Archetypes: Knights!

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    The Bearded Belgian

    I just read the republished article on the Knight archetype from the Christian Gamers Guild, but I am not sure wether it is from the old or the new series. Going back on the link provided to the original site, it seems that it was part of the Faith and Gaming series, so I hope I post this in the right category.

    Reading the dissertation on the Knight archetype, I could not help but notice similarities with the Stoics, which are not referenced directly in the article, and with the classic philosophical archetype of the warrior, which I think was coined by Plato or Aristotle, but Google isn’t immediately giving me an answer. I think I should search deeper using the word classes or caste rather than archetypes, since he uses that word differently.

    But basically (if I recall correctly) according to him a good functional city/country/… is made up out of (four?) different classes, of which the warrior/guardian is one.

    The reference in the article on Ivanhoe defending the Jewess Rebecca out of a desire to do the right thing, or not even out of desire, but because het has to do the right thing, reminds me of the ancient Stoic movement from classical philosophy. (Among which practitioners was the famous Marcus Aurelius) I think what made me think of this is the disregard of emotions in deciding wether or not to do the right thing, not depending on a reward, rather taking possible bad consequences of doing a good act as being training in acceptance and humility, and the focus on not being a big deal. You’re here now, and gone tomorrow. It’s not you personally that is important, but rather doing the right thing. Not your own desires but some kind of universal morality should guide your actions. Also acting, acting was more important than debating and discussing. It was very practical it seems.

    These were things I had to think about while reading the article. Am I correct in noticing this as an underlying philosophy of the Knight Archetype as you described it Marc?

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    Thanks for your thoughts, Nikolaj. I can see that it fits: the knight does the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and it would be dishonorable for him to do otherwise.

    You mention looking for warrior, so I wonder whether you saw the previous article in the series, Faith and Gaming: Warriors. It deals with the motivations, virtues, and temptations of the ordinary fighter, the one defending his home or someone else’s home together with others. I mention it because it is probably closer to the warrior/guardian class you mentioned.

    And yes, this is the correct board. The Faith in Play series does not launch until December 2017, after the last of the Faith and Gaming articles has been republished in November.

    –M. J. Young

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    The Bearded Belgian

    Yes, I saw it, but didn’t really feel very compelled to comment on it, even though I enjoyed it greatly. I like the pro’s and cons between using power for protection and abusing power for bullying. Looking forward to the rest in the series.

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