Searching for Secret Compartments

  All characters have the ability to search for secret compartments (secret drawers, hidden wall safes, et cetera).  The probability  of success equals the individual's intelligence (as a percentage).

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  All thieves of any type receive bonuses in this ability.  A thief receives +5% per level of experience.  A bard receives the same bonus for his levels of thief ability.  A Thief-Acrobat receives +5% per level of thief ability (25% through level 5), +3% per level of Thief-Acrobat ability beyond that (level minus five).  A Monk receive +4% per level of experience.  An assassin receives +5% per level of thief ability, that is, two levels behind a thief, 5% per level minus 10%.  A ninja receives 5% per level.  A Yakuza receives 2% per level, but a Yakuza/Ninja receives both bonuses.

  Compartments may be bonused or penalized according to difficulty.

  Under no circumstances will the probability of success for any character be less than 1% or greater than 99%.  Cumulative bonuses above that may be recorded and applied to offset penalties, but there is always at least a 1% chance of success or failure.

  To use this ability, a character must specify where he is looking, as small as a piece of furniture or as large as a room or hall.  It requires 5 segments per ten square feet area, and assumes that the character knows where to look rather than that a careful search is made.  Thus, seeking for secret compartments in a desk takes half a minute, and is done by trying variouss possibilities.  Seeking them in a room involves checking the desk, looking behind the picture, moving the rug, running fingers along the bookcase, et cetera.

  These racial bonuses apply to the major races:

  Dwarfs +10% Due to interest in construction and mechanics.
  Elves +10% Due to awareness of hidden doors, et cetera.
  Gnomes +5% As dwarfs.
  Half-elves +5% As elves.
  Half-orcs +5% Due to shifty nature.
  Irda +10% As Elves.
  Hengeyokai, Hobbits, Humans, Korobokuru, Minotaur, Spirit Folk, and Trollborn receive no bonus or penalty for race.

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