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  There are pages out there which are worth a few minutes of your time; some are related to the Multiverser® game system.  Some are created by the authors and artists who have brought Multiverser® to life, or by players who have played the game and recorded some of their experiences and insights as players for others to share.  We've included links to other role playing game materials you might find useful (after all, since Multiverser® can adapt to include all other games, anything which helps you play any other RPG better helps you play Multiverser® at the same time).  There are also some page links which are here to thank those who have supported our efforts to get the word out by putting links and other information on their pages to bring you to us.  In every case, we've made the effort to describe the page in brief, so you have some idea where you're going.

  But that's too much to put on one page; so we've put the links on several pages, each dedicated to a different section.  Hit one of the links alongside here, and it will take you to links of other pages.

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