First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ Character Creation

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  Creation of a character for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ involves several steps.  Although traditional Dungeons & Dragons™ rule books have always listed race before class, it is our experience that most players (especially new players) are much more interested in and informed about the selection of class.  Therefore, we have placed classes first, along with which races can pursue them, explaining the races thereafter.  Note that each choice may limit subsequent options; for example, no class is available to all races, and some classes, even a few sub-races, are limited in alignment options.  If at any time the player feels that the character he is creating is not what he wants to play, he may scrap the character and begin again.
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  No effort has been made to secure the approval of any interested party in the publication of this web site, which does quote heavily from the copyrighted works of those persons.  It is not my intent to infringe upon their rights, but rather to organize and compile a portion of their material in a format which will be useful for players and referees in the specific task of preparing to play the game.  The information here is of no use to anyone who does not have access to the books from which it is drawn, and it is my expectation that anyone not having those books will find them necessary if this material is to be of any use at all.  Put another way, I quote from copyrighted material so that you will realize how necessary that material is to the Dungeons & Dragons™ game.  The first edition of the game for which this site was designed is out of print; the material is in large part compatible with the second edition.  It is considerably less useful with the new third edition.  The webmaster recommends seeking the first edition rules from used book stores and the used books sections of game and hobby stores or downloading the electronic versions from Wizards of the Coast.If there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form.

  The steps which will be followed in the character creation process are listed here, and linked from here, as well as linked from each other.  No character will require information at every step, as several steps are specific to a particular race, sub-race, or class.

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   0 Preliminary Notes.Check out the Multiverser role playing game.
   1 Player Name and Phone Number.
   2 Character Class.
   3 Character Race and Gender.
   4 Alignment.
   5 Ability Scores.
   6 Score Adjustments.
   7 Family Information, Oriental Ancestry and Honor.
   8 Hit Points.
   9 Height and Weight.
 10 Weapon Proficiencies.
 11 Age and Birth Date.
 12 Previous Skills.
 13 Viking Gifts.
 14 Deity.
 15 Natural Psionics.
 16 Psionicist Disciplines.
 17 Non-weapon Proficiencies.
 18 Spells.
 19 Money.
 20 Equipment.
 21 Character Name.
 22 Character Symbol.
 23 Folder.
 24 Referee additions.
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