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Temporal Anomalies

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    Addendum to Terminator
    Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines
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    Terminator Salvation
    Terminator Genisys
    Terminator:  Dark Fate
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    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    Star Trek: Generations
    Star Trek: First Contact
    Star Trek (2009)
12 Monkeys
    Addendum to 12 Monkeys
Flight Of The Navigator
  Flight Of The Navigator Addendum
Army of Darkness
Lost In Space
Peggy Sue Got Married
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Planet of the Apes
Kate and Leopold
Somewhere In Time
The Time Machine
Minority Report
Happy Accidents
The Final Countdown
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  S. Darko
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    the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Los Cronocrimines a.k.a. TimeCrimes
A Sound of Thundrer
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Blackadder Back & Forth
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Men in Black III
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Midnight in Paris
Meet the Robinsons
H. G. Wells' The Time Machine
The Jacket
Safety Not Guaranteed
The Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment II
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Free Birds
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The temporal anomaly terminology used here is drawn from Appendix 11:  Temporal Anomalies of Multiverser from Valdron Inc, and is illustrated on the home page of this web site.  This site is part of M. J. Young Net.

Books by the Author.

The Book

Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies
The Star Trek Time Travel Movies

Perhaps the best known and most extensive achievement in science fiction to date is the collection of materials known around the world and extending its influence into areas beyond entertainment, the Gene Roddenberry empire, the Paramount Pictures conglomerate, Star Trek.

The Series

Time travel has played a major part in the Star Trek universe.  Star TrekI can remember details of at least two Star Trek episodes involving time travel.  Considering the matter, I have recalled at least six episodes of The Next Generation in which time travel or temporal events were a major part of the plot.  Deep Space Nine has created at least three stories, one of them the excellent two-parter on the Bell Riots, another the return to the tribbles episode of the original show, and the third the very humorous Roswell incident--and it also includes a couple jumps sideways in time to an alternate universe earlier visited by Captain Kirk.  The otherwise excellent Voyager upset me by massacring time in three disastrous episodes in one season, textbook examples of shoddy temporal thinking.  There was even at least one episode of the Star Trek cartoon series in which time was altered and had to be repaired.  Were we to undertake an exhaustive study of time travel in Star Trek, we would require far more space than we have for the web site, and far more time than I would be able to contribute to typing!

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The Movies

But it has not been our objective to examine time travel in all media. And all of this is figured out based on the rules of a fantastic game.... I have ignored some wonderful television shows on the subject, from Time Tunnel to Quantum Leap to Time Trax, because they are not movies (not to mention that I don't have all of the episodes of any of these available for review).  This web site has focused on films, and of the eight Star Trek movies released to date, there are three in whichIf there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form. time travel has played a part; therefore, we will examine those three movies.  Even here, we will find the thinking uneven--they are not all good, but they are not all bad, either.  So let me invite you to consider the three Star Trek movies which revolve around time travel:

Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek:  First Contact

Star Trek (2009)

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