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If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.There are several people you can write to about Multiverser, or about anything else on our web site.  Here's a list:

Valdron Inc.:  You can write to the company itself.  Someone will read your e-mail, and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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M. J. Young:  As co-author of the game, he may be the best person to handle your game-related questions; and as Vice President for Development, he knows as much as anyone what the future of Multiverser® holds.

Christopher R. Jones:  The game's most experienced player, he played with E. R. Jones before anyone thought of putting the game on paper, teamed with M. Joseph Young's character in several game sessions, runs a different version of himself at Mr. Young's table, and began refereeing and creating worlds, with Mr. Young playing, and now has accepted our invitation to serve as president of Valdron.  If you want the opinion of someone who knows the game but didn't write it, he's the person to contact.

Jim Denaxas:  Jim's been quite close to the world RPG's, and has played Multiverser(R) more recently.  He's also one of the artists whose sense of style and humor have defined the drawings in the books, and has contributed greatly to the design of our website.

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