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Having reviewed and enjoyed both the Multiverser Referee's Rules and The First Book of Worlds, Grover Penn decided to take a look at the New Ice Age, the world we had available for free download for a while here.
Grover Penn's Review of the New Ice Age
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Genre tags:  Fantasy Science fiction Modern day
After reviewing the package of the rules and The First Book of Worlds, I did some exploring and found there is a free downloadable test scenario on the internet(world.html). I hoped to be the first to review it on before moving onto reviewing another completely different game system(looks like I am). Now that you have my story I think I'll go into the review.I'm glad he's enjoyed it so much.
The download itself is a zip file that opens to a word or text document. Not much to it other than well-written text. Which means I can't go beyond a 4 on style. The scenario itself is well-written, after one solid reading I found myself with a visual understanding what it was all about. The concept of the "New Ice Age" is simply put as a player being "versed"(for more understanding on this concept, my other reviews explain)into a modern Ice Age.His excellent and insightful reviews of Multiverser and The First Book of Worlds were both published on RPGNet, and reprinted on this site for your convenience.
Some background information is given, it tells of a popular theory that states without the greenhouse effect we'd currently be in another Ice Age. A lot in this scenario is owed to the tv show Sliders. The setting next takes us to useful referee information like how to place a PC in this setting. Following that, there is an explanation on survival, which seems to be the key focus in the setting. Second to survival may be the life forms in the scenario, pretty much identical to those of the original Ice Age from what I gathered.Although I love Sliders, the scenario was drawn from the book Fallen Angels (I think Larry Niven was one of its three authors).  And the animals in this package are those which survived into the period of recorded history and could have adapted to another ice age easily.  But that's not important.
The primary focus being on the Wooly Mammoth. It is followed up with a very brief description of human settlements. Not too great on detail, but not in anyway sparse. In summary, I liked the scenario, it kept with the format of the original Book of Worlds and I wouldn't mind it showing up in the Second Book of Worlds (hint,hint).It's on the short list for that publication; and I'll be sure to put you on the short list for a copy when it comes out.
Before I sign off, I will be taking a close look at what out-of-print books are selling on newsgroups, auctions, etc. and do a review of some of the more popular books as a service to new gamers, any suggestions are appreciated.Multiverser referees will especially appreciate knowing about good material for game worlds.  I've always liked StarFrontiers, Traveler, and the rare but prescient Metamorphosis Alpha.
Style: 4 (Classy and well done)Under the rules, the best allowed for something that has no artwork.
Substance: 5 (Excellent!)That explains why we haven't received any suggestions to make it better.
When we posted this, we didn't expect it to be reviewed.  It was an untested beta copy of a world, and we needed to get something on the web for our referees and others interested in the game.  So we're very pleased it received so positive a review.

As mentioned, Mr. Penn has already reviewed Multiverser and The First Book of Worlds, and liked them both.  We think you'll like the game, too.

The original review was posted on RPG Net.  Mr. Penn contacted us when he submitted it so that we could pass it on to you.

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