Retrieving the Golden Cheese Puff — or an impromptu pen and paper RISUS RPG game

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    Due to a third of my class being absent because of logistics of their main class going wrong I ended up with on pupil only. (I teach protestant religion in a country where only roughly 2-3% of the population is protestant, so my classes are small) The teacher of Catholic religion also only had one pupil and came over to us asking if they could play a game. Having only a bunch of six sided dice with me and a sheet of possible character art (accidentally in my jacket pocket from when I took it with me to maybe play with the family at a feast) I suggested we do a story telling game.

    I quickly explained how the game worked (none of the optional rules) and how to make a character, let them pick a portrait and cut and paste it on a small sheet of paper. All this in about 5-10 minutes. Then we still had about 20 minutes left before our class was over, so we got started. Neither the two kids had ever played a pen and paper rpg, but they did amazing.

    Our Player Characters:
    [I forgot the name of this character], a Jokester (4), Archer (3), Jumper (2) and Runner (1) met up with Cheese Puff*, a Cook (4), Soccer Player (3), Thief (3) were contracted by the Boss Baby to retrieve the Golden Cheese Puff* from the castle of Ying, Yang and Fox (These names were come up with by the players).

    The Game:
    I started the game with them outside of the castle, not yet noticed and asked how they were gonna do this. They decided to have one of them distract the guards while the other one snuck in. Then the other guy had to come in and to help him with this Cheese Puff decided to set some traps to have the guards run into as the Character I forgot the name off ran towards the castle. I decided that since they had worked together the other one would know that traps were set. And it worked. The guards ran into the traps. I asked what kind of traps it were. The guy answered that it were pit traps. I ran with it. No need to bog down play with the question of how he dug multiple pits, unseen, in about 5 minutes of in-game time, and covered them to hide them. Magic Realism FTW.

    Going further in they saw Ying and Yang playing table tennis in the guard lounge. They were on break. One was dressed all in white with a black dot on his chest, the other was dressed all in white with a black dot on his chest. They disposed of them in a way I don’t really remember. I think sleeping arrows and a soccer ball to the face.

    They were then confronted by fox who was disposed of with a Frying Pan to the back of the head. (A very creative use of the Cook Cliché/Skill, which I approved off. They are 10/11 year olds.) Then they encountered the Golden Cheese Puff on it’s shrine, discovered that it was trapped (Handy to have a Thief (3) with you) and defeated the Robot-Knights guarding it with only a sprained ankle between them. They retrieved the Golden Cheese Puff, brought it to the Boss Baby and got a promotion (an extra dice for the next game, should we ever play a new one) just in time for the bell signaling it was recess.

    *Not the actual translation. There is no real translation for the typically Dutch recipe that is cheese, rolled around in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

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