In Version; Chapter 141, Slade 249

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Stories from the Verse
In Version
Chapter 141:  Slade 249
Table of Contents
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There were half a dozen thugs--one Dracorex, three Chombito, a Chlorophyte, and the Anders who had effectively challenged him at the party, Etagiz.  They had Derek--and then they didn’t, as the moment he addressed them they broke the kid’s neck and he vanished. Well, I hope your next world suits you better than this one, kid, he thought.

What he said was, “Oh, why’d you have to go and do that?”

Etagiz answered, as the others seemed too confused and concerned about the fact that there wasn’t a body.

“We warned him that if he didn’t cooperate he would regret it.”

“That’s too bad,” Slade said.  “I think I have to make you regret it--but not for long.  I’m going to miss that kid--but I’m not going to miss you.”  With that, he drew his blaster and fired once each at several of them, every shot hitting. The even more panicked Chlorophyte went down, and whether he was dead or not, he was not getting up after the blaster hit him in the face and he bounced his head off the wall.  Slade holstered his kinetic blaster and drew sword and dagger while running toward the enemy.  On his way past, he finished two injured Chombito with his sword and the Chlorophyte with the dagger, leaving an injured Chombito, an injured Dracorex, and Etagiz.  Sheathing the dagger, he again drew the blaster and shot the Dracorex twice more while running through the Chombito, then swept off the head of the Dracorex, holstered the blaster, and faced the Anders.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to lose to me in public,” he said.  “Still, I can give you that opportunity now, if you like.”

The tall ape roared.  I knew he had it in him, Slade thought, and as it stretched upward and shook its fists, he took the opportunity to slash it across its midsection.  It was quick enough to avoid being cut in half by that, but it clearly was a serious injury, and it was now losing blood.

Slade was almost disappointed that this fight wasn’t going to be as challenging as his last one; in fact, he said, “You know, yesterday I fought a--a Fenex Fencing Master?  They tell me that they’re only number three, and you’re number two.  But frankly, based on my fight with him, I think you’re overrated.”

Again it roared in fury, and Slade this time went for a thrust that did pierce its chest.  He silenced its final roar by slashing its throat, and wiped his blades clean on its fur.

“As promised,” he said, “I didn’t miss you.”

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Table of Contents

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