returns to the issue of attempting to identify everyone who might be marginally unstable, and finds difficulties.
  2. Gun control:  Assault, appeared 1/8/13:  examines the incongruity and inadequacy of banning "assault" weapons in preventing these types of massacres.
  3. Gun control:  Automatic, appeared 2/19/13:  provides definitions of several of the terms being bandied about in the present discussion.
  4. Gun control:  Schools, appeared 3/12/13:  replies to the suggestion that schools should have armed police officers but not armed guards who are not police officers.
  5. Gun control:  Mental health, appeared 5/14/13:  considers the impact on the mental health care of the nation when it becomes commonly believed that seeking psychiatric care will get you stripped of your constitutional rights.

Gun control has been a hot topic as long as I have been aware of the political process, and is not likely to go away, so there will surely be more of these to come.

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Marriage Law Articles

See also Church and State, Freedom of Expression, Discrimination.

This series began in 2012, and has continued at intervals since.

  1. Homosexual marriage:  NAMBLA, appeared 1/15/13:  considers afresh the link between the homosexual community and pedophilia, and finds there is not so sharp a line as defenders of homosexuality claim.
  2. Homosexual marriage:  Births, appeared 1/22/13:  discovers that there is a strong economic reason for government to subsidize heterosexual unions which does not apply to homosexual ones.
  3. Homosexual marriage:  Rights, appeared 1/29/13:  using gun rights as an example, we address the accusation that those who are opposed to homosexual marriage are opposed to civil rights of homosexuals.
  4. Homosexual marriage:  Disability, appeared 2/5/13:  explains the argument that non-religious evolutionary theory would claim homosexuals dysfunctional members of the species.
  5. Homosexual marriage:  Marriage, appeared 2/12/13:  approaches the semantic problem of exactly what is being sought in the phrase "homosexual marriage", and warns that it might be no more than turning traditional morality into hate speech.

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Search and Seizure Issues

See also Homeland Security Articles, Gun Control Articles.

Receipt of information about a Supreme Court decision in this field has prompted the introduction of a new subject category, on issues related to Fourth Amendment protections.

As of the end of 2014 there have been no additional articles on this subject.

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Church and State

See also Marriage Law Articles, Freedom of Expression, Health Care, Discrimination.

Although my biases in this area might be impugned, it is sometimes necessary to address the arguments advanced by some in the name of freedom from religion.  Some are no doubt well-meaning, but still misunderstand the sense of the First Amendment.

It is a topic that arises occasionally, and has been revisited repeatedly to be indexed in future indices.

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New Jersey Issue Articles

See also Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Presidential, Miscellany.

We began this category in 2012 with a look at bond issues on the ballot; a couple more articles appeared this year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

As mentioned, this category continues in the next index.

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From time to time something will be written which does not fit conveniently into a category.  Some of those articles landed here.

Additional miscellaneous articles appeared in the latter half of the year as well.

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Gubernatorial 2013

There was a gubernatorial election in 2013, and our coverage began early in the process.

Only part way to the election, there were additional articles in the second half of the year.

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Senatorial 2013

With the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg (mentioned in The 2013 New Jersey Gubernatorial primary results), a special election was held to fill the seat.  Our coverage began before the primary, mid-year, and continued into the early fall.

Coverage continued up to the election.

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