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The first Multiverser novel, Verse Three, Chapter One, has gone to press.  As the first copies find their ways to book stores and online retailers, we're offering a discount on orders placed here--and a second discount for anyone who orders the novel with any other Multiverser book.  For a limited time shipping charges have been eliminated from all orders within the United States which include a copy of the novel.  And if you buy any other book with the novel, take $5 off the other book.  See our special for details.

   You can buy Multiverser® by mail, sending check or money order to us directly.

   You can order it by credit card through PayPal through the links below, and we will ship it to you directly.

   You can purchase it from a growing number of e-tailers.

   You can also find it in many book, game and hobby stores, and can get most to order it for you.  Having the ISBN of the books you want will make this easier; these appear below the cover images here.

Verse Three, Chapter One is the first novel from the creative mind of one of Multiverser's developers; it's also the first Multiverser novel and our first hardcover release.  Read more about it, or for $34.95 order your copy now, by mail (at the address below) or through PayPal
(this link will connect you with PayPal to provide credit card payment information).  See our current special to find out how to save more on Multiverser products by buying any other book at the same time you order the new novel.

   From the creative genius of E. R. Jones and the

mechanical brilliance of M. Joseph Young, Multiverser® has impressed gamers across the country.  We promise both that we will make available useful supplementary material and that the Referee's Rules are the only rules you will ever need.  The five hundred-plus page book contains not only every rule needed to run the game, to construct characters, to create new worlds, and to interface with other game systems, but also extensive appendices on everything from dice curves to temporal anomalies.  The entire game system is in this one book, yours for
only $49.95 by mail at the address below or by credit card through
PayPal (this link will connect you with PayPal to provide credit card payment information).

  The First Book of Worlds

is also available for $22.95 by mail at the address below or by credit card through PayPal
(this link will connect you with PayPal to provide credit card payment information).

This is the book that debuted with seven worlds, nine playable scenarios, and untold adventures.  The alien landscape of NagaWorld is the traditional and recommended starting point for play, as it leaves no question that the characters have entered another universe.  Tristan's Labyrinth proved even dungeon crawls could be new and different.  The Dancing Princess adapted a fairy tale to a game adventure.  Brave the deep and face pirates on one of the merchant vessels of The Mary Piper Twin Scenarios--whether it is the deep blue sea, or deep space.  Sherwood Forest gave more than just Robin Hood; it gave a thorough background of the age in which he appeared, with the politics and attitudes of another world that once was this one.  Richard Connell is immortalized in his own short story, The Most Dangerous Game, showing once again that anything can be the basis of a Multiverser game world.  Finally, The Zygote Experience goes where no role playing game has ventured before, letting the player character become an unborn child and grow up all over again.


You can also order The Second Book of Worlds, seven more titles with nine more playable scenarios, released in September 2001 to expand the possibilities.  Add it to your wish list for $22.95, by sending a check or money order, or by ordering it by credit card through PayPal (this link will connect you with PayPal to provide credit card payment information).

If anything, Bah Ke'gehn is yet more alien than NagaWorld, with genuinely alien intelligent creatures who in the tradition of the best fantasy teach us about ourselves.  Even if you've never seen nor read The Prisoner of Zenda, you'll recognize this tale of the man who has to stand in for the king and rescue him from his evil brother, and enjoy giving a player this role.  The Farmland is a quiet, rural, pre-industrial world; but depending on which version you play, there is danger here.  When The New Ice Age was a free playtest version here on the site, it got positive reviews; this frozen wasteland survival scenario has been expanded for inclusion here.  Post-sympathetic Man gives a bleak alternate present in which survival of the fittest is taken to mean that the weak should die.  A different kind of post-apocalyptic world, one in which civilization fell quietly by laziness, is portrayed in The Industrial Complex.  Finally, M. Joseph Young's time travel story The Perpetual Barbecue becomes the basis for a Groundhog Day-like setting in which one day keeps repeating, but in two different versions, and the player has to unravel what has happened.

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