A question about temporal stasis

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    John Cross keeps asking me questions privately on LinkedIn, but they aren’t really private questions and I keep thinking that I should be answering them publicly. So here I go with his most recent:

    Suppose you were creating a temporal field. A “Time Tent” as it were. A 10 foot radius where time was frozen. What do you people outside it see? What do people perceive if they pass through it without interacting with anyone? How long is it up? From whose point of view is it up? Comic book questions? What do you think?

    I read a wonderful book, a collection of three stories by Verner Vinge, entitled Across Realtime (the link is to my Goodreads review of it). Hopefully not spoiling too much, in the backstory one of the main characters created what he thought was a forcefield generator, only to discover years later that what he had created was something like what you described: the “bobbles” were actually temporal stasis fields inside which time stood still.

    I mention it because Vinge reaches a very logical conclusion: if time is static within the sphere, light cannot move either in or out of it, and therefore the entire surface is one hundred percent reflective. No one can see into it.

    It is plausible that the surface would be completely black, but in that case the energy from the light would have to be absorbed into something. Thus the perfectly reflective surface makes the most sense.


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