In Version; Chapter 111, Beam 188

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In Version
Chapter 111:  Beam 188
Table of Contents
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Lors came quickly into the room, and Ashleigh rose ready to deal with him, but Beam caught her hands in his in a romantic-looking gesture.  She calmed, and sat back down.  Whether Lors noticed it or not, the white haired man, once again Emperor Beam, was not sure.

Emperor.  The False Captain has a message you need to see.  Bob translated this for Beam.

“He should not be able to send a message to the whole ship–unless it’s just for me?”

“He sent a message to some Floor Control Officers on his side, and they got other FCO’s and other officers in the Force Military, the Imperial Guard, and the Commando Teams and the Shuttle Pilots and Fighter Pilots to pass it on.”

Beam grunted.  Gossip.  He nodded to Lors who pulled up the message.  First there was someone else, a Fighter Pilot Commander, Lors explained.  Beam wasn’t quite certain how Bob was able to translate, but the message came through.

I’m passing on this message I got from two other sources.  I make no comment for or against it, only as it is information on the Developing Situation.

The screen fuzzed, and he saw his enemy, Norax, sitting at a desk, with more obsidian jewels on his chest than he had worn before.  He looked, Beam was not sure, maybe angry.

I have ranked myself as Captain of the Seeker, as you can see.  It is my due rank as I was third behind our beloved and relentless Captain, who would never have surrendered.  Neither would my brothers in arms, the First or Second Officer.  I knew them well.  You know me well.

I will not surrender.

I summoned this foul madman called Light-bringer to my office to be charged with his crimes against The Imperium.  In response, he came, and threatened to blow us all up with a primitive explosive device.  Not just me and my immediate staff, but himself as well.  He claimed to be immortal.  Clearly these are the actions of a madman.

Other madmen in his employ murdered your beloved Captain, and destroyed the Bridge.  Then this creature crashed us into the depths of the planetary ocean.  He says I cannot get you out.  It is true that there are some difficulties currently with that project, but we are The Imperium.  We shall succeed!

He claims right of conquest.  Well, we are not yet defeated.  He has no right.  Now rise up my people.  Smash his forces, and the disloyal officers such as Malacon and Lors and Talin and Dva who have been deluded by him.

And know this.  The view of the screen drew back, and dozens of warbots were seen behind what had seemed to be an office, but was now clearly not.  I have control of the warbots.  I do not want to send them out, because I know they are less than discerning at times when it comes to whom to kill, but I will, if necessary.

I am the rightful Captain of the Seeker, and whatever computer games this so-called Emperor or Admiral plays, I still am.  He was standing now, his left fist clenched on his desk, and glaring at the screen.

The message cut off.

“So, I’m not the only person you manage to anger,” Sophia said with a clear smirk in her voice.

“I have not yet gotten angry with him.” Ashleigh said.

I have, Bob thought to those in the video office.

“Oh, many times.” Bron said.

“Sir, not me, sir,” Dawn said which for some reason got them all laughing until Lors finally asked what they were laughing about.

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Table of Contents

There is a behind-the-writings look at the thoughts, influences, and ideas of this chapter, along with eleven other sequential chapters of this novel, in mark Joseph "young" web log entry #494:  Warring Worlds.  Given a moment, this link should take you directly to the section relevant to this chapter.  It may contain spoilers of upcoming chapters.

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