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Although many of my Bible Study materials have been lost or destroyed over the years, I do have some useful material I'd like to share.  It seems worthwhile to put some of this material here on the web, where you can find it.  This is what I've managed to include so far:

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Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict is my contribution (written in the early 90's) to the controversy which surrounded this game at its beginning, and is still present in the minds of many.  If you've wondered about these games, or if you have decided what God thinks on the subject, have a look at this article, in which I examine carefully exactly what is--and is not--wrong with them.  In a similar vein, The Problem with Pokemon addresses objections levied at the children's collectible card game, written in collaboration with members of the Christian Gamers Guild.

Is it all just a waste of web space?

Guidance is a collection of thoughts I have shared in other contexts before, but have just put to paper for this site.

Philemon is a discussion of the great meaning of this small epistle, a lesson lost by many in the Church today, about effective fellowship and who we really are.

Fruit discusses the fruit of the Spirit, not so much in the details of what it is, but from the perspective of why it's called "fruit", and what we should learn from that.

My Story About the Boiler is an illustration of what "faith" really is, and why it is that we will see your faith by your works.

Why Shouldn't You Have Sex If You Aren't Married?:  The usual reasons given to teenagers for why they should wait to have sex are examined and found wanting; but the more basic reason why sex without marriage is wrong is revealed.  Some of these thoughts are expanded in a Reality Check Open Letter to Bill Clinton, written at the request of and previously published by the Reality Check website, examining the damage done by two consenting adults.

Difficult Questions space has been set aside to answer questions about the Bible, theology, and Christian life, which I from time to time receive from friends and strangers alike.  Feel free to ask any of your own.

The Sandy Becker Theory of Eschatology presents some thoughts about prophecy, the end of time, and why the church has never been able to agree about what's going to happen next.

Christianity, Homosexuality, and the E.L.C.A. is really two articles, one addressing the arguments that homosexual conduct is really "natural" for some people, and the other considering the current exemplary policies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the pressures to change these.  This article led to another, by invitation of The Gutenberger and originally published there, In Defense of Marriage, which explains why the church should hold to heterosexual marriage as the only recognized form, and separately why the state's interest in marriage also applies only to the heterosexual form.

Faith and Gaming is a monthly series of articles (now available in book form) which ran for four years on the Christian Gamers Guild site.  In my role as Christian Gamers Guild Chaplain I maintain a daily teaching series; subscribers receive college-level exegetical study of Paul's epistles, one verse at a time.

Having recently become involved with a local Seventh Day Baptist church, it seemed appropriate that I ought to write something On Sabbath.  This is not an argument for Saturday observance, but rather a discussion of how one can choose to observe one specific day in the week without being legalistic.

In the words of Augustine (quoted by C.S. Lewis), I am one of those who by profiting write, and by writing profit.

I will be glad to discuss any of these things with you; write to me with your thoughts.

And let me invite you to read some of the lyrics of a few of my songs, which may be more inspiring and certainly are usually briefer than my teachings....

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