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    The Bearded Belgian

    I was indeed in Orc Rising. I was in a trading camp of which I’ve forgotten the name. I had started preaching to everybody, but that had taken mostly with the orc slaves, which I stubbornly treated as normal human beings instead of labour animals. There were also some of the humans that had accepted the faith, among which the daughter of this camp’s leader/boss. I think her name was Catherine or something like that? I don’t quite remember.

    Besides that I always tried to be able to journey with the trading caravan to the next town over, where the first time I had come to say goodbye to a slave boy I had developed a friendship with. (Click, not his real name, I can’t remember his real name, but they called him like this because of the special sound in his name) I had talked to his current owner and explained the faith, which took hold, and now there’s a small house church there. In dire need of translations of my Dutch bible in English I had translated Paul’s letter to the Galatians to them, thinking it would be a good mix of practical faith and technical theology. Also, it was short and they were really in need of it. I had also given a document beside it, which included my own commentaries trying to make sense of it in what I knew of this culture. I think I was currently trying to translate Romans, with the same kind of commentary.

    As far as I remember all the newly christian and baptized orc slaves were sold, and I had given them all a copy of the ”wordless book” in actual booklet format, and explained to them how to use it. I remember praying over the booklets as I was making them to bless them so they might help share this gospel, but something in the rolling went bad, so some of them have a slightly wonky blessing on them, which, I guess means they might be the source of the first kind of ”Christian heresy” developing out there.

    I think as of this moment I was back from the city after being there with a trading caravan, buying gifts for people in the trading camp who had been well to me. Like a bottle of Elven wine for the boss and a small keg of Elven ale for my leather working Master, to thank them for having me after I arrived and letting me be part of the community. I seem to remember delivering them all.

    I had learned that there were actual elves and dwarves here too, and I think I was toying with the idea of trying to contact the dwarves on a big city market to try and build a printing press, which would beat hand-copying the translations of the scripture a lot.

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    O.K., this is what I have–not neat, you understand, but concise, I think:


    Nikolaj Ernst Germaine Frederica Bourguignon Name
    Nico: Not preferred, but endured as allmost everyone shortens it to that. a.k.a.
    Bouddi/Bourgui: Shortening/alteration of family name used at highschool by teachers and students.
    Denolaj: Last used and most preferred nickname from highschool. Also used in altered form by my mother and brother when in a good and loose mood (nolajke). Also used in my e-mail adress as can be seen.
    Meneerke: Used by one person at work (previous job). It is a familiarised form of the word mister in flemish. Translated it would meen little mister, but it has not that official ring to it. It’s dialect as well.
    Nick: friends from the Ukraine
    Bikkel: one girl at a Christian community, because it means something like “tough” and she was impressed by his ability to fast for a week while being involved in internships and other activities.
    Olaj: used by himself and his mother, a diminuitive

    1@8 Persuasion
    1@8 Charisma
    1@7 Animal Magnetism
    2@3 Resistance
    1@1 Density
    1@6 Agility
    1@10 Hand/Eye
    1@9 Intuition
    2@1 Education Level
    Will Power

    Averaged Attributes
    Ranged Strike Value
    Martial Strike Value
    1@5 Target Value
    Damage Value

    Nikolaj Ernst Germaine Frederica Bourguignon Name
    Best Relevant Attributes


    Allergic to multiple pollen species (hayfever)/ animal fur (actually it’s the sweat and dirt in the fur that causes the reaction)/ dust mite. Most of the times I have a clogged up nose. Healed by Qormlach in Orc Rising. Weaknesses

    height: 6 feet something. weight: about 150 pounds I’m guessing. hairstyle: buzzcut haircolor: brown age: 22 (january 31 1984) eye color: dark brown facial hair: Long sideburns (they go down until my jawline, it leaves asian people puzzled) I have no specific birthmarks but a larger then normal pigmentspot in my neck. I have a scar on my upper lip under my nose (in the winter someone asked if it was a frozen bugger :P), on my back (lower then the shoulderblade) and on my left knee. I have a few zits most of the time. Description
    Ambidextrous, but writes left handed except on vertical surfaces and uses scissors right handed.

