Other Products from Valdron Inc

  Other of course means apart from Multiverser:  The Game, the flagship role playing game of Valdron Inc.  Valdron is dedicated to producing games and other products for the enjoyment of our customers.  At present, our attention has been focused primarily on one product; but we have not entirely neglected the aspect of our mission to publish other game materials.  To that end we have well underway development on several fronts.

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  There is a Collectible Card Game based on the Multiverser idea, in which players will be able to change the effectiveness of each other's cards by changing the world in which play is occurring.  This is ready for playtest, as soon as we can put together the cards.

  There are three board games, finished but for the artistic design and layout, which have already been tested in prototypes.  We'll probably run these at a board gaming party soon before deciding which to release first.

  Two more role playing games are working their way through the design stages.  One of these is an earlier concept created by E. R. Jones and developed someone who has played it for years.  The other is designed by M. Joseph Young, targeted at people with no concept of role playing games; the rules are compact, intended to make learning a role playing game comparable to learning a board game.

  We have our eyes on a number of other possibilities; keep in touch.