This second letter was mailed to me as a thank you for one of my articles, and included a few questions.  Although I answered it in a single note, it seemed to me that the response was worthy of some expansion and inclusion in this section of my pages.  Thus I hope that his questions and my answers might be of some value to more of you.

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  I have reprinted his letter here as a starting point.  Again I have edited it for spelling and grammar.  From this page, you can read the entire letter, and click on any star to reach the page on which the material in that paragraph is repeated and answered.

Here, then, is his letter:

Dear Mark,

  I really enjoyed reading your article [Confessions of a Dungeons & Dragons Addict--ed.]. I just printed it out and gave it to my father. I have been roleplaying since 1990 and my parents have had a problem with it since I can remember. I just recently became a Christian my senior year in high school. I guess you could say I was one before but I never truly knew what it meant until almost two years ago. I re-devoted my life to God and to strive to be more like Jesus. I have long been attacked and pushed towards quitting one of my favorite pastimes and stress relievers. Now that I am in college this is what we do one night a week in a quiet spot and just relax and have fun with each other. I am writing to thank you. I've always had a hard time defending myself because I had nothing to use, you just gave me a good start. I have two questions on D & D and the other about my walk with God.

  What do you believe if role-playing leads a friend of yours to stumble or is a wall for them coming to God? My roommate at college is not a Christian and he loves the idea of magic and has been looking into Wicca ever sense he started reading fantasy a long time ago. Role playing recently has set him in an even larger fervor. I do not know what to do.
  The second question is that my life with God has stagnated. I just do not have the fire I use to and most of the time I know what I should do but I just do not do it. I cannot explain it. Maybe I am being lazy or an idiot or whatever. I am just looking so hard for something to turn me around to God. I am trying but keep failing. I know for a fact that it is I who turned away from God and not he from me. I just cannot make myself turn around.
  Get back to me at your leisure. Thanks for listening and writing that article. I do not feel guilty about playing any more.
- Brent
P. S. How would you recommend putting my faith into the game as I play to be a light to my friends? This of course would be after I found my way back. Thanks again.

Well, that's it.  Read the answers, too--they're the part I wrote.

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