    1@1 Foraging T0@1 used for materials to make primitive dyes
    1@5 Leatherworker Package T1@X
    1@3 Origami T1@1
    1@3 Silkscreening T1@4
    1@10 Operate Bicycle T4@1
    1@7 Photography T6@2
    1@1 Medical Diagnosis T7@0
    1@1 Medical Treatment/First Aid T7@1 includes mouth-to-mouth, concentration on children
    1@8 Operate Cell Phone functions T10@0 +5SM for user-friendly interface
    1@7 Digital Photography T10@3
    2@3 Use Computer Graphics Programs T11@0 (Adobe specialization)
    1@2 Computer Programming: HTML T11@1

    2@8 Dutch Language P0@0
    2@1 English Language P0@0
    1@5 French Language P0@0
    1@1 German Language P0@0
    1@1 Japanese Language P0@0
    1@3 Russian/Ukrainian Language P0@0
    1@8 Teaching P0@1 childhood emphasis

    2@2 Graphic Design Concepts M0@0
    1@8 Art Theory and History M0@0
    1@4 Play Ukelele M0@0
    1@8 Arts and Crafts M0@0
    1@6 Improvisational Storytelling M0@0
    1@10 Religion: Christian M1@0 +1M
    1@2 Confer Holy Spirit M+1@1 after explaining the experience and getting the willing agreement of someone already embracing the Christian faith, lay both hands on that person and pray for 15:00 for God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. 2d10+1 GE roll follows success and may indicate a supernatural manifestation in the form of another skill given to the subject.
    1@1 Bless the Spirit of the Earth M+1@4 bonus checks related to supporting life, must first contact the spirit blessed (separate skill check M7@7 or comparable), kneel and touch the ground, and speak appropriate words of blessing, +30SM
    1@2 SAL Nehemiah’s Prayer M+1@4 bonuses persuasion check to one individual by giving the speaker God’s intended message for that person, prayer is entirely by thought, 0:15 TF 3:00 duration, +1 SM.
    1@1 Reduce Resistance to Persuasion M1@4 while walking, requires successful use of Prayer Tongues M7@1 40:00 TF asks God to make hearers open to message to be spoken at a specific future moment, reduces will power against persuasion of RS% of members of group RS/10 for 1:00:00
    1@1 Bonus Persuasion Checks M+1@4 pray for 5:00 aloud but quietly with appropriate words, sound necessary, while constructing a book; someone using the book at a later time to explain its meaning will receive +3 bonus to persuasion check related to the book’s message, +32SM
    1@1 Give Courage M+1@5 laying either hand on shoulder and praying with subject for 20:00 with appropriate words to remove fear for RSx8 minutes +36SM
    1@1 Protection against Spirit Powers M+1@6 pray 15:00 for protection, gives RS=SM against attacks by spirits for 80:00, duration tolls from first such attack, +9SM
    1@3 Protection from Attacks M+1@6 lay both hands on companions and pray for one minute, “Lord please protect us on this journey. Protect us from possible attacks from orcs or wild beasts as we look for the things we need. Thank you Lord. Amen.” with eyes closed, +6SM.
    1@1 Protection from dangers of travel M+1@6 praying aloud with appropriate words
    1@3 Remove Curse M+1@8 raise either arm toward someone involved (the one cursed or cursing) and forcefully say “I break this curse in Jesus’ name! By His authority and might invested in me I break this curse.” (sound not vital), 1:00 TF +6 SM
    1@1 Spirit Combat M+1@10 incorporates M+1@6 protection RS=SM with base fatal pain attack, will power check RS=S/D/N, pray, reading from a Bible, Ephesians 6:10-18, 5:00TF, protection concurrent with casting, attack at end of time, +38SM.
    1@10 Prayer Tongues M7@1
    1@1 Read Alien Script M7@1
    1@1 Bless Communication of Message from Page M+7@1 while page is being created pray 5:00, sound necessary but not necessarily loud, appropriate words; when someone presents the page to someone else, the target receives +3 to an attribute check for understanding the meaning of the message on that page, +10SM
    1@3 Dreams and Visions M7@6 usually as guidance or answers to prayers
    1@1 Diagnose Cause of Infirmity M+7@6 pray for fifteen minutes with appropriate words, both hands on the infirm subject, having removed everyone from the room other than the subject and the skilled user and a small team of other ministers, +36SM
    1@2 Send Message to Spirit Being M+7@7, kneel and touch object connected to targeted being, speak the name of the being to whom you wish to speak, and speak the message, 0:45 TF +30SM
    1@10 Seek Knowledge M+7@7 pray for 15:00 for the answer to a question; the answer usually comes in the form of a M7@6 dreams and visions success. +38 SM
    1@2 Pray for Third Party Revelation M+7@7 while walking, requires successful use of Prayer Tongues M7@1 40:00 TF asks God to reveal Himself to a specified other individual +38SM
    1@1 Prayer for Third Party Revelation M+7@7 pray aloud 15:00 for God to speak to people through the words and actions of the user and his companions, -3SM
    1@3 Third Party Revelation M+7@7 15:00 TF prayer eyes closed with appropriate words asking that a specified individual perceive a specific truth about reality, using prayer tongues as part of prayer, +45SM
    1@5 Discernment of Good and Evil Natures M7@9 unbidden and uncontrolled, usually in connection with the less obvious +10SM


