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Cults of the Past:
Magice Vincit Omnia

Hargin of Selna

  As Libra Ficta began as an offshoot of Libra Facta dedicated to gaining power for itself, and for its leadership, so it spawned numerous other sects aimed at shifting that power to different groups.  Magice Vincit Omnia, founded by magic users and illusionists for their own advantage, was the first and most significant of these groups.

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  Although based initially on the same principles as its predecessors, this group brought a new twist to the idea of setting enemies against each other.  They proved so effective at amplifying minor differences that they were able to create violent divisions within unified groups.  Many of the most powerful of their organized opponents in local areas would quarrel over leadership; party splits were common.  According to Roppins, "The Law of Libra Facta", these splits were encouraged by the magi in the area, who would suggest to various members of the group that they were being treated unfairly, or that they should be more important in the group.  There is evidence to suggest that they used various magics to support these suggestions, creating the illusion that members of the group were seeking aims incompatible with each other.

  What worked within a single group worked even more effectively between different groups.  Alliances were broken down, and organizations which had worked together closely developed unreasonable suspicions of each other.  Battles broke out between factions which had very little to separate them, and gradually distrust and divisiveness in the areas where Magice Vincit Omnia was established reduced all of the strong factions to fragments.

  Unfortunately for this sect, it was intrinsically susceptible to its own tactics.  Being based on an objective of acquiring power for wizards, it was only a short step for those same wizards to begin squabbling between them for the power they were gaining.  Thus the group tended to wax in power when there was one or two clearly superior magi in control, and wane when power was more equal.  Still, the intellect and power of the magic users made this a formidable sect when it was at its high points.

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