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  Late in October of 1998, I was asked to contribute a letter to a web site; specifically, I was invited to write an open letter to someone involved in the Clinton/Lewinsky matter, including any of the peripheral players.  I chose to write to President Clinton.  However, this was neither the first nor the last time I was invited to submit something which was posted on the web site of someone else, over which I had no control--and they don't always post the letters unedited, so I've decided to post those letters here for anyone interested in the complete originals.  (The first thing I was invited to post on someone else's site which I actually posted was a portion of the lyrics to my song Holocaust, on a site dedicated to poetry; that, however, is already posted with my song lyrics section, so I didn't list it here.)

  This list does not include the growing number of articles I have written for e-zines and web sites, or the forum and mailing list posts I have written at Gaming Outpost, The Christian Gamers Guild, the Link Exchange Digest, RPGnet, and other places.  Those are, of course, listed in my writings indices for reference.

Chuck Buckley invited comments on his time travel problem, and posted the first of mine.
Then Chuck Buckley posted my response to his response.
And he posted my response to his response to my response.
And I appeared on Chuck Buckley's site one more time.
This letter to President Clinton about his affair with Monica Lewinsky was my first contribution to the Reality Check site.
I submitted a letter to WebCMO on one-to-one marketing, and they posted it in a forum on the subject.
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