    Laptop bag, used as luggage
    2 Bibles, Dutch
    Several Christian tracts, English
    5 Gospel booklets, English
    Loose papers, a pen a pencil a coloured pen (green or red)
    Brightly colored blue boots (Like Docter Martin’s)
    A notebook containing muses and sketches.
    A lunchbox (before lunch it will be filled and afterwards it will be empty)
    2 memorysticks (1 Gb and 128 Mb) Mac and Pc compatible
    Wallet (ID, social security card, other membership and customercards (like Captain’s Kebab wink.gif) and used bustickets
    Laptop (Microsoft)
    Red short-sleeved T-shirt
    Light blue long-sleeved T-shirt
    Worn costume vest (black)
    Light blue jeans
    Brown belt
    Black boxershorts
    grey sportsocks
    Sneakers patterned with blue and red versions of the all-star/converse logo made in different kinds of numberplate-like images. The laces are white (or they were at least)
    Bank card in wallet
    50 eurocents change
    Keys of my appartment and my sister’s apartement (including one key that doesn’t work because it’s from a changed lock, I’ve got the new one though) and a key from my fathers barbershop.
    Some graphic design books
    Cell Phone
    jeans jacket (dark blue) with a patch sewn on it (A black rectangular patch with the statement ‘FIRST JESUS FIRST’ embroided in white upon it)
    black boxers
    blue, short sleeved, wide shirt with grungy black print
    Darkgreen Shorts (jeans, with big pockets)
    pair of white socks
    Ukulele (Soprano) in bag with booklet for singing and plectrum and sheets with chords notifications.
    Art trunk, small, contains charcoal, black ink, dried walnut powder (Bister), paper tape, goache, acrylics, ecoline, aquarelle and colouring pencils
    Markers, several colors
    Camera, still photography
    Photographic developing gear with chemicals (black & white)
    Tripod for camera
    $70,000 B Monster Movie World money from the Architect
    Book, Dante’s Divine Comedy, paperback
    First Aid Kit (bandages, salves, et cetera)
    Flashlight, recharging by physical motion
    Magnesium Flint & Steel fire starter block
    6″ blade sheath knife
    Portable water filtration system with sealable bottle
    Field Book survival manual, paperback
    Tent, nylon two-man pup tent with staves, stakes, and lines
    50′ nylon 1/2″ climbing rope
    Folding camp shovel
    Sleeping bag, arctic protection
    10 pairs underwear
    10 pairs socks
    3 multi-colored Hawaiian shirts (minus one–traded in Orc Rising)
    Bright Purple knickers (mid-calf length pants)
    Bright Yellow slacks
    Dark red jeans
    Navy pin-striped suit with vest
    Pastel blue dress shirt
    Black dress shoes, tie
    Aluminum packing case, padded, 2.5′ cube with side handles and wheels, to contain photographic equipment
    Aluminum packing case, padded, 2.5′ cube with side handles and wheels, to contain art supplies
    Aluminum packing case, padded, 2.5′ cube with side handles and wheels, for personal gear
    Aluminum packing case, padded, 2.5’x1.5’x9″ suitcase style, for clothing
    Padlocks, combination style, 4, for packing cases
    $1445 B Monster Movie value in gold and silver coins, rings, necklaces, minus one ring in Orc Rising
    metal knife designed for carving wood, heavy back, edge angles to sharp point, handle gripp for whittling/carving, wide flat back for chiseling.
    Heavy wool pants (Orc Rising)
    Light cotton pants (Orc Rising)
    Light cotton shirt (Orc Rising)
    Heavy wool shirt (Orc Rising)
    Leather long coat (Orc Rising)

