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AD&D Deities:  Demons
  Demons are worshipped by chaotic evils, mostly by other monsters.  Without any true hierarchy, they compete for worshippers among themselves.  All named demons desire to be worshipped, although their strong chaotic tendencies cause them to be less interested in commanding their worshippers than their devilish counterparts.

 Baphomet is the lord of all Minotaurs (the monster version, not the Krynn ogrish race).  This bull-headed god and his worshippers are constantly at odds with Yeenoghu and the gnolls.

 Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, is arguably the most powerful of the demon lords (although Orcus and his followers would argue loudly).  His reptilian appearance and nature make him a favorite among snake and lizard creatures, but he is served by creatures of all types.

 Fraz-Urb'luu, Prince of Deception, was imprisoned in the Greyhawk world for centuries.  Upon his release, he swore vengeance against humans of all worlds--hence very few humans will be found in his service.

 Graz'zt is a demon prince in a unique position.  As enemy of both Demogorgon and Orcus, he has a strong tactical advantage which makes this powerful demon more potent than he might otherwise have been:  neither of his enemies can risk weakening themselves in battle against his forces, for fear that the other will take advantage of their condition.  Thus he and his worshippers have a strong position in the ranks of the demonic, despite the significant threat of two potent enemies.

 Jubilex is known as the Faceless Lord.  He is described as the most disgusting and loathesome of all demons, having much in common with the slimes, puddings, oozes, jellies, and other amorphous creatures which are his primary servants.  Even other demons find him disgusting, and keep away from him; yet he does have a few worshippers from among sentient races.

 Kostchtchie is another demon lord, but is so despicable that other major demons hate him.  His worshippers include frost giants and possibly a few white dragons--which suggests a strong connection between him and the cold.

 Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders, is accorded the status of lesser goddess, and is worshipped by all "orthodox" drow elves.

 Orcus vies with Demogorgon for recognition as the most powerful of demons.  Although perhaps individually less potent than his rival, as Prince of the Undead he has absolute authority over certain of the undead--skeletons, zombies, shadows, and vampires.  He also is holder of Orcus' Wand, the Wand of Death, and although he often allows it to pass into the mortal world, he is ever able to retrieve it on short notice.

 Pazuzu is Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms--that is, he rules the skies within the abyss.  All evil flying creatures must obey him if within sight of him.  He does not compete for territory, and freely wanders the evil outer planes, being on generally good terms with everyone from Asmodeus to Demogorgon.  His preferred source of worshippers is lawful good clerics and paladins whom he has corrupted by trading favors.

 Yeenoghu is worshipped principally by the gnolls who resemble him; he is known as Demon Lord of Gnolls.

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