It was quite a while ago that we placed The New Ice Age up here for free download.  In choosing it, we sought a world which would be valuable to referees but would not be spoiled if players read it first, and which would be a reasonable demonstration of the promise of Multiverser for the many who would view the world as an example of the game.  We must have succeeded--Grover Penn looked at it, and declared that in substance it was "excellent!"

  Now, as The New Ice Age is released in its updated form in The Second Book of Worlds, we are replacing it with another world which we hope will be as useful and as interesting. We call it Orc Rising.

  In September of 1999, John Wick was creating a new game, Ork World, in open articles on Gaming Outpost.  Discussion of his articles inspired the ideas for this world, which were first published on the Articles forum there late on September 24th of that year.  He went on to create his game.  We created and began playtesting a very different idea, a world in which the orcs are not entirely evil nor completely praiseworthy, but are fighting for their freedom and their way of life against the encroaching civilizing influences of well-meaning men, elves, and dwarfs.

  Willard Bowzer has passed judgment on it, and quite favorably, labeling it "Meaty".

  We invite you to test it, and to send your comments and suggestions to The Architect.  But hurry--it won't be here forever.

  This world contains material which is protected by copyrights or trademarks belonging to Valdron Inc. and/or the authors of the game system, and such materials remain property of the company.  The only use of such materials for which the company or the authors has given permission is the conduct or promotion of a Multiverser game or campaign.  Any other use is a violation of copyrights.

  The document is in Portable Document Format (PDF); it may be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program available for most computer systems.  We hope you find it useful.

Orc Rising

  And if you're looking for The New Ice Age, you'll find the expanded and improved version in The Second Book of Worlds, which can now be ordered from Valdron Inc and from a growing number of retailers.

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