    1 Stage

    B Monster Movie World World List


    If there’s anything here that needs to be updated/corrected, let me know.

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    The Bearded Belgian

    Qormlach, that was Click’s real name! Also, I’ve had contact with Gaia, and have seen in a vision that she, as the current power of this world, discussed my preaching with the Almighty, and that she accepted that her time was slowly coming to an end in this realm.

    Also, on the topic of principalities and powers I had one time been attacked by an orc-like power/deity/demon, but resisted the attack. While I could not see it, Qormlach saw it in the Spirit. Also, Qormlach had received the gift of healing.

    That’s all I have to add I think.

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    O.K., if you’re back at the ranch you’re back to working in the leather shop each day. Apart from the standard leather tasks for the ranch, are you working on any particular projects?


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    The Bearded Belgian

    I’m busily translating Romans after hours and experimenting with pigments in the leather shop. I also try, most days to hang out with the other workers and play games or talk or play the ukelele. I’m not sure wether or not I actually have the time for that a lot though, as there will probably be new converts with questions most of the time or people who will complain about the new faith.

    There might have been daily readings, but I don’t quite remember that. And I would do those in the morning, before work, probably.

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    It appears that I have to retrieve my dice from the other room, where it’s been since I haven’t fully unpacked from my guesting at AnimeNEXT. General Effects Roll 4+9+2=15, not thwarting.

    You run a busy schedule, although for the present things have smoothed out a bit–not a lot of new converts, but the old ones are going strong, and you get occasional new people at the morning readings who don’t stay to talk.

    This will continue for a few weeks.


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    The Bearded Belgian

    I remember this world had an odd amount (as in strange, since actually I seem to remember it being an even number) of weekdays. Like 6 or 8 or something, which, when I mentioned it to you when we took this up a long time ago after the hiatus back then, seemed logical to you.

    Also, I remember the daughter of the boss of this outpost (The K-range?) to be a friend of mine and also a convert whom I occasionally delegated beginning enquirers to for explaining the gospel message. I remember her parents not being for it, but I think they were also not really against it.

    Anyway, I mention this because I also kind of remember me trying to set up weekly gatherings, which I think I used the rest day for, instead of forcing a more theologically correct seven day week.

    This in mind I think I’ll base my services on singing from my uke and booklet to worship, prayer, testimonies and a reading and explaining of the word. I would base the reading/sermon on the morning readings.

    I think we tried meeting in the main hall for the weekly service, but that gave trouble, so we’re meeting in the fields outside, which might be slightly dangerous, what with the wild orcs living in the jungle.

    Also, I’d like to keep an eye out for someone who can read and write among the faithful, for aid in copying the translated texts until I can set up a printing press of some sort. I’d try making a letterset but I don’t really think I’d have the patience for it. Maybe one of the faithful is a woodcarver. That would be great.

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    I have a fantasy world calendar with a six-day week, so I was probably using that. As an aside, when Napoleon introduced the metric system, he included a calendar with a ten-day week, but the predominantly Catholic population of France wouldn’t tolerate it. My calendar begins on or just before the vernal equinox, each month five weeks of six days each, Adrus, Condor, Equus, Gigant, Ichthus, Kantron, Mantor, Ovex, Quizmire, Silvan, Ubrecht, Wiltag, and then every three years a leap month of Ysor to bring the lunar and solar calendars back in line.

