In Version; Chapter 99, Beam 185

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Stories from the Verse
In Version
Chapter 99:  Beam 185
Table of Contents
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Passing through corridors, Beam had to stoop slightly--the ceilings in most places were not quite high enough to accommodate him.  Lieutenant Lors’ soldiers formed a protective guard around his people, which he thought a bit humorous since his people were probably all tougher than most of the guards.  However, it gave him the appearance of importance, and after all appearance is everything when it comes to power.

LGMs of all ages and many types parted as they advanced, and he noticed that nearly all of them were dressed in gray, and that even the uniforms had bare arms, partially exposed backs, and short legs, such that a lot of the greenish skin was exposed.  He was sure this meant something.  Bob obliged.

Colors indicate divisions of personnel aboard the ship.  Gray indicates civilians, neither crew nor military.  Bare skin affords them exposure to light, which they need.

Interesting.  The green must be chlorophyll, or something like it.  There wasn’t enough to make them look like leaves, but it gave a sickly tint to their skin.

“By the way,” Beam said, “what do I call you?  Should I call you Lors, or would that undermine your status or something?  Is it better to call you Lieutenant, or do I have to say Lieutenant Lors every time I address you?”

Bob obviously translated it to telepathy, because the answer came back, Your majesty may call me whatever he wishes.

Yeah, big help, that.

Although the crowds parted for them, many then followed behind, creating quite an entourage.

They came to a crossing corridor beyond which the corridor widened, from something between eight and ten feet to twice that.  Beam also noticed that the floor changed from yellow to red.  More noticeable, however, was that ahead of them was a contingent of soldiers dressed in the same red uniforms as Lieutenant Lors.  They were arrayed in a manner that suggested they intended to block the corridor.  One of them spoke.  Beam thought, Bob, do something about this.

The speaker began, Bob translating, Lieutenant Lors, I have received orders from Lieutenant Commander Norax to place you under arrest, and as he continued his voice started to rise, not surprisingly because his body also started to rise into the air and float toward Beam.  It turned around, but he continued shouting in an almost squeaky voice, for abuse of authority, dereliction of duty, and treason.

By this point the officer was floating horizontally about three feet above the floor and five feet in front the center of Beam’s line.  Beam had slowed at the confrontation, but now resumed his pace as they moved forward, the levitated officer shouting that he wanted his men to shoot, which Beam thought was quite ridiculous given that any reasonable shot on himself would probably have to pass through their commanding officer.

“Is this our destination?”

Yes, Lors said.  Lieutenant Commander Malacon should be here, and we will have to persuade him to support your claim.

Beam nodded.  The soldiers opposing them were all retreating through the double doors into the next space, and Bob pushed the still screaming body of their commander into the hatchway before they could close it against them.  Beam marched forward, Lors on his left, Bron on his right, Bob directly behind him, and the others forming a protective flank alongside him.  He realized from the sound that the civilians had seen what happened but had not followed them.  No one dared close the door.

Someone in a black shirt addressed them.  This must be Lieutenant Commander Malacon.  Lieutenant Lors, we have been ordered by acting captain Lieutenant Commander Norax to arrest you for treason.

It is Commander Norax who has committed treason, against Emperor Beam, ruler of our people by right of conquest.

He realized he shouldn’t read too much into the alien body language, but he thought perhaps Malacon raised an eyebrow.  He stepped into the opportunity.

“Indeed,” he said, and heard Bob’s telepathic broadcast in his head, “My people have killed your senior officers, ended your attempt to conquer this planet, taken control of your ship, and imprisoned you at the bottom of one of the planet’s oceans.  You are defeated.  Even if somehow you remove us from your ship, you will never return to space or see the surface of this planet, at least for many lifetimes.  I expect you to surrender and swear fealty to our new regime.”

Is this true? the officer asked.

It is, came an answer from Lors.

The black-shirted officer seemed to sigh, turned his eyes away from Beam, and said, Stand down.  It appears that we have a new commander.  I swear fealty to the new Emperor Beam, and bring my command under his.

Beam smiled.  If only it were always so easy.  A thought passed through his head, and Bob set the still floating officer upright on his feet on the floor.

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Table of Contents

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