I Use to Think
Mark J. Young

I use to think I loved you, and I told you once before
That as each day continued, I would love you more and more.
I knew what I was feeling, and I thought that it was real;
But now I find that anything I feel is nothing more than how I feel.

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They tell us in biology
It's just a change in chemistry.
It's just as plain as it can be
That love is not reality.
It's not for you; it's not for me--
A child is for posterity,
And if there are too many, we
Must bend to the majority.
It can't be from up above--
Is that all there is to love?

I use to think that living meant that life should be worthwhile,
And so I searched for something, and I traveled many a mile.
I thought life was important, and I sought to find out why;
But now I guess that anything I thought before was just another lie.

They tell us in astronomy
That's one impossibility.
We're just a tiny speck, you see,
Compared to one small galaxy--
What happens here could never be
Of such universality
To have a lasting memory
Beyond the world of you and me.
The sweat and the blood and strife--
Is that all there is to life?

I use to think that heaven was unquestionably true,
That God was up in heaven, and was watching what we do.
I thought if I did good, then I would surely reach His throne;
But now I find that good is nothing more than just a preference of my own.

They tell us in philosophy
That that is all mythology.
It obviously couldn't be--
A God is an absurdity!
And if there is not God, you see,
There can be no morality.
It's only the majority
Preserving the society.
It strikes me as rather odd--
Is that all there is to God?

I use to think that reason was the basis of my mind,
That reason was not doubted, and would not be for all time.
And so I did my thinking, and I thought through all my plans;
But reason is worth nothing now, because it's clear that it is based on chance.

They tell us in psychology
That thinking works mechanically:
A thought from our heredity
Is formed environmentally.
They tell us in anatomy
That thinking works electrically:
A jolt of electricity,
A slightly altered chemistry--
A brain can be built and bought!
Is that all there is to thought?

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