    I do remember the daughter, she was I think near twenty, plus or minus a couple years. I don’t remember the name.

    GE roll 9+9+1=19, not thwarting but generally unfavorable result. Sorry; I was hoping for better.

    I believe you arrived in early Adrus, the beginning of spring; by now it must be mid Kantron, the end of summer.

    You are not aware of any woodcarvers among your believers. There are carpenters/woodworkers on the ranch, but you only encounter them occasionally (they provide saddle horns and stirrups and such for the tack and harness) and aren’t entirely sure who all of them are.


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    The Bearded Belgian

    I somehow missed this post. The calendar is pretty cool.
    As it’s the end of summer, we’ll probably be starting to be in harvest season, with all the appropriate festivities and traditions, right? It also means that during autumn there should be a trading caravan passing through, since I’m not expecting the logging camp to be fully self-sufficient in regards to foodstuffs.

    I think the girl was named Catherine or something like that?

    Did I manage to find someone who can read and write to help me copy what I’ve translated?

    I’m gonna try to learn a lesson from what Scott used to do in his games and note down the dates to help us remember.
    If we’re in the middle of Ardus, that would be the 15th,
    right? So the date or week we’re talking about would be the third week of Ardus (13-18), the end of Summer

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    I apologize for the delay on this response. I just did the calculations and realized that of the 62 calendar days that comprised July and August, I believe I spent all or part of 31 of them in one of three hospitals. There was also convalescent and catch-up time following each of the three stays.

    Clarification: we are in the middle of Kantron, sixth month following the vernal equinox, approaching the autumnal equinox (which should be a few days after the beginning of Mantor, the next month), so the equivalent of late August/early September, and yes, harvest is beginning, and there will be a few traders passing through. Lumbering is a small part of what is done here, and done mostly as part of expanding the size of the ranch, which is mostly cattle, some dairy. That’s why there’s an abundance of hides for leatherwork.

    Now that you mention it, I’m betting that the name of the girl is Katarina, but only because I tend to name characters after people I know and then use what I know of those people to inform the personality. I don’t always do that, but it’s a good shortcut that I’ve recommended before.

    GE roll 15.

    The ranch employs a professional secretary, who pretends to be too busy to do anything beyond his limited duties (bookkeeping, inventory records, occasional correspondence). Katarina reads, but does not write well or quickly, as she was not really taught to write. There is also a young man who has learned to write perhaps adequately, who is one of the ranch hands usually out with the herds most of the day longer stretches in the warmer weather.

    Large amounts of hay are being cut, dried, baled, and stored to feed the cattle and cows through the winter. They are also beginning to cull the herd at a significant rate, smoking and pickling large quantities of beef for trade and for long-term storage. Beef is also the centerpiece of every meal through this time. Potatoes and other tubers are being put in root cellars, and the ends of the fresh vegetables are making their way to the table. (Canning has not been discovered, but some vegetables are being pickled.)

    The fellowship continues to grow slowly, and to attract interest from people just wondering what it is about.


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    The Bearded Belgian

    Out of Game:
    I have followed a bit of your misadventures through Facebook, and am glad that you seem to have recovered. (In as much as one can recover from back problems. I think it was back problems, right?)

    Out of Character:
    • Is the person who can read and write a believer or not?
    • Katarina seems about right for the name, yes.

    Seeing that there is a steady influx of people coming to the gathering I will try to keep the weekly readings and sermons on the basics of the gospel and use the morning readings to broaden the knowledge of the faithful that show up there and possibly answer much asked questions.

    I try to keep an eye out for persons showing a steady grasp of the fundamentals and/or showing signs of gifts and/or fruit of the Spirit.

    If that younger man that can read and write is part of the believers’ congregation we’ve got going here I’d approach him and ask him if he’d like to help in copying the scriptures, perhaps when the cattle is safely grazing. I emphasize that it’s just a question.

    If he has to remain very vigilant during these times to watch for predators I can’t really ask him to do it then. But perhaps he can help copying on the resting day, for half an hour or something?

    Should I notice that he agrees reluctantly because of time otherwise spent with the family as he’s finally home then I will again emphasize that it’s just a question and that I am not upset if he refuses.

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