This page is a mail-to form to reach the webmaster who tries to keep this site running.  As there are several hundred pages on these sites, we aren't always aware when one of them doesn't work right--whether it's a bad link, garbled text, or just a mistake.  Thus we are most grateful to you for your assistance in informing us of problems you've encountered.

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  It may be that the problem can be solved from your end.  Sometimes particular colors or fonts don't load correctly for some viewers.  If the problem is that you can't read a page due to color, or the fonts didn't load correctly, and you'd like to see it now, you can change the preferences in your browser to allow you to view any page with the colors and fonts you select, with or without the images.  If you prefer, you can save the document as a text file, and read the text that way.  However, it is possible that the garble that you can't read is just that--garble which has crept into the page displacing the original text or images.  In that case, there's nothing you can do other than report the problem to us.

  This is a mailto form.  If your browser doesn't support mailto forms, please e-mail the webmaster at so that your problem can be addressed.  Thank you.

On which site did you find the problem?  If you are not certain, select the one you think most likely.
The Valdron site.
The Multiverser site.
Multiverser Referee's Support section.
I'm not sure where I was--may have been somewhere else.

Please identify the specific page.  The URL is the best identification, or else the page title; if you don't have this information, please describe the page, with such information as what was (or was expected to be) on it, and how you got to it if you followed a link from another page which we could also follow.

What kind of problem(s) did you encounter?
404 Error--the page just wasn't there at all.
There's garble on the page which may or may not have displaced text.
There's a transmission interruption--part of the page is missing.
An image didn't load correctly.
There's a bad link--it either goes nowhere, or to the wrong place.
You've got a glitch in the html coding in this page.
There's a mistake in the page content which should be corrected.
It's just a mistake in spelling, grammar, or punctuation I thought you'd want to fix.
Just let me describe it....

Please describe the mistake as well as you can, so we can find it quickly and easily--which link is bad, what image didn't load, exactly what is the mistake?  Sometimes these mistakes don't appear on our system for stupid reasons--like lost or damaged images which look fine when we view them because they're already cached on our hard drive.

Thank you.  We really do appreciate your help, and would like to let you know when the problem is fixed; we'll send a note to the address from which this form is sent to inform you of our success.  We will not use your e-mail address for anything else, or keep it on file, or give it to anyone else, or send you anything other than our thanks when we have fixed it.

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The Valdron site.

The Multiverser site.
Multiverser Referee's Support site.

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