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Whisp:  This character made it into Appendix 10:  Character File in the Multiverser Referee's Rules.  The player has logged more hours than any other known to the authors during the testing phase, and was the first to play at the tables of both authors and has also begun refereeing the game, so his insights into it are valuable.  This is his new site; on this page, in addition to game memories and advice on the verse for new players, he's got a chat room and a message board.  (If any of you referees want to pass the suggestions along to your own players, I'm sure that a quick appearance of Whisp in the game world would liven things up....)
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SinisterGrynn Productions:  Internationally-known animator and comics creator Jim Denaxas is also a Multiverser(R) player.  He designed the game logo which appears on the covers of both books, and did quite a few of the drawings within them.  Take a look at some of his work, and his words about the game, here.  He had some trouble with his last site, and is still moving into this new site, so watch for it in the days ahead.

What is an RPG?:  Multiverser's Appendix 1 is out on the web, to explain the concept of Role Playing to the many who have never tried it--and to help those familiar with the experience to better explain it to others.

Landar:  Another player records the story of his experience in the Multiverser worlds.  He's been to NagaWorld, sailed on the Mary Piper, was hunted in The Most Dangerous Game, and--well, take a look.  He's started recording his adventures, and we're looking forward to reading more. M. J. Young's Dungeons & Dragons Materials:  For over a decade before he had heard of Multiverser®, game author M. Joseph Young was a Dungeon Master.  His computer is filled with documents and programs he created to make his game run smoother, and he's making some of them available on the web.  Check out whether there's anything you might be able to use for your game.

Martial Arts Rules for Role Playing Games:  Martial arts rules and styles for Dungeons & Dragons and for Multiverser are side by side on this web site.  Author M. Joseph Young has been a dungeon master for two decades, and quite familiar with integrating oriental characters into his game; he also happens to be one of the authors of Multiverser, and is convinced that there isn't anything which can be done in any game system that can't be translated to Multiverser.

Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies:  Multiverser's Appendix 11:  Temporal Anomalies is designed to enable the referee to understand the complications involved in time travel, and how to understand a situation in which players have altered the timelines of a world.  Proving how effective these explanations are, M. Joseph Young has applied the temporal solutions of Multiverser(R) to the complexities of the time travel stories in Terminator, Back to the Future, 12 Monkeys, Millennium, Flight of the Navigator, Army of Darkness, Peggy Sue Got Married, Lost In Space, and other films, as well as answering correspondence on time travel questions, and he intends to expand the page to include movies.  This GeoCities site has been designated an Event Horizon Hot Spot, and included in the required reading of a York College metaphysics class.

Kyler C. B. Young's Home Page:  This young player and referee (a D&D gamer since second grade) has high praise for the Multiverser game, and has begun telling some of the tales of the games he's run and played, along with some of his own creative writing.
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Kozak:  Art & Animation:  Also a skilled animator, Bill created the wonderful image on the First Book of Worlds, and quite a bit of the art in both books.  This page presents some of his work--starting with that cover.  We're watching for it to expand.
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Journals of the Architect:  One of the authors has re-created pieces of his character's journals on his personal web site.  This may give you some insight into the possibilities in the game.

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Stories from the Verse:  One of the game creators, world authors, and busiest referees (he's run a dozen test-players in the last five years, refereeing up to six worlds at the same time, and still found time to be a player, run an AD&D campaign, play a few other games, and write, type, and edit the rules) has decided to tell some of the stories from his players' adventures.  This is proving to be the most varied set of Multiverser tales on the web, because it's typical in a Multiverser game for different players to be in very different kinds of worlds at the same time, and the stories tell pieces of each story as they progress-thus hitting sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, adventure, espionage, and altered reality in successive vignettes, much as the game sessions themselves progress.

Kevdog's Web Page:  An experienced gamer satisfied with the Multiverser system, he promises to include a characters and worlds and much more in the days to come in this otherwise personal home page.
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Character Creation for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition:  Mr. Young has given away one of his secrets--his compiled AD&D character creation resources include full information on classes and races, with all original game deities cross-referenced by alignment and interests, and a step-by-step approach to rolling up a character which assures that you will have what you need to know before you need to know it.

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