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This material is intended to supplement the materials published by TSR; Reference made within to their materials is intended as reference to their books as primary sources, and no use is intended for TSR's materials outside of a Dungeons & Dragons role playing game run by a referee who has independently

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purchased or lawfully acquired the rulebooks published and copyrighted by Tactical Studies Research.

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 A chart for determining the language in which any material is written barring any limitations on the possibility.  I went through all of the First Edition Dungeons & Dragons books from TSR, and I think all of the languages identified there are on this chart--but I might have missed something.

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 All the standard magical books and spell books (from several first edition Advanced and Basic books published by TSR) are listed on one chart so that the referee can easily select books to include on library shelves which would be a boon--or bane--to his players

Probability of Identifying Marks on Magic Items and Types of Command Words
 To answer the question of whether there is something written on it, and to provide for how a device is actuated, this chart gives options from clear correct information to absolutely false inscriptions.

Random Alternate Planes Weighted Table
 For characters whose actions dictate that they could wind up anywhere, this chart allows a die roll to determine their fate.  The planes bear the names given in first edition, as explained by TSR.  And don't miss the little pneumonic at the bottom of the page!

Modron Military Escort Units
 A compilation of the modron information concerning the commands surrounding modrons of various ranks, created by studying the modron listings in TSR's books, and combining the numbers and types of lower-ranking modrons in the entourage of each level modron with the numbers and types of modrons connected to each of them.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
 A random selection table for non-player characters other than Orientals, based on materials from books by TSR, with a couple obvious additions.

Effects of Social Class
 The education level of the character should be controlled by his social class.  Basic math and language skills are identified on this table, for both occidental and oriental characters.  (Oriental social class is dealt with in Oriental Adventures, and occidental social class in Unearthed Arcana, both from TSR; this material relies on their terminology for social class distinctions, but is not drawn from their rules.)

 A table for determining the size and appearance of horses, divided by sizes and types as indicated in TSR's materials.

Infravision, Ultravision, and Physiology
Some consideration is given to how our vision works, and how these game notions of improved vision might work.

Holidays for Imaginary Worlds
Every world, every country, every city needs its own holidays.  Here are a few ideas from my table, the tables of friends, a few Multiverser worlds, some less-familiar cultures, and my imagination.

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