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    Kyler’s character details

    So I guess that’s me

    this is a better place

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    Looks good, I might just work from that copy; it appears to match the one I have.

    Refresh my memory on Katrina and Charles Finley. I think Katrina was about your apparent age, if I recall correctly, but I remember nothing about Chuck.

    Give me everything you know/recall about your current world, including our story so far.

    I gather the forum software is working. What do you consider a reasonable turn-around time for editing/deleting posts? Two minutes? Five? Ten? Sixty? I’m open here.

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    Charles Finley was interested by the martial arts training I put Katrina through during recess and before class, so he started training under me as well.

    I arrived in Northgate City in an alley just in time to witness a mugging. Still irritated over having been shot to death by the police minutes before after surviving a three story fall without a scratch, I took out my frustrations on the mugger by attacking him using my lajatang. He barely lived and practically crawled from the alley; I ignored him at that point and went and found Mariska and Baron. We three saw a news report regarding my antics and learned my victim had been wanted at large and went by the name Silverblade.

    Further wandering had our path cross the Daedalus Corp building. We entered to investigate and met Daedalus or his hologram anyway. We discussed our origins and secured employment, I in the warehouse and Mariska in the labs, and Daedalus suggested we head to the embassy, which introduced us to an existing base of operations for versers.

    During one of my work shifts in the warehouse, a group of ninja attacked. I dealt with them in short order, but I subsequently quit the job to enroll in school after another occasion where on the way to work I encountered a giant mechanical ant destroying the city and took down the scientist running it in his base.

    There was also an occasion where I apprehended a criminal with a rubbery, flexible body. in exchange for his freedom he told me his powers were a result of an experiment performed by Dr Z, who I later found out is Dr Zhorbakian (if memory serves). Mariska and I tried to fly to his island, which isn’t a part of the city but is its own sovereign nation, but he warned us he would shoot us down for violating his airspace so we took a ferry instead.

    My request to him was that I wanted to look like a supernatural being because of my beauty. He tried one thing, botched, the result of the botch boosted my intuition ridiculously high. Then he tried another thing a few weeks later, and that time it seemed to work, right down to influencing certain subconscious mannerisms and behaviors. In exchange i promised him a favor at some future date.

    Mariska, Icarus, and I have a weekly date where we go out at night and patrol as masked vigilantes. I think they might be dating but just don’t want to tell me.

    I met Dreamweaver and suggested she read some books, especially history, to try to broaden her knowledge base. I told her to contact me if she needs anything.

    And I guess that’s it for now

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    Ah, still in Northgate. Should have known–hard to knock a superhero out of Northgate City, even with a supervillain.

    I’m thinking that you, Katrina, and Charles were all in the same grade, which must be…I’m at a loss.

    I remember many of the details–the gym connected to the verser quarters, some of the training sessions. (Mariska and Icarus are not dating, he only wishes they were.)

    I doubt either of us remember exactly where/when we stopped, so I’ll let you set the time/date/place to continue the story.


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    Fourth grade. That was where I left off when I versed out, and that seemed as good a place as any to pick it back up.

    I don’t mind fast forwarding a few years and graduating high school.

    That was obviously a joke.

    I didn’t really — or rather haven’t really — had any plans in this world. I’ve mainly just been trying to keep to myself and train, but the weekly nighttime rendezvous (which is actually already a plural word) with Mariska and Icarus serve to both break up the monotony somewhat while providing some chance for me to get blown out of here. Not that I’m actively trying to do that.

    At some point I expect Doc Z to call me to make good on the anomalous favor I promised him, but I won’t be too surprised with a man of his prowess if his calling on me comes while I’m in another universe.

    So we’ll start by saying that after school I’ll use the resources available to me (Internet, yellow pages) to find a modeling agency and head down there to see about ascertaining a job.

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    (I was thinking that a GE roll was appropriate here, but just realized that my dice are still packed in the living room from my return from AnimeNEXT, and I’m squeezing this into the cracks tonight so I don’t want to go get them, so you get the benefit of my “most likely” scenario.)

    It’s easy to find modeling agencies, and the first one you try is very interested in having you return with one of your parents or guardians.

    So is the second.

    I think you’re smart enough that you wouldn’t go to a third without trying to address this problem.


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    Try this again

    Yeah I don’t even need to go to the second agency, and I won’t bother trying to explain myself to them right away; I will just ask about their upfront fees then just go home and come back with my photo alien identification indicating me as in my 40s or 50s (whatever we had agreed on at the embassy which I don’t exactly recall) and my photo ID motorcycle license (which I should probably get all updated at some point since I look a bit different now, if it’s an issue I’ll try to head there immediately unless they’re already closed in which case I’ll pick it up after school tomorrow and try again) as well as my right to work papers (which if that’s a thing in Northgate I extrapolate that I must have had from my time working in the warehouse at Daedalus Corp) and the money for their agency fees (from the “nest egg” balance that Mariska and I have been adding back into that came with the place we’re staying in), like “Here ya go, this should cover it.” I make my school hours and evening and weekend availability clear.

    And if I happen to cross her path I’ll just mention to Mariska what I’m doing so she doesn’t freak out about money disappearing. I don’t particularly feel a need to explain my actions to her; she’s been putting her money there too, so it would be better for her to be aware of the reason for the change in the balance.

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    I apologize for the delay on this response. I just did the calculations and realized that of the 62 calendar days that comprised July and August, I believe I spent all or part of 31 of them in one of three hospitals. There was also convalescent and catch-up time following each of the three stays.

    GE roll 13.

    The agency has no up-front fees, but expect you to sign a non-compete agreement for twelve months and it contains a clause requiring you to accept at least six job auditions/offers in that time, or to pay them the commission you would have earned. They take twenty percent of your first two jobs, ten percent on every job thereafter, but they pay for an initial demo photoshoot, which they will schedule within the next few days at your and the photographer’s convenience.

    They comment about how bad drivers license photos are.

    Otherwise everything continues as normal.


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    I don’t know where that whole post I wrote went

    Everything looks good I’ll continue my training daily and alert rest at night and see what happens

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    ALSO I sign the contract

    And ooc the edit feature doesn’t seem to work properly anymore(≧∇≦)

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