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It started as a joke, but then became a book, a novella with a light horror story set in a resort area on the Delaware River.

The undead are frightening--how do you kill what is already dead?  But what if the undead isn't a shambling zombie, but a lightning-fast beast in the river?  A quiet resort area on the Delaware River is suddenly plagued by a mystery monster that is killing people and vanishing without a trace, and it impacts the lives of local high school students and their families and friends as investigations struggle to identify and stop the creature.

Pre-release reviews from Joey Madia, screenwriter, novelist, and playwright, say

Get out of the water… NOW!...and dive into Mark Joseph Young’s light-hearted horror adventure, Corpoise.  If you love rogue sea-creature eat-’em-ups like Jaws, Piranha, Leviathan, and Sharknado, this snack-time on the Delaware novella should be next for your beast of the sea buffet.  Young delivers all the best tropes, while adding a new word to the sea-creature horror-adventure lexicon.  It’s time to face the corpoise...if you dare!
Keegan Cool of Culz Paranormal Studios adds
12 Days of Terror meets the undead....Corpoise delivers a fun and unique take on what lurks beneath the waves.
And Munchausen By Proxy For Fun And Profit author Ken Goudsward adds
What teenage summer break would be complete without someone being eaten by an undead marine mammal?

The book also features a unique behind-the-writing peek, as the author chronicled the writing process with dated entries marking his thoughts as the book progressed.  It is included as an appendix to the story, from the original joke to the finished product.

It is available under the title Corpoise through booksellers.  Amazon offers both a paperback and a Kindle edition.

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