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Temporal Anomalies

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11 Minutes Ago
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Happy Accidents
Los Cronocrimines a.k.a. TimeCrimes

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Temporal Anomalies Index 2009
Back to the Future Nationwide
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People Magazine's Woman of the Year
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Temporal Anomalies Index 2010
Source Code Opens April 1, 2011
Future Time Travel Film Analyses--2011
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Men in Black III Remakes History
Temporal Anomalies Index 2011
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Movies
  You Might Have Missed

Men in Black III May 25th U.S. debut
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Future Time Travel Film Analyses--2012
Temporal Anomalies Index 2012
(Some of) The Best Time Travel Movies
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Films Currently Showing, November 2013
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(Some of) The Best Time Travel
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Upcoming time travel films,
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(Some of) The Best Time Travel Comedies
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    Addendum to Terminator
    Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines
    Terminator Recap
    Terminator Salvation
    Terminator Genisys
    Terminator:  Dark Fate
Back To The Future
Back To The Future II
Back To The Future III
Star Trek Introduction
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    Star Trek: Generations
    Star Trek: First Contact
    Star Trek (2009)
12 Monkeys
    Addendum to 12 Monkeys
Flight Of The Navigator
  Flight Of The Navigator Addendum
Army of Darkness
Lost In Space
Peggy Sue Got Married
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Planet of the Apes
Kate and Leopold
Somewhere In Time
The Time Machine
Minority Report
Happy Accidents
The Final Countdown
Donnie Darko
  S. Darko
Harry Potter and
    the Prisoner of Azkaban

Deja Vu
    Primer Questions
Bender's Big Score
Popular Christmas Movies
The Butterfly Effect
  The Butterfly Effect 2
  The Butterfly Effect 3:  Revelations
The Last Mimzy
The Lake House
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Hot Tub Time Machine
Los Cronocrimines a.k.a. TimeCrimes
A Sound of Thundrer
Frequently Asked Questions
    About Time Travel

Source Code
Blackadder Back & Forth
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
11 Minutes Ago
Men in Black III
La Jetée
Midnight in Paris
Meet the Robinsons
H. G. Wells' The Time Machine
The Jacket
Safety Not Guaranteed
The Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment II
Time After Time
About Time
Free Birds
X-Men:  Days of Future Past
Edge of Tomorrow
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Project Almanac
Time Lapse
O Homem Do Futuro
    a.k.a. The Man from the Future

Abby Sen
When We First Met
See You Yesterday
The History of Time Travel
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The temporal anomaly terminology used here is drawn from Appendix 11:  Temporal Anomalies of Multiverser from Valdron Inc, and is illustrated on the home page of this web site.  This site is part of M. J. Young Net.

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The Book

Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies
(Some of)
The Best Time Travel Movies
You Might Have Missed

The Examiner asked its writers to create articles identifying the "bests" in each area.  To list the best time travel movies, though, is complicated by the question of definition:  what makes it "best"?  One list could include big-budget films that are exciting and entertaining, another the best time travel romances, another the ones that are most thought provoking, or funniest, or that work best as time travel stories.  Some of these articles will be added in the future; this time, our "bests" are a few choice gems, movies the average time travel fan might have missed that are well worth seeing.  They appear here in no particular order.

11 Minutes Ago

First on the list is one that had not yet been anaylized.  Our series on 11 Minutes Ago was slated to begin the Monday following the original publication of this list, and it is worth attempting to watch it before then.  It is clever romance set against the backdrop of a wedding reception in which a time traveler has arrived and disrupted festivities even more so than they were.  The twist is that he visits almost the entire two hour reception in eleven-minute increments, out of sequence, and we see the party from his perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

It is not clear whether Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel ever showed in the United States, but this geek comedy is one of the better efforts to lampoon time travel while taking it seriously.  Three boys drinking in their favorite pub after a movie meet a girl who claims to be a time traveler from the future taking a moment to meet someone who is going to be famous.  They then have a series of temporal misadventures when they stumble through a time leak in the bathroom and struggle to find their way home while simultaneously trying to understand how they became famous.

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Happy Accidents

The 2000 Happy Accidents deserves more attention than it gets.  Vincent D'Onofrio and Marisa Tomei are the couple here.  He has escaped from a bleak distant future but is not supposed to tell her so, particularly since he came to find her in the hope that he can save her life by preventing the traffic accident in which she was killed.  (There is a more recent unrelated film of the same name that is not a time travel story.)

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Los Cronocrimines a.k.a TimeCrimes

The Spanish film Los Chronocrimines, also known by the English title TimeCrimes, is available subbed and dubbed in English.  This film caught the attention of the people at Dreamworks, who reportedly are working on an American version for release this year; we can only hope they do it well.  The film involves a man who sees a naked girl in the woods, but when he goes to find her he winds up fleeing from a pursuer who turns out to be himself, as he discovers after he emerges from hiding in a strange machine at a nearby research facility.  He ultimately makes the trip again to attempt to fix what he has done, giving himself an alibi for the time of the girl's unfortunate but seemingly accidental death.  It is a tightly plotted suspense film brilliantly conceived and written.

There are many other films which might make it to a list even so narrowly defined as this one, but if you are a time travel fan and have not seen these they are a good place to start expanding your knowledge.  If you have a favorite time travel film I might have missed, please let me know by e-mail.

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