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What is an RPG?:  Multiverser's Appendix 1 is out on the web, to explain the concept of Role Playing to the many who have never tried it--and to help those familiar with the experience to better explain it to others.

Christian Gamers Guild:  Established by a Christian minister, this is a good site for those who believe that being a believer doesn't preclude being involved in games, especially if they want to be involved with others who share those views.  Their e-zine, The Way, the Truth, and the Dice, includes several interesting articles.

M. J. Young's Dungeons & Dragons Materials:  For over a decade before he had heard of Multiverser(R), game author M. Joseph Young was a Dungeon Master.  His computer is filled with documents and programs he created to make his game run smoother, and he's making some of them available on the web.  Check out whether there's anything you might be able to use for your game.

Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict:  Do you have religious objections to role playing games?  Do you know someone who does?  Consider the position taken in this article--you might see things differently.

Martial Arts Rules for Role Playing Games:  Martial arts rules and styles for Dungeons & Dragons and for Multiverser are side by side on this web site.  Author M. Joseph Young has been a dungeon master for two decades, and quite familiar with integrating oriental characters into his game; he also happens to be one of the authors of Multiverser, and is convinced that there isn't anything which can be done in any game system that can't be translated to Multiverser.

Character Creation for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition:  Mr. Young has given away one of his secrets--his compiled AD&D character creation resources include full information on classes and races, with all original game deities cross-referenced by alignment and interests, and a step-by-step approach to rolling up a character which assures that you will have what you need to know before you need to know it.

Multiverser® On-line Retailers

Days of Knights:  This Newark, Delaware store has the game and both worlds books on the shelves, and keeps in touch with us when it runs out.  If you want to leaf through a copy before buying it, they are happy to oblige.  They also have a wide selection of role playing games, in and out

We apologize for delays in updating this page.  The Internet is a fast-changing business place, and many of the links which led to sellers of our books when they were posted no longer do so.

Borders, the first store that ever carried our books, decided not to attempt to compete with Amazon, and instead joined forces with the online book giant.  You can still order Multiverser products through their stores; if they are not in stock, check the computer or ask at the service desk.

Faith Point has been subsumed by Books-a-Million, and no longer lists separately.

BookBuyers Outlet has ceased to deal in books at all.

BCYBookloft has diversified and cut back on books significantly in the process; their home page is now a travel agency.

Textbooks at Cost has become TextbooksX, and narrowed its scope to exclude game books.

Double Discount appears to have gone out of business.

FatBrain had our books, but has now given up on the book trade and partnered with Barnes & Noble.

Sam Goody got out of the books business entirely.

Seekbooks was acquired by someone who doesn't carry us.

of print, collectible card games, and a wonderful selection of board games.  Tell them we sent you.

If you frequent you'll find Multiverser there, both the Referee's Rules, The First Book of Worlds, and The Second Book of Worlds, and now the novel.

Barnes & Noble ( has it, the rules and the first worlds and now also the second worlds; and there are some very positive words about it in customer reviews.  Now they've also got Verse Three, Chapter One, the novel. has added Multiverser to its stock.  You can order the Referee's Rules, The First Book of Worlds, and The Second Book of Worlds separately.  They've also got the novel.

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We know that overseas customers sometimes have to pay unconscionable shipping charges.  We don't know what all these sites charge, but Amazon U.K. has the books available, and they say "great price, fast delivery", although I don't know the exchange rate myself.  To find out more, they've got a page on the rules and another for the first worlds, and yet another for the second worlds.  They've also added the novel.

The books are also available on The Continent through Amazon France and Amazon Germany.  The French site has the rules and first and second worlds, and now also the novel.  The German site also has the rules and first and second worlds available, and has recently added the novel.  These sites are not in English, but the books, of course, are.

We heard that was carrying the rules and the worlds, but all we could find was the rules.

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