What Does God Expect?

A Gospel-based Approach to Christian Conduct

M. Joseph Young


Now available in a new edition.

This first Christian book from Bible teacher and Christian Gamers Guild chaplain Mark Joseph Young addresses some of the most vexing questions in the average Christian life:  now that I am a Christian, what am I expected to do?  Eschewing any rules-based system, the book presents principles to guide decisions and actions in harmony with God's word.

Presenting a compact but comprehensive view of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ informs our conduct, this short book packs in discussion of The Two Commandments, the Weaker Brother, Humility, Guidance, Renewing Your Mind, and more.

Early reviews mark this as the book to read for an understanding of Christian conduct that is not in any way legalistic but built on the fundamental principles of Christian faith. At the same time, the book is praised for being readable, clear, and concise. It is worth its price for the paperback edition, but is available as a downloadable PDF file for half the price.  Writing to describe the book to the Christian Gamers Guild, Chor Kun Xin wrote, "For those who are interested in why faith demands action, what actually is the 'Weaker Brother' talking about, why a Christian fellowship could be ineffective, why to be humble first you believe yourself to be filled with good thing and many more, I highly recommend MJ's book."  Church planter Frank Emanuel said in his review, "If you are looking for a great book on Christian Living, and especially if you are sick and tired of all the rehashed legalism out there, then look no further."

This book is now available in a second edition from Dimensionfold Publishing, but might still be obtained through publisher Lulu.com (this link will take you to an information page on the Lulu site from which the book can be ordered) or from select retailers including Borders.

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