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Original Site Law Articles
in original order
of first part

Why Should Cable Television Carriers
  Pay to Deliver Local Broadcast TV?

Was John Brown a Hero or a Villain?
Professor Robert Lipkin,
  the Concert Violinist,and Abortion

Thoughts on the Ten Internet Laws
  Proposed by C-Net

Newark Political Buzz Examiner Articles Restored
in order of publication
of first part

The Birther Issue
The Birth Certificate
Coalition Government
Marriage Law
Homeland Security:  Nothing New
Gun Control
New Jersey 2012 Ballot Issues
New Jersey Political Buzz Index 2012
Miscellaneous Marriage Law Issues
Search and Seizure Issues
Church and State
The Honorable Vincent August Sicari
  Judicial Comedian Matter

New Jersey 2013 Gubernatorial Election
New Jersey 2013
  Special Senatorial Election

And Justice for Trayvon
New Jersey Drug Court
Publishing Police Reports
The New Year (2014)
New Jersey Political Buzz
  Index Early 2013

New Jersey Political Buzz
  Index Late 2013

Freedom of Expression
Christie's Early Potential
  Presidential Aspirations

Health Care and the Affordable Care Act
Gun Control Addenda
New Jersey 2014 Primary Election
New Jersey 2014 General Election
New Jersey 2014 Candidate Interviews
Drug and Alcohol Laws
New Jersey Political Buzz
  Index Early 2014

Intellectual Property
East Jerusalem Housing Project:
  Doing What We Would Not Condone

New Jersey Political Buzz
  Index Late 2014

The Republican Dilemma
Re-election Incongruity
Fixing the Supreme Court
The Menendez Indictment
Election Law
The Early 2016 Presidential Race
New Jersey Political Buzz
  Index Early 2015

New Articles
in order of publication

What's Wrong with the Flat Tax

Copyright Information

All articles "recovered" written ©Mark Joseph Young, originally published on  All other articles written ©Mark Joseph Young.  This site is part of M. J. Young Net.

Books by the Author.

Mark Joseph Young
Articles on Law and Politics

Right from the beginning, in 1997 when I first went online, I started dabbling now and then in addressing legal issues in short articles--which are, inherently, political issues.  I was inspired by what I saw as a poor decision in the regulation of the television industry, and that opened the door to a short section, ending with a major series addressing the Internet laws C-Net was proposing.

Then in 2012 I was bombarded with questions about whether Barrack Obama was ineligible to be President, and perhaps being a bit annoyed (like the unjust judge who helps the widow just to get some quiet, or the neighbor hounded at midnight by a neighbor for some bread) by the persistence of the issue and the questions I composed an answer, then discussed publishing it with the editorial staff at The Examiner (where I was already publishing time travel film analyses and news).  That led to an explosion, well over a hundred articles in two and a half years.

Then it came time to terminate the relationship with them.  In order to preserve the materials, some of it still quite on point but some of it very much dated, I decided to consolidate everything here--consolidation including combining articles that were originally separate pieces published in series over weeks or months into unified single articles, reindexing everything, and expanding this site section (and the Temporal Anomalies section as well) to include it all.

The original index of law materials here, though, was relatively simple and would not easily be expanded to include the new materials.  I had been creating semi-annual indices of the Examiner materials, and decided that the best solution was to create an "index of indices" to assist the reader in navigating the materials here.

Each linked index is described briefly with the topics addressed during that time.  Many topics recur throughout the run, and so appear in multiple indices.

Since 2015, the majority of new political pieces are published through the mark Joseph "young" web log on this site, in the category Law and Politics and many related tags.

The Indices

The indices are listed here in chronological order.

  1. Thoughts on Law and Legal Papers includes articles on broadcast and cable television, John Brown's significance to the abortion debate, Professor Lipkin's metaphoric argument on abortion, the Lottery, and the Ten Internet Laws Proposed by C-Net, itself an index.
  2. New Jersey Political Buzz Index 2012 includes articles on the Birther and Birth Certificate issues, Coalition Government including the Electoral College, Marriage Law, Homeland Security, Gun Control, and New Jersey ballot issues from that year.
  3. New Jersey Political Buzz Index Early 2013 includes articles on Gun Control, Marriage Law, Search and Seizure Issues, Church and State, New Jersey Issues, the 2013 Gubernatorial and Special Senatorial Elections, and Miscellany.
  4. New Jersey Political Buzz Index Late 2013 includes more articles on the 2013 Gubernatorial and Special Senatorial Elections, Church and State, Marriage Law, New Jersey Issues, and Miscellany, plus articles on Privacy Issues and Coalition Government.
  5. New Jersey Political Buzz Index Early 2014 includes articles on Church and State, Freedom of Expression, Presidential, Health Care, Legislation, Discrimination, Gun Control, the 2014 Election, Marriage Law, and Drug and Alcohol Laws.
  6. New Jersey Political Buzz Index Late 2014 includes more articles on Drug and Alcohol Laws, Discrimination, Health Care, Marriage Law, Gun Control, and the 2014 Election including Candidate Interviews, plus Intellectual Property, Taxation, International, and Classics and Indices.
  7. New Jersey Political Buzz Index Early 2015 includes more Indices, articles on Coalition Government, Broadcasting, Marriage Law, Judiciary, Internet Law, Congress, Discrimination, Election Law, Search and Seizure, Presidential, Health Care, and Insurrection.

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