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20:  Buy Equipment
  Each background has its own nuances in costs and availableIf there's a problem, please let me know through this mailto form. equipment.  These tables include all the equipment normally available in the various milieus, and the cost in the currency each uses.  If there is any item the character wishes to have which does not appear on the list (or for which there is no cost for the milieu of the character) please consult the referee as to whether the item is available, and at what cost.

  Occidental prices are all in gold, with many items listed at fractions of a gold piece.  It will be simple enough to convert remaining fractions to smaller coins once all purchases are complete.  Because the MyWorld system began as a Basic Dungeons & Dragons game, the conversion of silver to gold and copper to gold is different (10:1 for BD&D silver to gold, 20:1 in AD&D; copper is 50:1 in BD&D, 200:1 in AD&D); thus fractional values may be unreliable in strict AD&D games.  Also, some items were re-priced in MyWorld, if the cost in silver pieces was greater than one gold piece, or greater than some other item priced in gold which should be more expensive.

  Oriental prices are more complicated, as they are controlled by the values of the coins used.  Players will likely have to convert between coin types in order to acquire some items.  The exchange rate is 1 Ch'ien=10 Tael, 1 Tael=20 Yuan, 1 Yuan=5 Fen.  For convenience, if the Tael is a dollar, the Ch'ien is a ten dollar coin, the Yuan is a nickel, and the Fen is a penny.  However, the change will not convert at the same ratios when changed to occidental money.  Also, since MyWorld is at the core an occidental campaign world, additional oriental equipment will be priced in occidental currency at a price the referee deems appropriate for the location and the item (sometimes cheap if the dealer is trying to unload it, sometimes expensive if the item might be in demand) once the game begins.

  Characters will begin the game with the equipment which they purchase, and will be allowed to purchase or acquire additional equipment as available within the milieu.  Non-occidentals should be aware that equipment from the occidental list is the only equipment normally available for sale in the occidental worlds of the MyWorld campaign, although other supplies may be found in the larger, somewhat distant, cities.  Thief sub-classes desiring to steal equipment should be aware that all such acquisitions are dependent upon successful pick pockets rolls for each piece desired, and there is a chance of being caught.  Bushi wishing to scrounge equipment may do so, but availability is extremely limited for most oriental items.

  It is recommended that all characters obtain their weapons first of all, and fill in other equipment from there.  Also, a backpack and a belt are recommended for carrying equipment.  MyWorld has rules for the maximum that containers can hold.  These rules are summarized on this table; the weight is generally the most important consideration, as most such containers may have objects which stick out of them without interfering with the ability function:

Container Capacity Dimensions Volume Diagonal Weight
Backpack 1200w 3'x2'x1' 6 cu ft 3' 9" 20w
Halfpack 600w 2'x1.5'x1' 3 cu ft 2' 8" 13w
Large Sack 1000w 2'x4' 5 cu ft 4' 6" 20w
Small Sack 300w 1.5'x2' 1.5 cu ft 2' 6" 5w
Large Belt Pouch 50w 6"x6"x12" 0.25 cu ft 15" 10w
Small Belt Pouch 25w 6"x6"x6" 0.125 cu ft 10" 5w
Large Saddle Bag 600w 2'x2'x9" 3 cu ft 3' 150w
Small Saddle Bag 100w 1'x1'x6" 0.5 cu ft 1.5' 75w

  The MyWorld rules also limit what can be kept on a belt.  There are eight positions on the belt, designated Left Rear (LR), Left Extreme (LE), Left (L), Left Center (LC), Right Center (RC), Right (R), Right Extreme (RE), and Right Rear (RR).  Only one item or container may be placed in each position, and the character may suffer disadvantages if he places an item in a position in which it is inappropriate or affects his ability to move in specific ways.  For example, a character cannot ride a horse with a long sword in either rear position.

  Equipment is traditionally divided into several categories; these categories are maintained, and prices for items in each milieu are given.  It was felt that there were several reasons why this would be more valuable for the referee.  Players who will be equipping in one milieu and adventuring in another will want to know which items they will not be able to acquire--or afford--once the game begins.  Also, there may be items which should logically be available in a milieu which are not listed for that milieu, but are listed for another.  Having the price of the item available in other areas may make it easier to extrapolate a price in this area.

  Some of the prices given are such extrapolations made at the request of players in the MyWorld campaign.

Here are the categories of equipment available:

Armor will be needed by most non-magic-users, and by multi-classed magic-users.

Arms and weapons are used by nearly every character, and the player should make it a priority to provide his character with at least some of the weapons in which he is proficient.

Clothing may not make the man, but for most characters it's important.  MyWorld rules allow that the character begins with one set of ordinary clothing at no cost; however, this does not include special items, and a spare set of clothes is a good idea.

Herbs serve several purposes, from warding off various evil creatures to compounding poisons to dressing wounds.  Several are for sale.

Livestock includes many useful animals, the horse chief among them, although characters have often acquired birds and other animals early in the game.

Miscellaneous Equipment & Items will be the source of the bulk of the character's equipment.  It includes everything the character needs when he isn't fighting, and the cases to put them in.

Proficiency Equipment is expensive and of little use in the early part of the campaign.  Few characters will purchase anything from this list, although some may wish to be aware of the expenses involved in their alternate skills.

Provisions include all the character might eat or drink, from meals at the restaurant to hardtack in the bottom of the backpack.  It's a good idea to have some food on hand from the beginning.

Religious Items are especially important for cleric classes, but are often carried by others, especially those fighters with a religious connection, such as paladins and sohei.  Remember that the holy symbol is an integral part of all clerical magic, including dispelling undead.

Common Services are part of daily life, mostly in the orient, but are not usually purchased at this time.

Tack & Harness is necessary if the character has a horse or other mount; referees will penalize characters who try to ride bareback.

Transport is expensive, and not usually acquired at this time, although a particularly wealthy character may wish to buy a chariot or cart.

  Occidental currency is in platinum (pp), gold (gp), electrum (ep), silver (sp), and copper (cp) coins; each coin weighs a tenth of a pound.  The Basic Dungeons & Dragons exchange rate is still in effect in MyWorld, 1pp=5gp, 1gp=10sp, 1sp=5cp, or 1/5pp=1gp=1sp=50cp.  Viking and Krynn milieus use the same rate.  Underdark characters are presumed to equip on the surface in the occidental milieu, rather than at home.  For those using the AD&D exchange rate, it is 1pp=5gp, 1gp=20sp, 1sp=10cp.

  Convert any change to occidental currency.  In the MyWorld game, Oriental currency changes directly on a coin-to-coin basis, 1c=1pp, 1t=1gp, 1y=1sp, 1f=1cp; although the coin relationships between oriental coins differ from those of occidental coins, this exchange reflects various political and cultural differences between the two worlds (and makes conversion simple).  The player is not permitted to change coinage from one type to another after this, except for cash strings gained as birthrights (or purchased with other funds) which may be exchanged at this rate only, in any major city.  Income from properties will be delayed (due to transportation problems), and will be converted to occidental currency on its way to the character.  The player may not manipulate funds (by, e.g., converting everything to fen in the expectation that the copper pieces will be more money than other coinage would be).

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