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AD&D Deities:  Sumerian
  The Sumerian mythos requires its clerics (both genders) to shave all the hair from their bodies; the females wear special hats on their bald heads.  Gods are close to their worshippers, often helping them, but paying close attention to their conduct.  Clerics face three degrees of punishment for serious infractions.  The first transgression results in a digestive disease.  The second leads to the "fifteen troubles".  The third is death.  Expensive sacrifices can negate this discipline at any level.  Most sacrifices are beautiful and valuable items which become decorations in the temples.

 Enlil is Ruler of the Pantheon.  This greater god is Air God and War God.  Neutral good himself, he is worshipped by all good alignments.  Despite his prominence in the pantheon, he is the only god here who cannot raise the dead.

 Enki is a greater god, God of the Rivers and Oceans.  He and his worshippers are lawful neutral, and he is the patron of jewelers, goldsmiths, and stonecutters--and thus only the best of such work may be donated to his temples.  He is known for his hatred of demons, and will kill anyone entering his presence who has dealt with such in a friendly manner.

 Inanna is both the War Goddess and the Goddess of Love.  This greater goddess is lawful evil, but is worshipped by fighters and lovers.  She has been known to bestow extraordinary temporary favor on an exceptionally brave warrior by granting him complete protection from being hit or harmed combined with unfailing attacks, for one melee.  However, she is fickle, and requires the sacrifice of the best quality and magical weapons.

 Ki, Goddess of Nature, is a greater goddess worshipped by those who share her true neutral alignment.  She has been known to confer the "luck of the gods" on a worshipper, such that they make all saving throws and take only half damage from all successful attacks.  Of course, all of her clerics are druids.

 Nanna-Sin is the Moon God.  A chaotic good lesser god, he is worshipped by those of like alignment.

 Nin-Hursag is the Goddess of the Earth.  This lesser goddess and her worshippers are true neutral. As mistress of gravity and magnetism, she is known to give the gift of flight to those she especially favors.

 Utu is the Sun God.  This greater god is worshipped by those who share his chaotic good alignment.

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