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AD&D Deities:  Elves
  Elves have a small pantheon tending mostly toward good and chaos, which can be worshipped by player characters, especially elves and half-elves.  Aquatic and Drow Elves have their own deities, listed separately, and the elves of Krynn tend to adhere to the gods of the Dragonlance realms.

 Corellon Larethian, although a greater god, is alternately male or female.  This chaotic good leader of the elven pantheon represents the highest ideals of elvenkind--skilled in arts and crafts, patron of music, poetry, and magic, he uses the bow and the sword as weapons.  His temples are always natural ampitheaters or other geological formations.  His worshippers generally share his alignment.

 Rillifane Rallathil, the Leaflord, is only a lesser god, but is worshipped by the majority of Wood Elves (although those more neutral in alignment may prefer the Centaur god Skerrit).  He is chaotic good, as are his worshippers, and a staunch defender of the forests and opposer of those who hunt for sport or destroy trees.

 Aerdrie Faenya is Goddess of Air and Weather.  A lesser goddess, she only moves by flight.  Tending toward neutrality, she is chaotic good, but worshipped by any who are neither lawful nor evil; she has a great deal of influence over the weather, and is sought for favors in this regard.  Also, elves with flying mounts are attracted to her, and some who have called her name when falling from a great height have been saved by her.

 Erevan Ilesere, a lesser god, is the God of Mischief and Change.  Chaotic neutral, he is worshipped by all varieties of chaotics and by thieves.  There are known to be elven cleric/thieves and cleric/fighter/thieves in his service--combinations not otherwise permitted.

 Solonor Thelandira is a lesser god.  God of Archery and Hunting, he is chaotic good, and worshipped by goods and moral neutrals, especially hunters and warriors.  He opposes evil of all sorts.  On occasion, a worshipper has been granted an arrow of slaying against his worst enemy.

 Hanali Celanil is Goddess of Romantic Love and Beauty.  A chaotic good lesser goddess worshipped by goods and moral neutrals, she also attracts homage from those who enjoy beauty or are in love.  On rare occasions she has increased the charisma of one of her worshippers relative to the opposite sex only.

 Labelas Enoreth is a lesser god.  God of Longevity, he and his worshippers are chaotic good.  His gender is flexible, sometimes undefined.  He is acknowledged as master of time and aging.

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