Some time back I received an electronic letter which raised a number of questions which I quickly realized are vexing for many Christians.  I wrote a response--a series of responses, and I dared to presume that if my answers were of any help to him, they might also be of help to others.  Thus I created a series of web pages based on my answers to his letter, and to letters I've received since then.  If you've any questions you'd like me to address, feel free to write; if I feel my answer is worth repeating, I'll add the question here.

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  Here are the letters which are included in this site section; click on the stars to get to the letters.

  This highly-charged emotional letter started it all.  It runs from tongues and the question of canon through alcohol and hell and the complexities of religion to whether God speaks to us today--many of the questions which face many of us as we begin to grow in grace.  I hope my answers are useful.

  This is a thank you note for an article I wrote (Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict) which raises a few questions about faith and role playing games and Christian growth.
  A comment on one of my survey forms responding to Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict challenged the claim of Christianity that it is the only way of salvation.
  The author of the third letter, the comment on the survey form, took issue with parts of my answer, challenging Christianity on philosophical grounds, including the problem of evil.
  The discussion which started with the challenge to the belief that Christianity was the only way continues into questions of free will and omniscience.
  A new correspondent raised a new issue:  what about those video games that are like role playing games?  Are they evil or Satanic?
  Again a new issue was raised by a new correspondent, regarding how authority works within the church, particularly in connection with divine guidance.
  Someone hit what was the most difficult question for me to answer:  could it possibly all be God's great cosmic joke?  Is He laughing at us behind our backs?
  There is so much bad information about Christian giving and the doctrine of tithing that I was pleased to have this opportunity to address the matter.  Are we supposed to pay a specific amount to God, even if it prevents us from meeting our debts?

Well, that's it.  Follow the blinking linking stars to read the questions, and then read the answers, too--they're the part I wrote.

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