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Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies:  This site is designed to explain the complications involved in time travel, and present a new theory of the effects of altering the past.  The theory, originally published as part of the Multiverser(r) game, is applied to the complexities of the time travel stories in several movies, including Terminator, Back to the Future, Star Trek, 12 Monkeys, Lost in Space, and others, and has a section of correspondence explaining the theories and a primer on time similar to Appendix 11:  Temporal Anomalies in the Multiverser(r) rules.  This site has been designated an Event Horizon Hot Spot, and included in the required reading of a York College metaphysics class.
SinisterGrynn Productions:  Internationally-known animator and comics creator Jim Denaxas is also a Multiverser(R) player.  He designed the game logo which appears on the covers of both books, and did quite a few of the drawings within them.  Take a look at some of his work, and his words about the game, here.  He had some trouble with his last site, and is still moving into this new site, so watch for it in the days ahead.
Kozak:  Art & Animation:  Also a skilled animator, Bill created the wonderful image on the First Book of Worlds, and quite a bit of the art in both books.  This page presents some of his work--starting with that cover.  We're watching for it to expand.

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