The Multiverser Novels
  The first Multiverser novel Verse Three, Chapter One is available online and in the best stores.

  Three ordinary people--a soldier, a housewife, an automechanic--are pulled from their ordinary lives and thrown into marvelous adventures. Between them they encounter a djinni, travel on starships, fight vampires and undead monsters, learn to defend themselves and help others, and discover that there is more to them than the ordinary.  Eventually finding each other, they work together in a final adventure that demands they use what they have learned to save the life of a friend.

  The 372-page book is Valdron's first hardcover and the first full-length work of fiction from Multiverser co-author M. Joseph Young.  Order it directly from Valdron today (by mail or online through CCNow or PayPal) or from a growing list of retailers and e-tailers; or see our current special to find out how to save money on Multiverser game products at the same time.

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  Joseph Kondor, the first character introduced in the story, moves from being a young infantry soldier and medic to becoming a medical doctor and skilled scout.  Lauren Hastings, housewife and mother, learns that she can be anything from sorceress to martial arts master.  And through many humorous moments, auto mechanic Bob Slade hones skills as a warrior and thief who dabbles in magic on the side.  Their adventures face them against space pirates, drop them in twelfth century England, challenge them with undead monsters, introduce them to djinn, and more.

  Dimitrios "Jim" Denaxas, known for his work in Valdron's Multiverser, Key 20's Little Fears, and the upcoming Dark Omen Games Sugar & Spice, has prepared the full-color cover (left), and interior decoration (including the background images here) were done by newcomer Eric York.

  In the sequel currently in editing, tentatively entitled Old Verses New, Joe Kondor's adventures take him to sea, to solve a mystery which connects to his own past, and back to space ships.  Lauren Hastings will finally visit outer space, but not before meeting Merlin, training two pupils, and fighting more vampires.  Derek Brown is introduced, a boy with a penchant for horror who overcomes fear facing murderers, ghosts, mutants, and more, eventually to meet the others in space.

  Author M. Joseph Young promises that Bob Slade will return in the third installment, where he goes on another medieval adventure; that Derek Brown has quite a few surprises in store for him; and that once she's had a bit of a vacation and something of a major spiritual event, Lauren Hastings' vampire encounters will come to a climax--and that a lot of people met along the way will show up in unexpected places.  For Better or Verse is the expected title.  He has already begun work on the fourth and fifth installments, but has promised to set these aside for the moment to do some work on Multiverser:  The Third Book of Worlds for our game line while the editors and artists catch up with his efforts in the fiction world.

  We will keep you abreast of developments in this area.  Thank you for your interest.