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Welcome to M. J. Young Net
The Home of Mark Joseph Young's Internet Pages

  It is something of an oxymoron to say that an Internet web site is Under Construction; it is the medium of change, more mutable than any other form of publication, as it can be and often is constantly updated.

  However, at the risk of sounding foolish in this regard, this web site is certainly under construction.  It is the new site for materials previously scattered around the Internet, all of which must be brought here, revamped to fit here, with pages placed in all the old places to send people here.  Given the sheer numbers of pages involved, this is going to take some time; but I have made a beginning, so hopefully eventually all of these sites will come here.  It won't be easy, and there will be a lot of changes along the way; but here's a general status sheet to help you find things.

Once upon a time there were sites at TheGlobe, Xoom, Fortune City, and Lycos, at least, and others at AOL.  These have already been consolidated or removed.  There are also articles on many other web sites.  I have in the past brought some of those home for fear they would be lost, but most will stay where they are for the foreseeable futures.

Thank you for your patience during this reconstruction.