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This is now part of M. J. Young Net

 Valdron Inc.:  The company behind Multiverser® has set up thisValdron Logo--click here to go to Valdron home page. site to provide information and support for gamers, including a few downloads you might find useful.

Multiverser:  The new Multiverser site provides information on the best RPG, including answers to questions and explanations of the game.

Index to the Writings....:  As his presence on the web has expanded, he found it useful to create a complete listing of linked pages to which he has contributed; there are highlights from this list below, and a shorter edited listing of pages selected for intellectual challenge for those looking for something into which to sink their intellectual teeth.

Dungeons & Dragons:  In the years that M. J. Young has been a Dungeon Master, he's created many supplements which have helped, including some documents, charts, and computer programs.  A few of these have been uploaded for other gamers.  Check them out.

Click this image for M. J. Young's D+D Materials main page.
What is an RPG?:  From the Multiverser Referee's Rules, this site explains what role playing games are, and why people enjoy them.  Whether you're a gamer who has had trouble explaining the experience, or an outsider to the gaming world who doesn't understand the concepts, this page may clarify things for you.

Character Creation for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition:  This expansionof M. J. Young's Dungeons & Dragons Materials was large enough to warrant its own site.  It presents a step-by-step approach to covering everything which was part of creating a player character, drawn from all of the (is it fifteen?) required rule books of first edition AD&D.

Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict:  For those of you who have religious Link to Confessions of a Dungeons + Dragons Addictobjections to role playing games--and for those of you who deal with those who do-please take a look at M. J. Young's thoughts on the subject, written back around 1991 (from broadcasts he made in the early 1980's), and now copied to the web for your access. Link to Temporal Anomalies main page.

Temporal Anomalies:  In the Multiverser Referee's Rules, there are materials for understanding the results of playing with time.  This site is dedicated to unraveling the time problems created by various stories, beginning with Terminator.

Holocaust:  A poem about a view of life, originally recited within a song of the same name, by M. J. Young, is posted among the View from the Outside of Absolut Angel's View, a collection of poetry and pages by the lovely lady herself and by those she admires.

Journals of The Architect:  For an inside peek at Role Playing Games,Mark J. Young's eclectic home page link. and the Multiverser® game in particular, you might enjoy reading some excerpts from the adventures of M.J. Young's game persona, included in his Home Page.

The Mark J. Young Home Page:  In addition to the Journals of the Architect, this contains material on law and on theology.  It's still under construction--but then, aren't we all?

Mark J. Young' s Bible Study Materials:  At one time, M. J. Young was a radio Bible teacher and an undergraduate Professor of New Testament.  Some of his material has been uploaded to the web, for your consideration and edification.

Landar's Story:  One of the Multiverser test players has begun recording his own history in the verse in a spot on the web for others to read.  You might check it out, to read some of the stories of others who have entered the multiverse.

Non-Multiverser fantasy adventure story link.Andrew Cord and Laethral Armaet:  Two characters are on a fantasy adventure whose story is told as an adventure, with accompanying maps and images and music to set the mood--and a page of links to many other D&D and Fantasy RPG sites.

Stories from the Verse:  M. J. Young has also undertaken to tell the tales of other characters in the Multiverser game--players with whom he has played, or for whom he has refereed--to create more of the feeling of how the game carries so many different kinds of worlds so easily.

Write to Valdron Inc.:  For information about the Multiverser® role playing game, write to the source.  These people can tell you all about the latest best RPG, and answer any questions you have, from what makes it different, to how are dice systems applied in the game, to where do you get a copy.  So if you've checked the Valdron web site and didn't find the answer you needed, they check their mail especially looking for good questions.

Write to M. J. Young:  This is M. J. Young's personal D&D box, so he's the one who'll get your mail and answer it.

Page M. J. Young:  This will take you to his ICQ pager page, where you can message him instantly if he's on line, or leave a message for him if he's not.  If you are an ICQ user, he usually makes himself available for people he knows, or for people who give a reason to chat with him.  He doesn't usually reply to chat requests that don't say more than let's chat, though.

I should also invite you to follow my regular columns, Game Ideas Unlimited at Gaming Outpost, and Faith and Gaming at the Christian Gamers Guild.  I'm a regular forum participant and sometime article contributor to both groups, and invite you to join the discussions.

I'm saddened by the closing of RAWS (RATED AD&D Web Sites), especially since they praised my D&D materials so highly.

One of the best on-line gaming resources is RPGnet; I've contributed to the articles here.

As names for role playing publications go, you can't beat Places to Go, People to Be, a gaming e-zine which has carried some of my work.

And let me call your attention to a promising new game company, Dark Omen Games.  They've got a good look and a promising beginning.

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