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Cults of the Past:
Libra Ficta

Hargin of Selna

  It is said that Libra Ficta began as an offshoot of Libra Facta; whether or not this is true, it is clear that Libra Ficta adopted Libra Facta's methodology (that of using opposable groups to weaken each other) and adapted it to the purpose of building its own lawful evil power base.  If the legend is correct--and it supported by no less an authority than Mysas ("Cults of Our Time")-a druid within the ranks of Libra Facta by the name of Thom Tumm made a deal with Asmodeus to gain personal power.  The result was the founding of Libra Ficta, a power-based organization which used power as its own end.  After the passing of Thom Tumm, a leadership structure was established in which two clerics and one monk shared the leadership of the cult.  These three held their positions by withstanding all challenges from clerics and monks of associated orders; they then had the authority to settle disputes and create authority structure among other clerics and monks within the cult.  These in turn created the authority structures for fighters, thieves, magic users, and others in the lower ranks of the sect.

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  Libra Ficta had only minor influence.  The cult was quickly targeted by the stronger and older Libra Facta, who exposed their tactics and became peacemakers of a sort, forging alliances between factions which the copycat cult had attempted to oppose, and so making it difficult for the cult to succeed.  Further, its emphasis on the leadership of clerics and monks--thought by some to have been Asmodeus' condition for the deal--soon led to discontent among other professions, and the creation of numerous rival sects, most notably Might (among fighters) and Magice Vincit Omnia (among magic users).  These sects were soon fighting among themselves for control of less and less power.

  The existence of Libra Ficta and its rival offspring cults shows much about the older cult Libra Facta, especially about the adaptability of its method.  It also, in the minds of many scholars, calls into question that method as appropriate for a group claiming neutrality.  Roppins, "Law of Libra Facta", claims that the system of setting group against group is in its essence lawful (because of its efficiently structured  and monitored operation) and evil (because of its self-serving power-enhancing end), and therefore inappropriate for a group claiming to promote balance.  Heart, a druid himself, agrees, stating in "Means and Ends:  A Druidic Consideration of the Method of Libra Facta" that the method itself intrinsically compromises the group's stated philosophy, and that Libra Ficta and its offshoots demonstrate the flaw with piercing clarity.

  Libra Ficta eventually collapsed due to its own infighting and competition from its own offshoots.  All trace of it has vanished.

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